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  1. unpopular opinion i know but VB bores me to death (and i'm already dead) but i know the fans love so i hope everyone is living
  2. white mustang? confusing setlist but im SO happy its not the same old same old
  3. candy necklace next i think edit: oh damn i was wrong UV!!
  4. rightofjupiter

    Charli XCX

    finally got in my god
  5. yes!! these people have v impressive wills i could never
  6. a navy blue MIMA pressing would be a dream
  7. At the moment: COCC NFR UV HM Ocean Blvd BB LFL Paradise BTD COCC, NFR, UV, and HM are all imo pretty similar in terms of quality/enjoyment for me tho COCC hits hardest emotionally
  8. Even w extra lana this song just isn’t for me- I enjoy a lot of Taylor songs casually but this one is just schmaltzy to me idk
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