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  1. listened to this again within the vinyl. and i can’t tell if she’s a jim lover or hater lmao
  2. that bridge is fycking heavenly !!!!! song of the summer 4 me
  3. where’d American Queen come from? edit:nvm i see now
  4. i love that this thread title finally has a release date. our hungry gaping assholes are about to get fed girlies
  5. y’all there’s no way this ain’t for lana’s project. her vocals are more present and quavo does basically only backup vocals,. the bridge is all her and she performed it at her boston show. if i’m wrong then i’ll own it but there just no way lmao
  6. i keep thinking about that viral tiktok of the teen girl who’s mom surprised her with boston tickets at her eye appointment and she was so excited.
  7. at least she might prioritize the new song(s) bc of the delay!
  8. it would be just our luck for a thunderstorm to ruin this show
  9. i can see this debuting at the show and then the song coming out at midnight
  10. jack went live and i asked him the tea on lasso and he immediately ended the live…. lasso is dead in the water i fear
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