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  1. and apparently you're rude for no reason
  2. godsmonster

    Dua Lipa

    did we ever get Firestarter in true stereo, in HQ?
  3. my wig burned up on the surface of Venus
  4. i feel like shes gonna surprise drop this remix album
  5. when the fuck is this album supposed to be coming out
  6. godsmonster

    Allie X

    i want my refund from the Cape God Tour that was supposed to happen last year
  7. ...what did i miss? im scared by the 2004 gifs here
  8. hi, i need a thread of messy Lana gifs like this and the one of her dancing in the kitchen w the motion blur
  9. godsmonster

    Kylie Minogue

    did any of her Light Years/Fever instrumentals leak yet????
  10. godsmonster

    Dua Lipa

    any new/recent leaks?
  11. godsmonster

    Doja Cat

    I listened to Planet Her on Friday and tbh i was bored most of the album. I didn't even finish listening
  12. omg Bree Runway on a Gaga song damn the remix album is legit im actually surprised
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