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  1. been trying to hold it in but. ... this week has been emotional due to personal issues and the election and then this...i can’t get over any of it right now...i’m just so sad guys...
  2. it’s weird i saw some people in here predicting the cocc music video would have a wizard of oz type theme and now she’s dorothy for halloween
  3. hallucinogenics is also a 4 year old song and very clearly a personal song to matt maeson lmao there ain’t no way it’s going on chemtrails it wouldn’t make any sense
  4. listening to Clown in a Cornfield audio book. plays out like a teen slasher with a pretty wild twist!! very fun and perfect for Halloween season
  5. we did it for fun we did it for free omg i can totally see yosemite as the closer!! ALSO wtf i’m watching halloween H20 and as i was typing this the son in the movie was talking about going to YOSEMITE! yep that’s a sign it’s happening
  6. no i tried to edit it but it wouldn’t let me lmaooo. it was just a concept i came up with! like these lyrics with her and her friends in a vintage car just over the BS that america has been offering. i hope it goes some sassy way like this though!!
  7. chemtrails over the country club when is it gonna be enough? cant we all just live? chemtrails over the country club God damn, we’ve had enough we’re tired of the ignorance and bullshit a serve!
  8. ...anyway. great song. cute video. but everyone remember!!! now that we’ve heard LMLYLAW, we are one step closer to hearing the title track and seeing that high budget video
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