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  1. i use tidal (lol) so i dont get all the data you spotify users do. but: top albums: chromatica, honeymoon, how im feeling now, heavy light (u.s. girls), misanthropocene top songs: stupid love, 911, so heavy i fell through the earth, sour candy, plastic doll top artists: charli xcx, lana, LG, u.s. girls, grimes, bat for lashes, pj harvey, fiona apple not surprising tbh chromatica really fueled my will to live in early quarantine.
  2. tbh i'm sure she has i was unbearable at 16 lol
  3. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    the blackest day vs. summertime sadness (demo)
  4. cat power is someone she's mentioned back in her LG days (and of course collabed w later) and tbh i can hear early cat power on lots of early lizzy grant stuff, esp the spare, moody guitar tracks (motel 6, let my hair down, etc remind me of myra lee).
  5. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    I Can Fly vs. Brite Lites
  6. i LOVE the damn pickle that is artpop, so many gd bops. Venus is an all time fav.
  7. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Serial Killer vs. Dance for Money
  8. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Salvatore vs. Fuck It I Love You
  9. what was it? edit nm saw it
  10. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Bel Air vs. Music to Watch Boys To
  11. anyone have a link for a BFL masterpost? i'm realizing i used to have a ton of unreleased/rare/b side songs and no longer do and i miss them!
  12. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Honeymoon vs Art Deco
  13. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Gods & Monsters vs. Pretty When You Cry
  14. Wait I am so confused then why did Andre Leon Talley mention Lana as a fellow nominee weeks ago?
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