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  1. living in America, i’m so fucking scared at this point.
  2. i don’t know y’all i feel like with the physical release of violet is going to be followed up with an album related announcement i can just feel it in my chest marbles
  3. omg even this. i just want something of this kinda energy let’s manifest it grannies
  4. i really hope she does a bad bitch “i don’t need your shit” kinda song for once. in my feelings was the closest thing she’s done in that vicinity if i’m not mistaken. i wanna hear her be like “listen, i don’t need a man like you i’m gonna live how i want to”
  5. @Elle watching y’all go off topic for the one hundredth time:
  6. cmon lana i need cocc!!! she better fucking say something soon or else!!!1!
  7. just finished my cheetos as i caught up with this thread. you’re all fucking crazy but..u r free
  8. i’m shitting while reading this and let me tell you the smell really relates to this post!
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