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  1. How long was the show after all? I see a more or less a full setlist
  2. They need to make this into a documentary. I would eat it up
  3. Wtf do you want her to do so everyone is happy and no one dies from lightning??
  4. I am not sure what people expect Lana to do in this situation. Weather warnings are there for a reason, no one wants to reschedule a show just for the sake of losing money. She is of no fault of her own right now
  5. I think it’s definitely for Lana and not for Quavo. She knows the songs slaps and she always keeps the best collabs for her own albums - see Candy Necklace and Life Lessons
  6. Can you imagine Summer Bummer and Change on the same album? Edit: OR Peppers and Fingertips lmao
  7. I hope it’s a link for a livestream of the Fenway show
  8. LanaBalkana

    Katy Perry

    Probably jack at this point
  9. She literally posted a story supporting and promoting his festival gig two days ago
  10. A part of me feels that we may be reading too much into some small bits here and there. I still wouldn’t be surprised if the album comes this year
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