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  1. Paris, Texas is so beautiful, magical. My absolute fave, I was in awe during my first listening and still am
  2. when she said that back in 2012 "the way things were going" she didn't expect to be here in 2023 and look at her now, I'm so proud of her !!!!
  3. I just realized 14th January - we finally got the tracklist 14th February - A&W release 14th March - The Grants and the surprise there's something about 14th day in the month this era
  4. the surprise is she get got her pilot license.... she's driving the plane in that new pic....there's been no tour announcement because the tour will be her picking up fans and giving them plane rides as she sings and flies around
  5. that's it i'm going to the studio and record the album myself so we finally have it
  6. filmed in front of the live audience (Lanaboards memebers) the store manager guest stars in a shocking scene where he fires them all
  7. soo many people have it at this point but nobody's coming through, come on people!! seems like the cassette girl remains the only one who knew what her job was
  8. i hate that this reminds me that i should go touch some grass because i know all of the things at the very bottom i love that it'goes so deep that it doesn't even touch the iceberg anymore
  9. so we missed it... well then like I saw some people saying, she probably realized the album isn't out yet and she removed it to not get into trouble...
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