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  1. All of the colour variants of the dress have had their own little matching case
  2. I’m here for a Billie collab.. in fact after that new intro I’m fully hear for a more floaty ethereal electronic type sound but still confused by her intros of hey hey, my my and free bird.. unless this is a dark side of the moon kinda deal with prog rock and psychedelic sounds.. I wouldn’t be mad, but tough wouldn’t fit in there soooo..
  3. If that is true it kinda makes the “world tour” Fenway merch seem kinda twisted
  4. Ooooo I wonder if tour is coming then.. bens story has me PERCHED
  5. Was bens post on his story an actual hint do we think??? Anfield! I’d die!!
  6. Every time she talks about lake placid now though I just think of the guy in fingertips Aaron.. I think I’ve created this story in my mind of her being devoted to this guy that she loved and died when she was young and that’s why she’s always wore a ring on her wedding finger so now I can only think of him in this song too lol
  7. I think it’s definitely “past, present, future I see in you” on the speedy bits, and agree the other bit sounds like it ends only you.. I can’t figure it out though over all the screaming lol maybe “I see only you”
  8. Your right, it does look like only you, I can’t wait to hear this in hq!!
  9. I thought the backing vocals said “I just wanted to be with you”
  10. Well I’m gonna need to sleep and hopefully wake up to debuts
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