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  1. It looks better on white as it looks less plopped on lol, I have the black but I do like it none the less.. I sometimes feels it’s too much to wear in public but fuck it lol! here’s a pic
  2. I’m so grateful to whoever filmed this concert, but I wonder how you could enjoy it yourself with your phone in the air the entire time!
  3. I know we all said she looked sad, but on watching some of the performances now I feel like she looked quite giddy at points haha was it nfr she pulled the face haha, then cinnamon girl she looked quite cheery.. and when she sang video games and she chuckles at “in his favourite sun dress” oh and then her laughing at herself on the “let’s go get high” part but it seemed in some songs she looked like she was disassociating a bit lol.. so a mixed bag. Definitely will tune in to that YouTube video soon
  4. It’s wild to me she just goes to the airport casually like that, does it not get hectic?? Does she do this everywhere she goes?
  5. I’ve never done a signing before.. which seems wild to me now I think about it haha! I’ve just told my husband he can go eat somewhere whilst I make this detour because he’s on crutches atm we’re in accessibility area so luckily it’s not too bad if I don’t turn up to Hyde park until later I kinda wish it was a different day though so I wasn’t gonna be dressed like a shrine to his daughter in my festival outfit haha!!
  6. Fuck it, bought a ticket, he can’t sign for everybody in 15 mins lol
  7. I’m tempted to buy and see if I can make it.. it’s a risk though! I’ve messaged the store to see if turning up 15/20 mins late would still be ok
  8. Don’t think I’ll get there in time, I don’t get in to London until 12.40
  9. How do I be knowing every word do every song and she can’t remember when she literally wrote them anyway.. still no hq footage??
  10. So sad there isn’t an official dream of this.. from all those shitty LQ lives she sounds so good and seems like the mic issues were resolved?? Like even though it’s a live I can actually hear her singing this time! And she looked beautiful as ever hopefully MITA give us the goods and put that recording on YouTube!
  11. Not me who has been in hotel after concert for about an hour now and just can’t sleep until I see her opener lol.,
  12. Hope it’s uploaded to YouTube quickly.. I can’t tune in tonight but I have a child free night tomorrow so definitely could get some drinks and food in for the occasion
  13. In Rolling Stones interview she claimed she needed her hair blonde in lockdown because she’s naturally very fair haired lol but I feel like her roots always looked darker
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