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  1. Lmao I’ve never noticed the dead inside thing but I do actively hate this song
  2. used to straight up hate this song; now i actually like the song but still think the lyrics are dumb af
  3. she could def announce it the night before or even day of tbh, this remains ready to be served
  4. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Honeymoon vs. Dance for Money
  5. I’ve wondered about those Keds too! Someone has to have tracked down a pair- @elle? @electra? my own rarest item, idk, part of (LOL) the UV box set, red HM vinyl, UV UO version? I also have the pink NFR vinyl, Marfa mag (it’s still for sale but expensive af shipping outside of Europe), LFL windbreaker, and HM boxset.
  6. i mostly loved the looks on this tour (though agree that it wasn't a great tour in terms of her performances/setlist though i still wish i'd gone but she did the 1960s/70s lady of the canyon look so well in those zimmermann dresses! i like the leather outfit too tbh. i think the dresses– which are so clearly 60s/70s inspired– reflect the NFR sound/vibe really nicely. also agree that the hollywood bowl show was the only show where she brought her a-game as a performer actually engaged with her material. BTD off the set list in 2022 plz.
  7. idk if i'm misremembering (boargate wiped all info from my brain) but didn't lana tag the guy who shot the summertime vid in her WD pics? so i'm thinking it'll be more high budget, though beyond the skating footage i have no idea what to expect. still hoping we get that homemade TJF vid she teased on IG tho!
  8. the way i thought this was going to be a WD teaser... there's a thread someone around here for it!
  9. Guess who FINALLY got a shipping notification?? Wonder if it’s for the shirt or blanket
  10. lmao i like her brunette better too but i thought she wore the blonde well, esp after a few months when it looked more lived in (like in the vid of her diong BUS at a bar w nikki lane)
  11. the way things devolve here when we don't have any real updates to discuss...
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