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  1. Omg the snippet on her stories…she’s giving sinead o Connor and I need it now!!
  2. Once again I am begging god to give me as much eyelid space as Lana
  3. LDRVillage u could have been iconic but you served the ugliest excuses for merch ever….don’t let the door hit u on your way out
  4. Tough one! But pin up galore (I wonder if Lana ever made an mv for it- would be perfect for the aesthetics of her lizzy g era videos. pin up galore vs sad girl
  5. all the beauty & the bloodshed is INCREDIBLE, about nan goldin’s life and activism to take down the sacklers but also about so much more…so glad it got an Oscar nom! Dying to see! Loved the book. Hope it comes to streaming soon.
  6. we NEED the greatest live i will never understand her decision to not play it on the nfr tour
  7. Like the title says: now that we know Lana is playing at least a few shows this year, what are your top three songs from NFR/COCC/BB that you'd most want to hear her play live? Including NFR bc even tho there was an NFR tour we didn't get to hear many of its songs live last tour; not including the new album bc we've only heard one song tho feel free to put it on yr list! My three: –white dress –yosemite –FIILY would also LOVE to hear her do living legend, would be so surreal after having it all this time! same with cherry blossom...would also love to se happiness is a butterfly and hope played live (i know we got one performance of hope, and its an intense song to do live, but it deserves a spot on the setlist!).
  8. honestly think she'll do a few summer fest dates as warm ups for a bigger fall tour
  9. lol after NFR tour i'm a little scared BUT hopefully all this time off will invigorate her desire to change it up and perform the new record/COCC/BB tracks (and all the NFR songs we never got to hear live on their tour )
  10. SCREAMING so happy for all the Brazilian lipsters and for moi, I KNEW she was gonna tour this year!!! Haven’t seen her since endless summer tour (still gutted I skipped NFR tour) and am ready to put my red dress on TONIGHT
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