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  1. Banned for having a racist in your pfp
  2. I literally don’t understand how/why people hate Lucky Ones so much. I love everything about it...the lyrics, vocals, production. It’s one of her best songs IMO
  3. I think she definitely says “sun in my mouth and gold hoops” I’m Florida Kilos. As for the next line, it sounds like “gold skin,” but I think it’s more likely to be “go skiing” because I’m convinced she says “like the winter we’re not in” next.
  4. For the longest time I thought “te deseo cariño” in West Coast was “they ain’t seen Yo Gotti”
  5. God, I wish do you own a DVD
  6. I do, I don’t have too many records for it though Do you own an autograph from a celebrity? If so, who?
  7. Banned for not being Sunset Boulevard
  8. Born to Die and Honeymoon remind me of each other in a weird way- I feel like HM is BTD’s grown up, movie star older sister who spends most of her time in Europe and never answers her phone.
  9. Currently watching A Notorious Affair (1930) starring Billie Dove, Basil Rathbone, and Kay Francis.
  10. I received Tori Amos’s new memoir for Christmas - I finished it in a day
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