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  1. that's comforting for you. i dont think anything will happen for me and my daughter that is that lovely good to know...i think D:
  2. i asked my best friend about it cause she knows everything and she said he's been saying this since the beginning so....................comforting..... this is why i stopped paying attention to this war because now i'm going to obsess and my anxiety is gonna be awful
  3. i'm sure it doesn't seem scary if you believe in an afterlife
  4. did putin really say that if he loses Ukraine he's going to wipe out humanity? because new fear unlocked
  5. edit: decided i don't want to waster my breath on performative activism
  6. ride (demo) vs hope is a dangerous thing
  7. most of the "activists" online don't care. they care because it's performative and benefits them and gets them likes. I'm not saying people didn't care about Palestine EVER, because plenty of people did, but soon people will move on to the next "cool" thing to be activists for. I stand by my statement. Celebrities can do nothing. We don't know them and nothing they do or anything we do will actually do anything about this war because Hamas doesn't give a shit. They won't stop because that's what terrorists do. Hamas doesn't care what Lana Del Rey has to say. They want Jews and Palestinians eradicated.
  8. jfk vs ultraviolence
  9. kill kill 18 born to die 9 ultraviolence 31 honeymoon 34 nfr 11 cotcc 28 blue banisters 4 (-)
  10. the nightingale by kristen hannah ( i feel like i spelled all that wrong)
  11. the broken girls by simone st james
  12. not to start shit, but i'm really annoyed with how many people expect/want celebrities to talk about this subject. no celebrity is required to say something about something you care about, which i'd like to argue half the people in the internet didn't care about a 100+ year war until october 7th. i mean, people can't even dictate the difference between being anti-hamas doesnt mean being anti-palestine people. you expect celebrities who aren't permanently online to care about the same shit you do? come on. they're job is to entertain, not be activists for something they can literally do nothing about. nothing lana del rey does or says is going to stop a war that's been going on since the 1940's. stop expecting so much from people you don't know.
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