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  1. i met her once at the place i used to work. she was so sweet and kind & how she portrayed herself online re. kindness and advocacy was the real her. she was so genuine i will remember my interaction with her forever ❤️
  2. absolutely devastated at this news tbh https://www.thepinknews.com/2023/12/05/sophie-anderson-dead-tributes/ rest in peace sophie x
  3. the weird thing is that if they parted ways and it then became 'unofficial', they still use lanas name and likeness/music ip's so should have been slapped with a cease and desist by tap. and it cant have been that long ago because a bunch of merch was used for and sold for tunnel promotion and the pop up either the screenshots fake (ben doesnt usually talk like that imo LOL) or somethin weirdddzzz going on i ordered back in like 2021 i think and got an ashtray and some air fresheners and i ended up getting them but her team never ceases to be messy
  4. that is really strange because alot of the pop-up stuff came directly from village... unless it was a recent thing which would mean ben is just exaggerating regardless they should have made a statement immediately mess
  5. what is going on in the world of lana stannery today i cant keep up
  6. it’s not really a robot it’s just trachea cells made to heal other parts of the body sick of this clickbait
  7. the nurses are using their invisible rope to pull you OUT of the cell because this comment is SANE and WILL happen
  8. i cant wait to irl troll them and say 'oh wow you know this lana del rey song!!!' and then gaslight them into thinking she wrote it
  9. i only don’t like the (original) song because straight men here in the uk scream this song at the top of their lungs in the pub for no reason... but lana WILL make me love it may the lanadelgayification of everything they hold dear continue
  10. my god i finally got around to watching it her vocals sound incredible she looks incredible she IS incredible so proud of our girls full circle nbc moment
  11. i wouldve believed you if you told me these were from the 2013 paradise tour oh my GAWD
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