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  1. yall are STILL here talking about nothing?
  2. I need a link to TFM instrumentals. GagaMediaArchive is down rn
  3. that outro gave me You Can Be The Boss 2011 LDR vibes and i was LIVING feel very meh about the rest of the song
  4. and the Diamonds era still supreme
  5. godsmonster

    Charli XCX

    listening to Charli XCX on a 20 year old iPod feels like a fever dream
  6. godsmonster


    gonna listen to the new record in the morning but part of me will always want them to return to the After Laughter sound (it was my first full era with them). crazy to think it’s been 6 years since they’ve dropped an album i can’t comprehend it
  7. just really repetitive, esp towards the end
  8. JADA LEAKED?! EDIT: the way I am so incredibly disappointed is so fucking comical I deserve to be made fun of for it
  9. @annedauphine maybe you can help cause I know you like type I'm trying to find the digitization of ITC Ronda, but a very specific one. According to fontsinuse, a company called Image Club Graphics digitized the font with its three weights in the 90s. This version contains the original alternate ligatures and glyphs. However this version is lost. The one available is just the regular eight with no alts. Do you know where I can try to find this lost version? Maybe you know someone who would have it? It's a gorgeous font
  10. Scheiße remains one of Gaga's best songs The production? I mean come on now
  11. godsmonster

    Ava Max

    listening to the songs that i liked sober… people who are praising this album are high on poppers because it’s not exceptional. The production on most of the songs feels bland, and the lyrics are super repetitive and feel like they were written to start a TikTok trend, not to show artistry. it’s cute and some songs are fun (i love Maybe You’re The Problem) but yeah nothing special
  12. godsmonster

    Ava Max

    there’s some bops but overall the album is not good. quite a few repetitive filler tracks
  13. SC sounds demo-ish/unmastered whereas AM is a proper mix
  14. she def changed the mixing on Don't Forget because the one on her SoundCloud does not sound the same as on Apple Music. The AM version is much better
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