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  1. AKA - Gramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven) Born to Die - National Anthem Paradise - Gods & Monsters Ultraviolence - Pretty When You Cry Honeymoon - God Knows I Tried Lust for Life - Love NFR! - Fuck it I love you COTCC - Breaking Up Slowly Blue Banisters - Violets for Roses
  2. i screamed mother so loud my dog got scared 😭
  3. tbh i hope there won't be double/triple single this era. when tb bb & ww got released it was too much for me 1 i wanna get one but with a music video and good promotion
  4. i thought you'd know it but didn't want to @ you... thanks! ok so who's gonna buy the ldrvillage.com domain and turn it into a redirect to lanaboards...
  5. yeah but idk if it means they didn't renew it? or they/someone else renewed it? if it's expired why was it edited later? so many questions...
  6. idk how long you haven't kept the track but the most recent news is that Lana is going to cover Billboard magazine:
  7. i was scrolling through it on january 20 so definitely less than a week no but no one cared about it so even if it was down it would make no difference
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