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  1. Tbf, I had friends that danced for money and I didn’t have the first clue until she said and it wasn’t like other people close to her knew either obviously Lana is a bit different and you’d expect somebody, somewhere to have some info if she had lizzys life seems such a mystery to me.. living on the road/ in a trailer park.. drug use.. sex work.. its hard to know what the life she was living back then was actually like, it feels like she just felt lost because she had poor relationships and was estranged from her family.. did she just lean in to this “fantasy” to feel like she belonged somewhere! We will never know
  2. UVs 10th birthday so let’s manifest an outtake album despite the fact it should’ve been announced for presale already unkess it’s a digital drop only
  3. Can Lana hurry up and revive this thing cos right now it’s dead and practically buried .. not me being over dramatic when she only mentioned this shy of 3 weeks ago
  4. A lasso ‘round my neck would completely change the theme of this record went from yeehaw to idontwannaliiiiiiiive
  5. Are you suggesting lasso is just short for the actual title?
  6. That’s funny because ever since she announce the album title I’ve thought this album may not have a title track
  7. If Nadia Lee Cohen is working on the visuals for Beyoncé’s new work, do we think that makes it more or less likely that Lana will use her for lasso?
  8. Are we supposed to be boycotting McDonalds.. who knew lol im surprised she doesn’t just disable comments at this point
  9. Did she get her hair done again? I didn’t realise she had highlights done
  10. Might just not go now ngl I wasn’t near pleased about Leeds festival anyway buttttt
  11. So just realised they’re combining main stage east/west. So literally all one stage.. which is kinda crappy as I think it’s gonna make it so much more difficult to get to barricade and like.. will Lana be on prior to Fred again? Or after.. I need more details.. I’ve already bought the tickets now and I’m kinda regretting it lol.. the artists on the line up just don’t match
  12. If I’m being honest, it is very likely my very first physical purchase will have been born to die I was always an iPod kid so I never bought actual physical music.. however.. I got my first car to learn in 2012 and I had a 6 slot CD changer (that I adored) and it 100% had born to die in because I was obsessed with the album.. and the other albums I had alongside were Eminem and Kanye west which I stole from my brothers and Eric Clapton and fleetwood mac from my parents CD collection I had that car up until May 2017 and it had all my Lana CDs in the car CD changer and my husband didn’t take them out when the car was taken to be scrapped and I wasn’t there.. I was so upset
  13. lol if we go by albums that were bought for us.. as a young child I remember being obsessed with “do they know it’s Christmas time” .. and got the CD which had the OG version and the 2004 version and would listen to in on repeat
  14. I can’t remember my first album.. but I do remember getting an iPod nano for Christmas in 2008 with an iTunes gift card (so my own actual purchase.. as no other income at 13 lol) I bought.. live your life by rhianna & TI and that’s not my name by the ting tings and that’s the most random choice of songs to buy together lol
  15. Noted! People always mention folklore and evermore and for some reason I had it in my head that they were much older albums! going off to listen now.. its about time I opened up to somebody other than Lana
  16. Maybe I’ve been blinded by the simplicity of her bops.. maybe I should go and discover Taylor’s better writing
  17. I feel like that’s exactly what is going to happen.. and I’ll be sad if it does because it’ll come off as really unauthentic coming from the woman who once said she wanted to just do a digital drop don’t get me wrong, I collect Lana’s vinyl.. and it’s really cool all the different artwork.. but I end up feeling obliged to buy every single one to complete my collection and it cripples me
  18. To be honest, I’m switched on to the idea of country now.. like I haven’t really paid much attention to Beyoncé in years and those 2 songs she’s just dropped I think are great now I do not expect Lana to go even an inch in the same direction as Beyoncé, but this shows me that country doesn’t have to be super cotton eye joe and I enjoy literally anything Lana comes up with so, bring it on
  19. Yes, I’m just rolling with the delulu too but it is a highly unlikely lol
  20. Btw I noticed Neil just put a pic on his story last night of a horse on a highway and tagged somebody who also worked on the OB shoot and then a LA film maker too but it was just shoved in the middle of loads of old tame impala posts.. so it might’ve just been related to that lol
  21. Ffs you had me excited there.. should’ve known it was untrue when the thread wasn’t hot
  22. I agree but if Lana was doing it I’d be totally enthralled in it so
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