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  1. i love how the gp loved lana’s cover of take me home, country roads. lasso will be a hit
  2. i think she will do something special for coachella, she said she was really excited and that we should be too so im hoping that we have a new setlist and great moments! like a new single
  3. of course, we are talking about lana del rey babe
  4. now that her band teased that they are rehearsing im sure we won’t see any news till coachella
  5. at least we’ll have some concerts to maintain us entertained
  6. she was nominated for international female solo artist three times (2013, 2015, 2016), and won in 2013, she was competing with taylor, rihanna and alicia keys that year. she was also nominated for international breakthrough artist in 2012, and won that year too.
  7. the way ocean blvd era is over and we still don’t know why she created this account
  8. i have a feeling lasso won’t be a song, just the name of the album…
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