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  1. godsmonster


    I Love Hollywood is so cunt, I'm in love with the production!!! I can't wait to blast it on the highway
  2. I'm 99% certain this logo font is Druk Wide Super but custom compressed & with different tracking between each character
  3. Don't Forget Descending Legends Guardian All My Lovers Die Baby's on Fire Pray For Rain Finders Keepers All to Myself Hurt by You The Woods Voices Carry Always Ready to Lose You Innocent Kind
  4. Could you check if the NTMT wav instrumentals & DF instru in wav is legit from that one particular site?
  5. are all the wav instrumentals on that site legit?
  6. not that using the cover I made hehehehe
  7. is It me or does she say “c’est maintenant” wrong in FSN it sounds like she’s saying “c’est monmoe”
  8. inspired by this, my Turn Off The Light, Vol. 3 is as follows 1. Séance (Intro) 2. Bring On The Night 3. Ex0rc1sm (it's called Graveyard on that site) 4. Take! My!! Life!!! 5. Haunted House 6. ghost! 7. SCREWdRiVeR 8. living / DEAD 9. DBSXXX 2.0 10. B L O O D S U C K E R 11. Fearful 12. Party Till I Die 13. Dance On My Grave (Outro)
  9. Oh my god I’m such a dumbass lmfao thank you
  10. What instrument is that in the beginning of Love Ya Leave Ya?
  11. Yeah how are you not gonna include the LEAD single on the album like what?
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