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  1. yuhh can't wait to play it in the car on my way to work tomorrow
  2. i went to the share option to get the link and don't see e-mail anywhere, i checked the entire code and all
  3. does the Sparklejumpropequeen trailer preview link really have my e-mail somewhere omg i really been distributing it. i don't see it anywhere when i click the link unlogged tho
  4. Roxxxy ate the design challenge up I loved to see it Anyone watching France 3? I love that we have our first Croatian queen on Drag race ever (Le Filip) and she's been serving so far Also: Canada vs the world season 2 coming July 19 Alexis Mateo Cheryl Eureka! Le Fil La Kahena Kennedy Davenport Lemon Miss Fiercalicious Tynomi Banks Excited for Alexis, Kennedy and Fierce, these girls are good tv
  5. Roxxxy & Vanjie win was so iconic, my top 2, Roxxxy is gorge just crown her also i'm so happy we got Croatian drag queen representation on Drag Race France with Le Filip, she better slay, it seems its gonna be another amazing season, France always delivers
  6. The absolute best show I've seen the entire 2023 was Alaska Daily which got cancelled after one season cus it received no attention It was about a journalist investigating a case in Alaska - the writing was awesome and the story was SO compelling, I loved the characters and instantly connected with them, the show really had a special vibe for me probably cus it took place in Alaska and I love such scenery a lot. One of the most overhated comedy shows I love is 2 Broke Girls, I miss that era of TV so much People hated it for it's trashy humor but for me it was so fun and it wasn't meant to be taken too seriously. Also nobody seems to talk about Queer as Folk US from 2000-2005; there's like a million gay TV shows nowadays, but to me nothing will ever touch QAF.
  7. thank you! I'm so proud of us for achieving 2nd place which is our best result ever period! I was gagged they robbed my girl so bad smh I loved her too!
  8. The atmosphere in the arena during Israel's performance for yesterday's rehearsals They're really gonna need all the possible anti-booing technology for tonight's live broadcast It's probably gonna be the entire arena on mute and fake claps being played
  9. ohhh sorry I meant as in verbal attack, if that's the correct wording lol
  10. This is EBU's statement below, I think the incident must have been serious if the police got involved. And allegedly, the woman he verbally attacked is from the Swedish production team so idk if this has anything to do with Israel like people initially thought (they even said this incident did not involve any other performer or delegation member), but yeah I'm 100% with banning Israel for obvious reasons, and I also saw the footage of their delegation bullying other people or something... This is all just a mess, it's so disappointing what Eurovision has become. Easily the worst edition to date. edit: added that the attack was verbal, from what we know, to avoid confusion another edit: okay there's also articles that says it was physical so i don't know anything anymore
  11. Yesterday a scandal happened with the italian television leaking the voting results from the second semi-final with Israel taking 40% of the Italian votes (second place got 7%). People are worried Israel is winning and saying that this would be the end of the Eurovision. Today there was an incident with the Dutch representative, allegedly some conflict between him and the Israeli delegation, so the Dutch representative did not appear for the rehearsals which started around 1pm. And apparently the rehearsals are not going well. The jury show is tonight and people don't know what's gonna happen with the Netherlands, EBU just said they're under investigation. The atmosphere seems really tense cus of everything. I hope it all clears up and the show continues normally...
  12. I'm wondering that too. His vocals weren't the best maybe but I think he deserved to qualify, I love that song. Yeah, I've been following whats going on an I just hope everything will be okay and that the tomorrow's final finishes fine without any scandals...
  13. THIS!!! omg i thought i was the only one in the world who stanned that song with my life. I've never listened to any other esc songs that much. Still #1
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