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  1. I'm not sure if she'll include older covers but if she does I'd love a studio version of Knockin On Heavens Door and an inclusion of Cry Me A River. I'm assuming Stand By Your Man, and Summertime (either Gershwin or Joplin version as she covered both), The End of The World, I Got You Babe (and maybe more of her Barrie covers), maybe a Joan Baez cover (It Ain't Me Babe cover of her cover?), Unchained Melody... Maybe it's just because of my love for Americana songs and the songwriting of the 50s-70s but I'm so goddamn excited for this album
  2. I feel so uncertain if this alleged unreleased album happens... 1. Will it just be youtube rips of the leaked songs like Blue Banisters? 2. Will it just be a bunch of popular tiktok unreleased songs, with no cohesion or thought put into it? My dream would be a cohesive project with thought put into the tracklist, and similar production amongst the songs, but I have very low expectations of that even happening.
  3. I had just made myself a whole Ultraviolence outtakes album with a cover and now I'm tempted to change it to something using this photo
  4. they're not btd outtakes (from what lanapedia and sources like the Guardian sampler have to say), but theres like 70 songs from 2010-2011 that you can make a lot of albums with og BTD album names
  5. It's the laptop demo as the original didn't have an instrumental. Its verses are from Television Heaven, so I felt right to put it after television heaven as an outro, and it leads right into BBM Baby which is a fun switchup from acapella into synthy pop
  6. True, but until someone sits down on record with Lana to get a timeline of this (which i honestly she will even remember clearly ) , or we get some more info and leaks, i think im gonna personally go with the belief that Tropico was gonna be her second studio album, and any hope of Tropico as an album/ large EP died with the Summer 2013 leaks (which is also my own speculation, but the way she talked about feeling disheartened about the direction of the album makes it seem like whatever project she was working on in late 2012-mid2013 was scrapped after those leaks)
  7. This is the album tracklist and cover I made. It's cover is inspired by the Julie London album "Julie is Her Name", because both that album, and my Lana album include a cover of Cry Me A River Have been meaning to make a back cover for a physical version with the tracklisting, and I would highlight either in text (interlude), or by colour that Coca Colla an Hangin' Around are interludes
  8. From what I remember from BoZ in this thread back in january said, Paradise was actually commissioned by her label because they wanted a re-release of BTD to boost sales, ala The Fame (Monster). The songs on Paradise were songs she was working on for a full album (tropico), and were the ones that were actually full songs and not just ideas. The tropico film, althought just an idea in November 2012, probably would've included more songs like I Talk To Jesus, as ITTJ was almost included on the Tropico EP, and she presumably wanted to include even more songs on it. It seemed that Tropico was a film and project, that probably would've been most of Paradise along with late 2012-early 2013 outtakes, had the label not pushed her to reissue BTD. Since she wanted to include some songs like ITTJ on the Tropico EP, Tropico was probably going to be a full album/longer EP with many of those songs on that notebook photo, with some of those perhaps being in the film (think K-12 by Melanie Martinez).
  9. Ive been doing a project of this for a while, I have about 25-30 tracks that can basically be confirmed to be BTD outtakes, which is one album. The World Is Ours is about 17 tracks; Afraid, Breaking My Heart, Queen of Disaster, Caught You Boy, Never Let Me Go, Television Heaven (Coca Colla as an interlude), BBM Baby, My Best Days, Resistance, Every Man Gets Hish Wish, I Want it All (og National Anthem demo), Dreamgirl, Fake Diamond, Back To The Basics, Hangin Around, and her cover of Cry Me A River. I also included the demos of Afraid, BBM, Fake Diamond, and EMGHW as bonus tracks. I'm gonna make about 2 more, and im gonna make them into cds
  10. so with all these leaks in the past few days, how will we sort them? Many songs having tropico in the metadata makes me feel that at this rate we have outtakes to an outtake album lmao. My own plan is to sort most songs recorded between 2012-early 2013 as tropico, and 2013-2014 as UV (and yes i know it's a lot more complex than that, but we're talking about over 30 songs that can be basically split into two (slightly different) aesthetics. We have that note of what we have presumed to be a tropico setlist, but could some other tracks like Ave Maria be slotted in? TLDR i dont wanna have a messy 30+ tracklist on my UV outtakes album, and i like the idea of having a Tropico album; any suggestions for the tracklists between Tropico and UV Outtakes
  11. 1 + 2. CD: BTD, The Paradise Edition, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, LFl, NFR, Blue Banisters Vinyl: BTD (Deluxe), Paradise, NFR (UO exclusive) Digital: Young and Beautiful, Tropico EP, Ultraviolence (iTunes deluxe), Love single 3. I used to buy them as they came out, stopped partly because I wasn't interested in COCC at the start, partly because I rarely buy new CDs/CDs not on sale. Will buy COCC + Ocean Boulevard soon. 4. Kinda? I got UO of NFR coz I liked that cover more originally but I adore the standard cover now, but I have it that cover on CD so I'm ok. I have wanted the Honeymoon UO vinyl for years, used to want UO Ultraviolence but I'm not too pushed now. Regret not buying the Love vinyl. Will soon buy Ultraviolence (Japanese Version) for Flipside and Is This Happiness on physical.
  12. I have personally begun to kinda love the sound of the album we got: the mix of the modern trap sound and classic btd soft-rap, with that acoustic woodstock / early seventies singer-songwriter vibe, I do love it. I even like Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind because it encapsulates the mindset; comparing the modern era (coachella) with that classic free love era (woodstock), and how we were at a time of conflict and tension, and possible revolution. However, I would love to have gotten that spacey/60s scifi, shangri las, occult aesthetic that was teased at the start of the era.
  13. We neeeeeed more LFL outtakes ohmygod
  14. Truly she is just riding off the "1 album legend" status of NTMT and the buzz she can create by saying she will release an album this year, and then never release it. I'm sure she has some sort of label issues, but it's so obvious she is stuck in wanting to be that edgy alt girl who doesn't "sell out", but just do SOMETHING. I would not give a fuck if she released an album of filler pop songs if it led to Masochism (or at this rate a new 2nd album because the whole thing is basically leaked already)
  15. Thank you! The recent BoZ revelations have completely flipped around the understanding of these demos for me haha. I know "version 1" and "version 2! are just stem edits, no Dan version exists, the real version 1 is unleaked, version 5 is technically version 2, etc. but it's so hard to take this knowledge and place it on the past naming
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