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  1. Well I'm hoping it's out here in Aus in a couple of minutes. Weird its not out in NZ yet!
  2. Wow I'm so excited, the snippet sounds good, the cover art is POPPING, Marina looks great and the lyrical content sounds better this time around. I'm not expecting it to top her masterpieces on TFJ, EH and FROOT but it definitely sounds like an improvement from L+F!
  3. Ummm noah fence, but this is NOT the right opinion.
  4. wait what do you mean by messy NFR cover? Like is it a different version or something? I dont see what's wrong with it lol
  5. Does anyone think the actual music sounds any different? Like it's supposed to be remastered which means they've like edited the sounds and stuff? It sounds kinda the same to me but I do feel like the strings are kinda louder in "Born to Die" but I could just be imagining this?
  6. How does this snippet and title already sound better than EVERYTHING on L+F? No joke. I have a feeling this next album might be her best. I think she saw the criticism from L+F and will learn from it. Plus she has a constant habit of flip-flopping between basic pop and doing more alternative, self-written stuff (TFJ to EH, EH to Froot, Froot to L+F anyone??) Anyway wow I'm just in love with this snippet!!
  7. Check her Instagram story out - she's in the studio making music...
  8. Froot > The Family Jewels > Electra Heart > Love and Fear > this trashy song
  9. Let's just hope M5 delivers. The imagery from that post at least looks a little FROOT-esque, which gives me hope!
  10. Can't believe the title of the record has an exclamation mark, "Norman Fucking Rockwell!" Was kinda annoyed at first because it's sorta tacky, but now I think it actually fits. Oh yeah, and this is my first post here in like.... half a year or so? So hi again. Glad Lana is finally releasing this. Best album incoming! Lust For Life who??
  11. delreyfreak


    I don't mean to be rude, but you are honestly the rudest person I've seen on this site. I swear I've never seen you write a nice comment. Why are you always so bitter and hateful? Lmao
  12. delreyfreak


    I must say, I'm really liking this album. The Latin American pop, the Spanish, the political messages and the interesting production... we stan.
  13. we get it, you hate this album, you hate your life and you hate everyone on this thread. Get over yourself. Enjoy your life hun.
  14. maybe the only reasonable post on this thread for like the last 20 pages. agree!!
  15. So hard to rate, but I'm going to give it a go: Handmade Heaven - 9.5/10 (Overall a great message and nice production but a tad repetitive by the end) Superstar - 7.5/10 (Beautiful lyrics & a nice love song, but is too generic & a bit overproduced) Orange Trees - 9/10 (I really like this song despite others saying it is generic; I like the odes to Greek culture & nature) Baby - 8/10 (This one really is a bop but it does feel a little out of place on the record as a whole) Enjoy Your Life - 9/10 (Another bop with a nice, simple message to enjoy your life & acknowledge that your problems will pass) True - 9.5/10 (This one has the most replay value for me, and it has a nice message of confidence, but lyrics are a bit lazy) To Be Human - 10/10 (Best and most meaningful lyrics on the album, gives me TFJ vibes) End of the Earth - 10/10 (Fantastic production, this is the grown-up sis of Immortal!) So, I suppose my overall order going off these scores would be: To Be Human 10/10 End of the Earth 10/10 Handmade Heaven 9.5/10 True 9.5/10 Enjoy Your Life 9/10 Orange Trees 9/10 Baby 8/10 Superstar 7.5/10
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