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  1. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    freak vs. black bathing suit
  2. tour starts tonight AHHHHH i'm so excited– anyone else seeing her this tour? my first date is 10 days away
  3. me, who also didn't get boobs until i gained weight in my 30s:
  4. whOOOOoooOOOO are YOOOUuuuuOOOo to tell meeeeee
  5. was thinking about my lineage of pop girlies that i've loved over the course of my life (constant form of support and pleasure) and then thought it'd be fun to make a stan list by age; would love to hear yours too! added short notes for context when i thought of some and didn't say anything about lana because i've said it all over this form already) was interesting to think about who dropped off since i was younger and who has stood the test of time (i would still call myself a tori amos stan even though i almost never like the new music i hear and never listen to it more than a few times, whereas fiona apple has been serving nonstop bangers from my teen years to my nearly-middle aged ones). there are also bands i was OBSESSED with at one point and now could literally not give less of a shit about re new work (sleater kinney is one of those for me). childhood (5-11) paula abdul (spellbound is still incredible) amy grant (the only christian music in my entire lifelong stan list) mariah carey (unplugged cd in particular) phantom of the opera soundtrack (homosexual) en vogue (i was obsessed with the glamour) the beatles (loved the weird hippie lyrics; idk to me they are ARE pop girlies) adolescence (12-18) silver chair () lunachicks nirvana hole (the way i used to scream pretty on the inside lyrics at the top of my lungs during recess w my bff) bikini kill (seeing them in july will be surreal; they broke up right around when i became a fan) tori amos (one of the true queens of american music) pj harvey bjork (the it's oh so quiet was on mtv just about every hour when it came out) no doubt alanis morrisette (jagged little pill remains a perfect, perfect album also SO good for the soundtrack to one's teen melodrama) fiona apple (has somehow only gotten better over time even though her first album was perfect??) rasputina (melora creamer one of the best american songwriters period) sleater kinney (the way i lived for corin tucker) lil kim (notorious KIM forever) marilyn manson (sigh) jack off jill (90s goth teen's delight) twenties (why is this decade of my a life a blur...i saw SO much live music and was very obsessed with many musicians i've completely have forgotten about a decade later) no doubt/gwen stefani (LAMB changed the scene forever) christina aguilera (stripped era iconic top to bottom, i joined the official fan club for real) beyonce tori amos (duh) amy winehouse yeah yeah yeahs (it took me a long time to remember this which made me feel old af bc i was OBSESSED) regina spektor (soviet kitsch and most of what came before it remain incredible) lily allen fiona apple jenny lewis pj harvey bjork (after many many years of stardom i saw her on the biophilia tour but unfortunately bc i am short and it was general admission section i didn't actually see most of the show including the allegedly great hat she had on) bat for lashes (has never made a bad album, has one of the prettiest voices and melodies in the history of the world) rasputina gaga lana joanna newsom (literally everyone else wishes they could but only SHE can deliver) bow wow wow (best new wave band hands down) adam & the ants (second best new wave band though also sort of the same band) missing persons lene lovich danielle dax grimes (visions!!!!) britney spears (in the zone made me a stan) cocorosie (there was a point when they were the soundtrack to my life) marina & the diamonds (queen of singing about dying in pop songs) siouxsie and the banshees (queen of goth) thirties lana (i did think BTD was bad and corny when i came out but i also KNEW that she'd go on to make incredible records. which came true [for me] with paradise and then obviously when UV came out i knew it was over ie she was a genius) rhianna (ANTI made me a stan, she made bops before but this is an Album) sza (ctrl is unreal) gaga joanna newsom charli xcx (princess of LB) halsey fiona apple bat for lashes jenny lewis (has been writing perfect songs for twenty years at least and had yet to record a bad album)
  6. Serbia brought their whole Marina Abromovich to the contest
  7. lol this post is literally doing the LEAST, i imagine this is a record company employee posting for her? many artists have talked about the record labels are REALLY pushing them having a tiktok presence
  8. about to say something similar, also love that she puts her hair up in buns in italy, looks so cute!
  9. Fuck these misogynist fuckwads, this is so heartbreaking. Women & people w uteruses literally can’t be free unless we have sovereignty over our bodies.
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