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  1. godsmonster

    Kylie Minogue

    Sweet Music is a BOP! Honestly so well written with the entire song being a sexual innuendo, which i didn’t even pick up on until a few listens. I thought it was just about making music plus that bass in the intro? heavenly
  2. this album better be the best fucking album ever, and dear god it can’t be repetitive like some of NTMT was
  3. imagine if they did like a two disc set of BTD:PE and b-sides! we better get justice first You Can Be The Boss, Serial Killer, Paradise, TV In Black And White, and Hollywood’s Dead and maybe even Hollywood & JFK
  4. now those ugly ass album covers better not be all they do for the Born To Die 10th Anniversary
  5. now wait a damn minute is she actually coming this year???
  6. godsmonster

    Kylie Minogue

    i completely get that. tbh, for an album like this, if I had KNOWN it was for sale last year, if i bought it, it would be to collect, but not resell. most likely to be unopened, and framed on my wall because i LOOOOVE that kind of decor. it's somewhat unique, and allows you to really show off the album artwork
  7. godsmonster

    Kylie Minogue

    no i have too but it's been a few years and I was horrified when I checked Discogs for the first time in years a few months ago and saw the prices for vinyl records. people have gone absolutely crazy with markups. but as for kylie, most of them are listed as russia and idk it's sus
  8. godsmonster

    Kylie Minogue

    YESSSSS i love making album artwork! honestly in 2018, Dua Lipa, the artwork for Impossible Princess, and ITC Avant Garde Gothic used on Kylie's FEVER were what started my GD & photography interest! I wanted to recreate the IP artwork, so I bought a tactical flashlight and colored tubes to light paint, and even a digital camera, but never ended up doing it also Kylie, why the FUCK do you not do regular runs of your older albums on vinyl!?!?!?! I missed the Fever LP drop last year because I was sleeping since im in the US and you posted in England time!!! There's one variant on Discogs that has a few for sale under $100 that are mint condition but idk if I trust it
  9. godsmonster

    Kylie Minogue

    plus the ALBUM ARTWORK? this is one of my favorite album covers ever. the visuals for this album (photo wise) are so stunning, it inspired me to get into photography which ultimately lead to my career choice of graphic design
  10. godsmonster

    Kylie Minogue

    Although I'm not very familiar with it since I've only listened once, I think it's a real shame Kylie was so traumatized/affected by Impossible Princess and the press received at the time, because you can see that she was headed into a more artistic direction throughout the 90s. Confide In Me is such an interesting song, and you could clearly see what direction she was venturing into: away from dance/pop music (i think?). While it's not my cup of tea (from what I remember), the album is very unique, and shows a side of her that I wish we saw more of. Impossible Princess was the true ARTPOP: an album that wasn't given a chance, and therefore severely impacted the artist. I can't speak if the album was ahead of it's time or not, but I CAN say that the Junior Vasquez remix of Too Far is the best remix of a song ever made yeah kylie is fun and successful as a dance pop disco queen, but we lost access to her deeper, more creatively artistry way too soon, and it's a shame she'll never attempt an album like that again. the british media really is nasty as fuck
  11. I'm surprised that Nothing On But The Radio wasn't *entirely* written by Gaga, and was one of those songs passed around artists. Especially since if it wasn't her song, why has it taken 10 years to find a potential home? However it is interesting since she recorded the version that leaked, and another with DJWS for ARTPOP that was 100% completed, mastered, and delivered to Interscope (maybe this is why it's hung in limbo) but when you really think about it, the song isn't very Gaga. It's a bop, don't get me wrong, but it feels like a song that Katy Perry or someone a bit more radio friendly would make (i don't mean this as an insult)
  12. okay ngl ADIAML (title track) are lyrics i need MORE from her kind of like spacey, a little spiritual-esque, and that psychological flare that she has a knack for and the name change really is a mistake i would SO be here for a rock album with that Bubblegum Bitch sound, my brain would literally explode
  13. okay hear me out hear me out Florence + The Machine doing a cover of Mother Earth by Within Temptation
  14. i love how you can tell she does NOT like those renditions of her album artwork lmfaooo
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