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  1. Her photos are really good, but Lana’s face barely looks like her own
  2. I love how she’s always ahead of the curve. She’s been playing with the country genre since 2018 when she performed HBB/IMSDBSH. Then both COCC and BB had country elements and now she’s going full country. Even though Lasso will be released after some of these pop-turned-country albums, it will still be a trend setter in its own way, I know it. Even though I am the furthest away from a country fan, I am starting to become excited about it. She’s the only pop star (apart from Taylor) that can capture the storytelling essence of country and not make it just a basic pop song with banjo. The Henry snippet sounds amazing, so I am really looking forward to it
  3. Apart from the messy release, this cover is one of her best. The vocals are absolutely gorgeous I want more of that vocal style on Lasso
  4. I too hate it when people call me a legacy artist and inspiration for others Like what? I haven’t heard anything remotely interesting
  5. I would only want this if someone got crazy on that acoustic guitar work. FC is gentle yet rich and I don’t want Jack anywhere near it
  6. Taylor has probably the biggest fanbase on the planet and knowing that the average person sucks, then statistically it’s not surprising that a lot of her fans suck
  7. Exactly.. thank you! And in all of the pictures she looks happy and genuine in her smile apart from that one sad-looking clapping pic that everyone keeps sharing. And that was during Billie’s win and I think she was just emotional because she loves Billie. these people are her friends, why does everyone think that Lana is so self-absorbed that the only emotion she’s capable of is feeling angry and sad over not winning. Jfc
  8. She’ll be fine. It’s not her first rodeo and she seems in a good mental state recently
  9. I hope you’re wrong because we need her at the BRIT’s
  10. Why? Tunnel was one of her most active eras and was fantastic. Fans enjoyed it, the media enjoyed, she constantly receives acclaim from peers and she seems extremely happy as well. Why would you want a half-assed era that she never even acknowledges and was very obviously not in a good mental state.
  11. I think the grown-ass m(b)illionaires can handle their own relationships without the fans’ opinion. Lana is not a child and also not everything has to be super deep and problematic and fake. Obv Lana and Taylor have a genuine friendship. Yes, Lana was awkward to go on stage the same way anyone with social anxiety would probably be. Taylor is actually a star to be the only one to give Lana the spotlight and acknowledge her impact in music, on stage, while accepting the biggest award of the night. as for Lana losing all categories- I hope she gets really furious and scraps yeehaws over the country club and instead releases a super angry heavy metal magnum opus
  12. I mean even more reason to judge. If you pay so much money, it better look good
  13. I know I will like it because it’s Lana but as someone who doesn’t even understand country, I feel like I lost
  14. I just had a dream that Lana was announced to play at an ancient Roman amphitheater in Bulgaria in a few months and she was also filmed being in the country for promo and smoking shisha in a bar come on Lana, we need a Euro tour!! Not that she will ever come to BG sadly
  15. What if A2_handwriting is a new song
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