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  1. I dreamt last night that Lana released a song called Pinkkk Love that had the exact same medley as Video Games but more psychedelic production, almost like VG and Venice Bitch had a baby I-
  2. Not to sound like a clueless bitch but what’s the story behind the emoticon...I hadn’t been on the day it was added to I missed whatever occurred
  3. Serene Queen

    Song vs. Song

    Smarty vs Paradise
  4. Banned bc your pfp is an edit
  5. Lucky Ones is an incredible song and I genuinely don’t understand how people hate it so much...the production is incredible and her vocals are on point. The lyrics are ~meh~ but the rest of the song more than makes up for it imo
  6. Serene Queen

    Allie X

    Sorry for my cluelessness...but what’s the big deal with Sculpture anyway
  7. Serene Queen

    Song vs. Song

    Summertime vs Doin Time
  8. and it’s DEFINITELY an “American standard” and “classic” soo
  9. I love how she sounds almost intoxicated in this, it makes it so woozy
  10. Holy SHIT—this is as good as the Lena Horne version aka one of my favorite songs ever...OBSESSED
  11. The HIGH notes oh fuck
  12. Serene Queen

    Tori Amos

    God, Pele is INCREDIBLE...done neglect the b-sides tho, To The Fair Motormaids of Japan is one of her best songs imo
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