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  1. FEMM are SW-000000 (a.k.a RiRi) and MS-000000 (a.k.a LuLa) YouTube | Lastfm | Website | Twitter | Instagram FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS (or FEMM for short) is a feisty mannequin pop duo crafted around one idea, world domination, by combining some of the best aspects of Japan’s underground, high-fashion, and otaku cultures with pop smash songs sung in English. Official Trailer Music Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoL7KfUAjzE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5sPxuf4tDY
  2. Real Deal

    Ryn Weaver

    Reminds me of the Lana Del Rey hate when she first started getting buzz.
  3. Hours produced by Emile Haynie, Dev Hynes, Clams Casino and Arca Jesus
  4. Real Deal

    Ryn Weaver

    Well this came out so unexpected lol....solid EP btw.
  5. Real Deal

    Ryn Weaver

    Promises EP coming soon...
  6. Real Deal


    Neon Jungle's Facebook Page Spammed by Angry Banks Fans After Banks publicly revealed that Neon Jungle had not asked her permission before using her track 'Waiting Game' on their album, her fans have taken to the band's Facebook to inundate their page with criticism. The track was released by Banks back in 2013, and is set to feature on her forthcoming album Goddess. Since then though, Neon Jungle have released their (very similar) version of the song on their own album, Welcome To The Jungle. Now, in a show of support, Banks' fans have spammed Neon Jungle's Facebook posts with links to the video, screenshots of her statement, and comments such as, "I hear you guys like to steal music created by actual artists," all of which have made it to the top comment position. The band, who were put together in 2013 after a series of auditions, are yet to comment on the controversy, but it looks like it's going to be hard to ignore. Source
  7. Album of the year so far.
  8. Real Deal

    Jessie Ware

    @@xAlex, nah that's just for the single in the UK.
  9. Real Deal

    Charli XCX

    I like how you bringing up sales for no reason. Sales doesn't equal talent.
  10. Real Deal

    Charli XCX

    Iggy's trash. Charli XCX with Angel Haze would be a a whole lot better.
  11. Real Deal

    Charli XCX

    https://twitter.com/charli_xcx/status/479521096409284608 Collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign? I wouldn't mind at all.
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