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  1. I have a genuine question: is it the mixing of the live stream or is this how genuinely her concerts sound live? Because it wasn’t only in the first couple of songs that you couldn’t hear her. On DMD the only thing you could hear were the backing vocals.
  2. Also Candy Necklace was amazing, she sang it so beautifully
  3. I know we all hated on BTD taking over yet again, but I have to say this was her best Blue Jeans performance and she was fucking living for it
  4. Pretty when you cry needs to go, sorry…. Otherwise, all else sounds dope
  5. And somehow Brazilians will scream every word to it…..
  6. The only thing that I actually hope for is that she goes on this stage not giving A SINGLE FUCK about anything and serving the vocals we know she’s capable of. I sometimes can’t believe how she can record perfect vocals live in the studio with super high notes. I hope her stage anxiety is a thing of the past as she’s become more liberated as a person I would love a full band production of candy necklace with background vocals and everything.
  7. That would be epic but maybe 17-18 would be more realistic, given that her songs are on average longer (and then there’s A&W) and we have to take into account intermissions and crowd talk etc. edit: unless she does some medleys
  8. is this actually Lana’s farewell tour 👁️👄👁️
  9. So so far we have: confirmed Yes to heaven a&W DMD National anthem def not happening cinnamon girl blue banisters cocc ottr VB Bartender wildflower Very likely summertime sadness btd video games ride the setlist will likely be what? 15 songs? even with the known and very likely songs, we still have 7 songs that could be fresh/surprise. I think if she has retired OTTR there’s a chance that more old/overplayed songs have been scrapped in favour of other hits. She has a loot of hits to choose from. i just pray there’s no white mustang, lust for life and too many piano driven songs like bartender (even if I love them)
  10. What y’all do when she opens with a Hope/Wildfire/Kintsugi/Fingertips medley
  11. I think serial killer will absolutely slay now. A lot of people will stream for the 2010 nostalgia and it can easily go viral on tiktok as well.
  12. Did you see the video of her performing margaret with jackoff? I expect something like this, but probably with some more make up
  13. That’s how I feel as well. I’m chuffed that the song is finally out and it’s amazing and love how much people like it. But I was also hoping that some of her more recent work also got the same amount of love. But this is probably the most radio-friendly song she’s done in a while and the GP cannot really vibe to DYDKTTTT or Candy Necklace. But at the same time A&W and Dealer became her most viral postNFR tracks and they’re probably among her weirdest ones, so there’s also that
  14. And this is why I love Lana.. she makes me feel and she makes me think simultaneously. God this woman
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