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    Song vs. Song

    pin up galore vs queen of the gas station
  2. rightofjupiter


    I loved violence but POG def isn’t hitting for me. Still have faith the record will be great, she’s yet to release a bad (or even mediocre) one imo!
  3. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    lust for life (demo) vs. summertime sadness (demo)
  4. i am dying for some full photos sans jacket! it's clear that she's really embraced her body in a new way in the past year or so which i love– vibes and vibes! plath spice
  5. Can’t wait to see her on the red carpet!! And v interested to hear her acceptance speech…will she absolutely go off or keep it mild?
  6. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    White dress vs god and monsters
  7. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    24 vs. dark but just a game
  8. idk if this is a popular opinion or not but living dead is SO good, much prefer it to how to be a heartbreaker. love full goth marina the most.
  9. can we talk about how epic a BB/COCC tour would be...esp if she actually played the albums... has anyone confirmed whether IYLDWM vocals are old or new?
  10. masterpiece, can't believe this didn't make divers
  11. !!! so excited to finally get another red carpet moment after all this time. we also haven't been getting many fan/pap photos lately. crossing fingers for another gucci collab ob her look but those days may be over. haven't we all...
  12. Sadly Tidal doesn’t do year end wrap ups (I don’t think?) but I know my most listened to this year are Lana (COCC and BB), Kacey Musgraves (star crossed), Gaga (chromatica and Dawn of), and Halsey (if I can’t have love). Also prob duke ellington, flying lotus, and Billie holiday bc I listen to them when I’m working.
  13. it dragged in some parts– def could have been shorter– but overall i enjoyed it. it gave what it needed to give (camp), the fashion was great, gaga gaga-ed. agree that it wasn't terrible and wasn't great, but it was fun (people actually harmed aside). i do love gaga's whole movie star persona and hope she does more films. btw i went to a 10:30am showing and there were two middle-aged women drinking glasses of wine which made me lol; perfect way to see the movie (i was stoned).
  14. rightofjupiter

    Charli XCX

    hottest woman alive tbh
  15. TFJ > Froot > EH > ADIAML > L+F
  16. As close as I can get to an accurate ranking for me: UV=HM=COCC=NFR BB LFL Paradise BTD tbh i still don't have a total grasp on BB holistically– having so many songs before the album dropped has def affected my ability to read the songs in relationship to each other– but agree with the many who have said its highs are really high (but also it's lows are really low– see beautiful). UV remains the only album on which i have no songs i skip.
  17. idk how i found out about it– i'm guessing tumblr?– but i found the no kung fu ep 2011/2012ish and was really into it– liked it more than BTD. for many years i only knew of that and her 2009/2010ish era unreleased super pop stuff which i can't stand, so i didn't bother listening to other unreleased bc i thought they all sounded like that. only a few years ago that i discovered so many pre and post 2011 unreleased that i adore, most during the NFR era which brought me back to lana after not listening for a few years.
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