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  1. Oh man my husband didn’t pick it up cos he said the magazine said journey to centre of the earth or something! Didn’t know it was in there still! Will need to go back out tomorrow!
  2. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with Lana, like, I think she’s very happy to rehash the authenticity conversation as it’s something she feels very passionate about setting straight I think she only wants to open up on more of her lyricisms or philosophies when it’s led by her- for example the interview mag was great and I felt we got a lot of nice snippets.. but I wouldn’t put that down to the interviewer.. I mean Billie’s interviewing didn’t push on anything she just seemed to say “oh wow, that’s cool, blah blah blah”
  3. They’re super sketchy anyway, I ordered a load of the ultraviolence stuff and then they didn’t deliver for months and then it got to a point their email was bouncing back, ignoring insta dms etc so I had to just get a refund through my bank. then they ended up creating a label for the order.. I thought I’d won and that they were that incompetent that they didn’t realise I’d had the bank refund me a month or more prior.. but they noticed.. and then emailed me to say they will cancel my order and asked me to reverse the cancelled bank charge so they could refund me.. in what world would I do that
  4. The last paragraph It seems she’s found acceptance in her fate, still sad though
  5. I think he just worded it badly, he understood what she meant as he related it to the 2 recent covers
  6. That girl might’ve just started tagging herself thinking it’s Lana though
  7. The way my first thought was ricardo…
  8. I couldn’t be arsed to pay the prices, don’t think the single day ticket will sell out so have dropped a very strong hint to me husband to buy for me instead just shows how much of a dive Leeds is for me to risk it like this haha
  9. Wasn’t there supposedly a doors cover? Love her madly? I would die for people are strange, I think she’d sound great
  10. My candy necklace from Canada never showing up so I ordered from uk and that hasn’t shown up.. but yeah lets restock also.. I emailed the Canadian store to cancel my order and be refunded and I’ve had no response lol.. anybody successfully cancelled from Canadian store?
  11. Perfect! Yes me too, if only the weekend tickets were up I was just gonna have to pass lol!
  12. Did you go full weekend or are the single day tickets also for sale?
  13. I thought the fact she used it as the caption led to it! I didn’t actually see it on the poster! But maybe she took that as inspo for the caption too haha
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