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  1. godsmonster

    Dua Lipa

    anything new leak?
  2. yall are losing your minds lmfao what's the latest (real) tea? my finals are over, and i finally cleared my cache and cookies so i wouldn't get logged out all the time
  3. godsmonster

    Zella Day

    Kicker sounds way over produced but it has some bops i wanna get my hands on a MOTM vinyl but I feel like it's gonna be near impossible (unless someone wants to sell theirs)
  4. guardian should've had a key change at the end
  5. my top three The Family Jewels Shampain Hollywood The Family Jewels Electra Heart Bubblegum Bitch Valley of the Dolls Lonely Hearts Club FROOT Froot Forget Can't Pin Me Down LOVE + FEAR Handmade Heaven Believe In Love Soft To Be Strong
  6. that's fan art by Lucas B David
  7. im so excited at the possibility of ACT II finally seeing the light of day more so now since Interscope retweeted Gaga's tweets from earlier today and ARTPOP recharting is making headlines everywhere
  8. i honestly can't listen to this album anymore, for the time being it brings me back to a really happy time for me (partly due to the fact there was no pandemic) and it really makes me sad great album, but the nostalgia linked with it is too much for me
  9. holy shit that artwork is AMAZING
  10. OOOOOOOH i try not to remember that moment (i will never forget it) she needs a social media PR person
  11. wait what what's QFTC
  12. this is fuckin hilarious because of how true it is we literally said "it's an avocado, thaaanks" and then moved on to RCS
  13. has anything new been added since the launch?
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