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  1. so disappointed scarlet didn't play Lana for snatch game the statue of liberty and the tooth fairy made it to snatch game before Lana (scarlet did good tho, that statue of liberty look was amazing) both eliminations this week were...interesting, I expected Plasma at top 5 at least although I'm not particularly too too crazy about her. It's a bit dumb Mhi'ya is still in with such a mess track record, but she did win the lipsync, it is what it is Keta's elimination surprised me in a sense that I expected her to slay this season hard (based on her previous track record), but she hasn't really been delivering so it was bound to happen. My Top 4 on UK for now are Dame, Tia, Marina, and 4th place between Hannah and Scarlet, I really want all 5 of them at the finale lol, it's gonna be real interesting to see how this unfolds. I'm afraid to have favorites on S16 cus favorites are dropping like flies this year lmfao #TeamPlaneJane tho
  2. How do you guys like the song Croatia picked for Eurovision 2024 I'm so hyped, it was such a crazy evening with him winning the national finals and sweeping all the points. Can't wait to see him slay in May also we're currently 3rd in odds for winning ESC, pls my heart
  3. oops I do watch it, but idk it's just not as interesting as the others to me. I mean it's going up against the main Ru season and two seasons with returning legends so sadly it was destined to fade into the background Edit: my fave is Gabanna, I liked her the most after the entrances and I hope she does better in the upcoming episodes. Speaking of Belgium, Mustii just dropped his song for Eurovision and it's quite nice
  4. oh La Grande Dame is so taking it she was my pick for the winner on France 1 so she deserves this a lot Spanish all stars is soo good, these queens don't joke around when it comes to talent shows and ball challenges, all other editions should take notes from Spain s16 is giving week after week. As much as I loved Sasha in s15, the season was very predictable cus we knew she was taking it, but with s16 I've got 0 idea what's gonna happen which makes it more exciting. I know this is controversial but I live for Plane Jane I'm not even sorry
  5. Very excited for the music and I think it could be good, but God I hate the title, her titles so far have been so camp and unique and now it's just this one stupid word and it's not even nice
  6. Literally speechless omg this woman is the air that I breathe
  7. This sent me so hard I hope one day the trailblazer icon of the NFR era makes an account here and collects her award
  8. yaaaaaas the pre-release thread sweep, SHE DESERVED best time of my life
  9. Surprise, surprise! In the drinking room with all the nomination losers, @kraljicabenzinske started handing out The Crytsal Dildo Bootleg Trophy to all those who lost their noms tonight, I came prepared and ordered them off AliExpress! Come claim yours Here's me with mine:
  10. now where's that drinking room for people who lost their nominations? tell the bar t-t-t-tender that I'm having EVERYTHING
  11. something's not adding up STOP THE COUNT!
  12. kintsugi fanfiction robbed but congrats to everyone! <33
  13. elle announcing herself is so iconic
  14. coming to claim that best socks award!
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