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  1. 1 + 2. CD: BTD, The Paradise Edition, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, LFl, NFR, Blue Banisters Vinyl: BTD (Deluxe), Paradise, NFR (UO exclusive) Digital: Young and Beautiful, Tropico EP, Ultraviolence (iTunes deluxe), Love single 3. I used to buy them as they came out, stopped partly because I wasn't interested in COCC at the start, partly because I rarely buy new CDs/CDs not on sale. Will buy COCC + Ocean Boulevard soon. 4. Kinda? I got UO of NFR coz I liked that cover more originally but I adore the standard cover now, but I have it that cover on CD so I'm ok. I have wanted the Honeymoon UO vinyl for years, used to want UO Ultraviolence but I'm not too pushed now. Regret not buying the Love vinyl. Will soon buy Ultraviolence (Japanese Version) for Flipside and Is This Happiness on physical.
  2. I have personally begun to kinda love the sound of the album we got: the mix of the modern trap sound and classic btd soft-rap, with that acoustic woodstock / early seventies singer-songwriter vibe, I do love it. I even like Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind because it encapsulates the mindset; comparing the modern era (coachella) with that classic free love era (woodstock), and how we were at a time of conflict and tension, and possible revolution. However, I would love to have gotten that spacey/60s scifi, shangri las, occult aesthetic that was teased at the start of the era.
  3. We neeeeeed more LFL outtakes ohmygod
  4. Truly she is just riding off the "1 album legend" status of NTMT and the buzz she can create by saying she will release an album this year, and then never release it. I'm sure she has some sort of label issues, but it's so obvious she is stuck in wanting to be that edgy alt girl who doesn't "sell out", but just do SOMETHING. I would not give a fuck if she released an album of filler pop songs if it led to Masochism (or at this rate a new 2nd album because the whole thing is basically leaked already)
  5. Thank you! The recent BoZ revelations have completely flipped around the understanding of these demos for me haha. I know "version 1" and "version 2! are just stem edits, no Dan version exists, the real version 1 is unleaked, version 5 is technically version 2, etc. but it's so hard to take this knowledge and place it on the past naming
  6. Sorry to dredge this thread back up, but is the "musicmafia" version an UV demo, or a Honeymoon demo? and is it the James Ford version?
  7. When taco truck x vb is the most beautiful song ever, with the most ugly ass soundcloud remix title ever
  8. Hopefully I think I always associate "Elvis" and Lana with Paradise / late 2012-2013 Lana so I feel this need to want to slot it in there haha.
  9. Would you consider "Elvis" as more of a Tropico/UV outtake, or as a track from the 2007-2009 Lizzy/Lana transition period? I know it was recorded in the latter, but the fact it was on that tracklist note for her 2nd album (at the time titled Tropico), and was eventually used in that Elvis documentary, unchanged, I can't decide where to place it in my Outtakes album collection
  10. Like realistically the album will leak, but I'm dreaming that it doesn't leak until the week of. Most people don't tend to listen to leaks that close, and even if they do it tends not to dramatically effect sales. Midnights leaked like 2 days beforehand, and sure people were listening and talking about it online, but that barely affected sales, and nobody even really remembers that it leaked because it was so close to the release date
  11. Steeqhen


    This caught me off guard because this did NOT sound like Hayley in the chorus
  12. Steeqhen

    Taylor Swift

    Honestly I find that time really flies when I listen to it. It's one of my most listened to Taylor songs on Last'fm (and my account dates to 2017 when Rep came out). Maybe it's just cause I love Red and I prefer Jack's production compared to the originals. I also just love the anger aspect compared to the originals sadness. I could see why it could be seen as excessive though, but for me personally I just love the Red era and album, and that song encapsulates the sound and wide range of emotion that that album contains.
  13. Steeqhen

    Taylor Swift

    I truly believe Taylor has gotten into a rut with her songwriting, where she's stuck in 2016, because nothing of note has really happened since then. When things have happened, she has written pretty great songs, but Lover and Midnights feel like Reputation 2 and 3. She also seems to just not be able to write a song without including a god-awful millenial lyric that pulls you out of an otherwise well-written track. Maybe she had always written kinda cringe lines, but they felt way more tongue-in-cheek because she was a part of the younger generation, and had a better understanding of the cultural landscape, but now it comes across as forced or awkward. folklore and evermore were pretty incredible, Lover and Midnights also have some pretty incredible songs, but I fear that her musical peak has passed if she doesn't take a step back, work with new producers, and experiment with different genres. To compare her to Joni Mitchell, she was taking risks with her music and sound at this point in her career, creating albums like Hissings of Summer Lawn, and Hejira. the folkmore albums felt like a step in Taylor's artistic development, but Midnights was a giant step back. And that photoshoot, that incredible 70s inspired photoshoot, wasted on a pretty standard pop album. I feel like such a hater, but I'm not, I am a huge fan of her music, her albums from her debut to 1989 are some of my favourite albums, and the folkmore albums I adore, but I cannot stand seeing her songwriting potential being wasted on "safe" music. Midnights was such a giant disappointment, and I really hope she doesn't continue down this route, when she could be delving into rock, folk, jazz, chamber, ANYTHING.
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