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  1. brazilian fans reunited and decided to pay a tribute to lana, putting her face on times square and wishing her a happy birthday, and she saw it!! the video was posted by @ lanabrasil on insta
  2. they don’t know how to maintain the superstar quality i’m sorry, lana is at her peak rn and a release after the show would be perfect. just look at sabrina, that’s how you do a good rollout
  3. ok it’s over she needs a new team taylor swift do something
  4. if we don’t get tough in the next two hours i swear… they build the hype so we better get it today
  5. the only people i saw bringing this subject were the lanisters, can y’all act like the rest of the world and leave this in the past
  6. i don’t know how she got this famous so fast but i’m here for it
  7. the way everybody on the stadium is probably looking out for this song now
  8. lana and her team don’t know how to do a good promotion bye
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