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  1. Brooklynbaby


    STARFUCKER is probably one of my favourite albums of last year it’s been on replay non stop I genuinely think she’s on the verge of being massive especially with the visuals. I saw her in London and she has improved live so much I was amazed/ me and my boyfriend met her after the show and she was the sweetest and posted me on her insta lmfao Kathy better not quit
  2. Yeah! My candy necklace sounds amazing for a picture disc deffo my highest quality one lol
  3. Side A is very poppy however side B sounds really good not sure why lmfao. Was hoping it would sound as good as the candy necklace one but I’m still glad I got it
  4. Just got mine! So far so good it’s definitely higher quality press than my standard black I’ve had for years lol sounds so good
  5. Where are y’all getting the opinion to presave stuff mine just says thanks for signing up lol
  6. Best night of my life FR even though I’m paralysed from the waist down from standing for like 18 full hours 😭
  7. Fr but bst has cancelled all of todays events due to the rain I think it’s mostly due to them not wanting to turn Hyde park into a muddy slip and slide lmfao
  8. Anyone else lowkey worried they’ll cancel due to the weather it’s apparently going to be pouring down on Sunday
  9. The way guns and roses went on till 2.15 yesterday… glasto has always been misogynistic
  10. Omg she’s gonna release the unreleased album she just said in pwyc “like my memories and my COPYRIGHTS”
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