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  1. godsmonster


    idk why but the chorus makes more sense with "I just drive" than "I just ride"
  2. was I Talk to Jesus meant for UV or was it recorded after like The Good Life?
  3. i hope she doesn't do heavy promo cause she def got overexposed towards the end of last year
  4. i need more songs like Fake Smile so i can cry to them
  5. godsmonster

    Dua Lipa

    Justice for Bang Bang!
  6. not Gaga and Lana being tied for Queen of Undelivered Promises must be a ✨New York thing✨
  7. where the FUCK is the Haus Labs version of Babylon, I'm about to sue
  8. godsmonster

    Dua Lipa

    when is the b-side coming?
  9. godsmonster

    Dua Lipa

    why the fuck is that in a .adx file
  10. yall have beaten this dead horse so much it's fucking vaporized at this point. you're just beating the dirt at this point
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