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  1. ultrabanisters

    Taylor Swift

    'so tasteless, but very transparent...'
  2. ultrabanisters

    Taylor Swift

    you are not wearing a hijab in your profile picture.
  3. ultrabanisters

    Taylor Swift

    i didnt see bon jovi releasing 3 different voice notes to try and claim album sales idk & i’m pretty sure it was only a thing when charli was nearer to #1
  4. ultrabanisters

    Taylor Swift

    but it will. it happens time and time again and the only recurring factor is taylor purposely releasing random & irrelevant variants just when another artist is on the cusp of one-upping her on the chart. it’s just crazy to me that someone who preaches about feminism and being a 'girls girl' will go to those lengths to block other women from getting their flowers at the top spot. it also irks me that she puts on the i’m relatable taylor! schtick when she is quite literally a billionaire putting on a front to milk as many pennies as she can out of her fans. it’s just created this unenjoyable atmosphere of 'X artist is the best because they sold X records' instead of actually caring about artistic output and the quality of their work. it also means artists like lana don’t get the recognition they deserve in the form of grammies (which i know don’t matter, but it would be so validating for lana) anyways said my peace on this taylor deserves lashings because it keeps happening and it pisses me off
  5. ultrabanisters

    Charli XCX

    oomf said charli could write cruel summer but taylor could not write 365
  6. ultrabanisters

    Charli XCX

    mind you charli opened for her on tour and she still pulls this shit. disgusting tactics.
  7. if it comes from anywhere but ESTABLISHED 'insiders' (think eclitz, boz and (at a push if i'm feeling an ounce of desperation), florida), i always come from a position of not true until it is proven otherwise the fake insiders for clout market has become so oversaturated it’s just boring now like it was kind of funny at first but lets all wear our critical thinking caps and think why would lana say something that cryptic to a fan
  8. so happy we got not one, but TWO ultra themes for it’s big day i used to pray for times like these
  9. some of you's way too gullible i have to laff atp
  10. yes i was in the shower earlier and my conditioner bottle whispered to me 'scrapped cruel world video exists'
  11. pretending i’m upset country bumpkin is scrapped but quietly jumping up and down in private to celebrate
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