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  1. does anyone know if there is someone on instagram that will go live during the concert?
  2. ahhh cannot wait for the album I am so excited, singles were excellent. I hope the whole body of work is excellent as the singles.
  3. Not her reacting to winning this award on some fan's post with just "Fuckkk" 😭 https://www.instagram.com/p/CxHmF2jMq8J/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  4. racecar

    2023 VMAs

    Daaamn, I am so happy for her!! Well deserved, especially for "Candy Necklace", because it's one of the best from Ocean Blvd and I am glad that it has got some recognition!! I did not watch it live, but this award was on tv? Was there any video of her accepting this award? Like a pre-recorded video? oh nvm it was just on twitter
  5. Terri Joe, don't ask why but when I looked at your username Terri Joe was my initial thought
  6. yeah I posted it like a few replies ago with the link to this tweet, how to embed tweet like this pls someone explain
  7. Have y'all seen this?? (also how to embed a tweet here?? lol) https://twitter.com/LDRaddic/status/1692958740591288581
  8. Life Lesson debuted with 48,190 streams on it's first day https://x.com/lanadelreystats/status/1692990286278910113?s=46
  9. Pretty When You Cry or Cruel World for sure! "Share my body and my mind with you That's all over now Did what I had to do Cause you're so far past me now" That would be a great way to start a funeral.
  10. I live for this theatrical drama and ballet for Hope 😭😭
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