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  1. this gif still sending me
  2. can you give me and my very secure hard drive zodiac please thanks love u #eclitstruthers xx
  3. none yalls best post scat im not dealing with that today-----
  4. when @honeymoon reactivates as a wedding planning business
  5. this is so delusional im crying
  6. notchu we dont need dis rn
  7. we've been discussing how every album might be her last literally since born to die she isnt going anywhere she loves making music and will continue to for a long time she has been regressing out of the public eye gradually for some time so seems right that she would leave social media dont worry girls lana is alive and breathing
  8. she was bored and feeling quirky probs
  9. i followed honeymoon since activation this is actually kinda sad the bare bones of promotion that we did get are literally now gone all we have is ben god save us
  10. @honeymoon instagram account
  11. atp if madonna is still touring she can get ha ass up and WORK
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