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  1. So excited she’s coming to NC but omg this venue is a nightmare. Last concert I saw there I couldn’t get an Uber and had to ride home in a stranger’s trunk
  2. “I’m not a furry, you guys are gross”
  3. any word on when/if the willoughby ep is coming?
  4. I’m not even a LMLYLAW hater but how did it go from THIS to…that
  5. Maybe I’m delulu but I’m still holding out for an AKA rerelease/unreleased compilation. When BOZ said it’s not “new” music, he could have meant “new” as in we’ve never heard it before, whereas Kintsugi’s idea of “new” might mean “new to streaming services/being officially released” which would explain the discrepancy
  6. I LOVE this new direction she’s taking - still dark (obviously) but not SO dark that the lyrics will stick with you for days like her earlier work
  7. If we’re thinking along the lines of Gramma, maybe it starts with something similar to “Gramma Promised She’d Only…”
  8. ohmygod I live like an hour from Mount Airy I am losing my damn mind with excitement
  9. do we know for sure that A&W is American Whore? I feel like they could be separate songs bc it would be so Lana to name a song after a brand of root beer
  10. “Washing my hair, doing the laundry/Late night TV, I want you on me”
  11. Serene Queen

    Song vs. Song

    Backfire vs Prom Song
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