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  1. this post is real hot girl king shit
  2. its like an artsy-er version of Instagram
  3. is this real? https://dbree.org/v/7304e4
  4. godsmonster


    did we finally get instrumentals? did they leak or are all the recent ones on YouTube filtered?
  5. ...okay maybe i was wrong
  6. what a fucking serve that would be
  7. Future Starts Now is so... lackluster, it's truly boring
  8. where can i find it?
  9. anyone have TOTL instrumentals?
  10. omg not this writer's demo bullshit again yall got really nasty for that
  11. is she actually doing something for EH 10 year?
  12. annoyed she didn't release The Family Jewels title track on Apple Music like babez you have it on Deezer, TIDAL, and Spotify why not Apple Music
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