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  1. rightofjupiter


    ponytail facelift (tons of the girlies have done this, see bella hadid, dove cameron, ariana grande etc)
  2. patently untrue, at least here in the u.s. (quakers and Black churches were some of the first to organize around abolition of slavery). not to say there aren't plenty of awful churches (there are) but there are also long traditions of liberation theology in diff christain denominations. all that to say: churchome is NOT any of that lmao they are corny, classic white ppl prosperity gospel. lana obviously gets something from it but who knows what.
  3. her choice of church will forever be a mystery to me are the nfr era white sneakers back or are these diff ones? that video is disturbing, what hell to be famous fr
  4. It may seem like she moves on quickly and doesn’t get sad but we see SUCH small slivers of her non-music life- even tho it can feel like a lot based on frequency- I don’t think it’s possible to say that those are actually her experiences when it comes to love (and obvs the songs indicate deep wells of feeling about these relationships).
  5. not quite street style but close, one of my all time fav non-red carpet looks. some of my fav street style:
  6. rightofjupiter

    Tori Amos

    TRUTHS also these live performances of juarez....omg. such a haunting song, the "no angel came" part is brutal and ethereal at once.
  7. one of her best songs i'm glad to hear it!
  8. UV: Extended 4 disc LP Cover image: Back image: UV standard + UV live Disc 1 & 2: standard UV tracklist + live versions of each song (that have previously been played live) Deadly Nightshade: Bonus tracks, b-sides, and unreleased Disc 3 & 4: florida kilos, guns & roses, black beauty, is this happiness, flipside, yes to heaven, jfk, angels forever, wild one, i talk to jesus, your girl, the good life, you & me, cult leader, fine china, UFB, melacholia
  9. rightofjupiter

    Tori Amos

    https://www.instagram.com/p/Cix0LO2PqwS/ omg to venus and back nearly 23 years old!!! this album is the pinkprint for so much witchy faerie electronica we hear in altered forms now (not that tori every gets her due as an influence...) anyway gonna give this one a listen again this week, its been awhile. what are your fav songs on the album? mine: disc 1: juarez, cruel, lust, suede (one of her all-time best imo), riot poof, datura, spring haze disc 2: precious things, space dog, the waitress (EPIC live on the FTCH tour), mr. zebra (peak tori), bells for her
  10. wait beautiful & bad is IT, damn (just heard it for the first time today)
  11. rightofjupiter

    Charli XCX

    i think maybe mow that lawn? cuz i always loved the live version so much and was so excited to find a recorded version.
  12. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Pin up galore vs is this happiness
  13. rightofjupiter


    ooo fun! here's mine: debut: human behavior, crying, anchor song, come to me, aeroplane post: hyperballad, the modern things, enjoy, isobel, possibly maybe telegram: possibly maybe (lucy mix), my spine, cover me (dillinja mix), you've been flirting again (flirt is a promise remix), headphones (0 mix) homogenic: hunter, unravel, all neon like, immature, pluto vespertine: cocoon, pagan poetry, undo, aurora, it's not up to you medulla: where is the line, oceania, who is it (this album is where i started to fall off as a bjork stan so don't have 5 favs) volta: earth intruders, dull flame of desire, declare independence biophilia: thunderbolt, crystalline, mutual core vulnicura: lionsong utopia: n/a bc i don't know it well enough though i have started listening more often
  14. rightofjupiter


    pretty sure this is a ponytail facelift (a la bella hadid) based on bandages and her face, not elf ears (no accredited plastic surgeon would do this).
  15. sky & bat for lashes collab WHEN
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