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  1. it was just to create a distraction while my team is in the back stuffing the buffet food into my purse.... y'all might get your silly little awards but i'll have free dinner for the rest of the week
  2. hello everyone i have arrived! although i don't have any nominations, i came to steal the spotlight, to support my faves and to promote the upcoming 3rd part of the kintsugi fanfiction
  3. Sweet Baby Grand Theft Auto As I Chase Patricia With My New John Deree - I Think The Brakes Are Malfunctioning So I Just Ride
  4. kintsugi waiting for me to press skip on the jon batiste interlude so it can start playing
  5. me turning up at the white house to demand the government to ban the month of February so we get to March sooner
  6. he said its something else random & unrelated to lana i think but lets not mention it cus i was a BMWYB truther and its embarrassing now
  7. @Kintsugi give us one line from grandfather fishing (except for the title obviously lol)
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