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  1. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    let the light in vs sad girl
  2. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Cruel world vs the grants
  3. ive seen a show at that venue and imo the views in those sections are all really good, it felt a lot smaller than i expected (i was right behind the pit on the left side) maybe west coast/midwest? and seems like maybe early next year europe. still praying for an ATL date!
  4. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    Sad girl vs cinnamon girl
  5. rainbow bright & the star stealers virgin suicides the little mermaid (!989) the craft clueless interview with the vampire cecil b.demented heavenly creatures jennifer's body under the skin melancholia fantasia
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyMGEq82uL4 antony & the johnsons "hope there's someone"– listneing to the whole record for the first time in ages, remembering how fucking obsessed i was with it when it came out holds up no question, a perfect album
  7. so fucking sweet love this obviously!! that dillard's was the site of the such an epic meeting...truly iconic
  8. version of hollywood with the "right" production
  9. Album is great! Had been going back and forth about getting tix to see her this fall but just went ahead and got one
  10. seemed like a fantastic show based on the live stream I saw- tho no hope means I am ever so slightly relieved I didn’t end up doing the 5hrs each way drive after all.
  11. if jay can only come back for one more song, let it be hope plz!
  12. i know i'm fucking obsessed!! she is so happy and smiley having the time of her damn life
  13. the girls performance was SO good! go off miss zella
  14. LMAO tavi gevinson entering the ahs universe incredible not miss preecher this giant limited edition art box of suppositories kim k saying "suck my clit"
  15. really love the collage with her grandma's painting
  16. rightofjupiter

    Song vs. Song

    let the light in vs margaret
  17. oppenheimer was so fucking boring (and corny, and badly written) my gf and i walked out after an hour
  18. tbh they will be cheapest 1-2 days before the show and there will def be tix available so id wait til then
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