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  1. its clearly her handlers. this is so out of character for her but most things she's done since her brain aneurysm have been out of character for her. she doesn't know what she's doing so a bunch of opportunists are taking advantage of her. this isn't the joni mitchell we know and love but i don't blame her bc she probably doesn't even know its happening (she doesn't even run her site). i wonder who owns her music now and how connected to pfizer they are.....
  2. i read women who run with wolves bc of lana (&other women kept recommending it too) and its actually really good and impactful (at least imo)
  3. maybe she's just waiting til november to do a whole 10 yr anniversary for born to die: the paradise edition to commemorate the entire era at once.... but more likely she'll just do a btd post on instagram a couple days after its anniversary
  4. the original was tony bennett. bobby vinton's version is one of many covers.
  5. i think its that lana's always naturally had a bit of that twang to her voice so once you toss a guitar in there we all get visions of her yeehaw potential this has actually always been my theory
  6. you'd still have all the demos. i just think they have the right vibe to go with a sorta 1950s style country sound.
  7. omg imagine lana reviving motel 6 or 1949 with nikki with full country production a dream
  8. i was just thinking how perfect of a title that would be for the album and the picture you picked fits so well. imagine them though in like 1890s saloon costumes with this sepia tone, maybe like burn marks around the side. ugh i realy hope this is the next project
  9. kinda glad her song was just on the credits and not on any of this way-too-normalized simulated child porn crap no offence to fans of the show
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