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  1. godsmonster

    Charli XCX

    In 360 I keep thinking she says “I’m everywhere/I’m so Juilliard”
  2. What could you guys possibly be talking about atp
  3. godsmonster

    Charli XCX

    I thought this was slightly obvious lol
  4. How much do we think the tickets will be?
  5. That whole thing was made up lmfao
  6. Yall drag this woman every chance you get yall bitches probably ate Milk & Honey when it came out. honestly some of the hate Marina gets is so uncalled for (though warranted sometimes I will not lie…)
  7. godsmonster


    wait why is it so good
  8. This topic gives The Yellow Wallpaper vibes in some strange way
  9. godsmonster

    Charli XCX

    who was the dude DJing during Unlock It at Boiler Room? He was kinda cute
  10. godsmonster

    Charli XCX

    does someone have a non-chipmunks version of Spring Breakers
  11. godsmonster

    Ayesha Erotica

    Is she actually retiring again?
  12. godsmonster

    Ayesha Erotica

    Delicious final is a bop but it’s to strange hearing the second verse on, im so used to it just ending
  13. godsmonster

    Ayesha Erotica

    I don’t think Delicious is AI tbh, it doesn’t sound wonky enough
  14. godsmonster

    Ayesha Erotica

    Did delicious leak???
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