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  1. this is all true, however pov is the shining star from the album dare i say one of her best songs. honestly. truly.
  2. it would be *such* a shame if their hard drive got corrupted
  3. happy 4th birthday Sweetener! leak Jada as a birthday present
  4. godsmonster

    Charli XCX

    i’m fairly certain it’s a custom logo, not a font
  5. this song is such a bop it’s unbelievable
  6. godsmonster


    do we have the ALIAS instrumentals other than SLIME?
  7. godsmonster


    ALIAS supremacy its better than every single from Nymph
  8. true its funny that it’s from UV because it sounds so much like it would be from Paradise
  9. does someone have a master of the scrapped album/s?
  10. like Lil Aaron is so bad, as an artist and the name ”i’m the greatest that there was/and still the most underrated” sir no, you just fucking suck your only claim to fame is knowing Kim
  11. can someone make (good) solo edits of Faded and Hills? Cannot stand either one of those Z grade rappers
  12. godsmonster

    Charli XCX

    i still can’t believe how LOUD the Crash tour interludes were. I legit thought I was gonna lose my hearing
  13. “Gaga asks early on the album, “Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura?” then shirks being straightforward for almost the entirety of the album. Denying entry is the point. Denying entry has been the point of a lot of what Gaga does. Mostly, it’s a tool of self-preservation.” i liked this part a lot
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