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  1. eternixy

    Charli XCX

    Why the fuck would the physical release STILL have the question marks as the track title.......
  2. Tbh I kinda see Dream On as the last title but I won't kill all our dreams of Trans Am being real....
  3. eternixy

    Charli XCX

    Tbh for me I just hate Sam Smith's horrible voice, and the fact that they were 100% sure they were the first gay person to ever win an Oscar like....I'll pass thanks.
  4. eternixy


    Is there a tracker or masterpost that I could get it from? I feel like I'm still missing a ton of her tracks.
  5. eternixy


    Okay but we NEED Heavy Love!! Also.....was there a final of Purge, or is it just the piano demo?
  6. Someone said Ditch that Bitch also leaked. Is that true??
  7. Can I get a kranken link to.....anything?
  8. ALL MY LOVERS DIE LEAKED?!!!?!??!?!
  9. eternixy


    Her collab with Jai Wolf that was performed back at Coachella is finally out:
  10. eternixy


    Ever since that big batch of leaks I've been back into hardcore BANKS stanning mode. What About Love has been hitting me so hard, and III has been on repeat since last week. It's truly her finest work, and I'm realizing that it's honestly one of my top favorite albums of all time, up there with Ultraviolence and evermore. Serpentina really tainted my love for BANKS and I'm so grateful for those leaks as they helped guide me back to her. I mean, I've loved her ever since seeing her open on the Kiss Land tour when she only had 6 songs. I shouldn't let one bad album ruin everything.
  11. All these children......what am I doing here?! I was TWENTY ONE when I discovered her in 2011 y'all are making me feel ANCIENT.
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