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  1. “I was brave and it would’ve been easier to stay” breaks my heart every time. I had an emotionally abusive ex (not that whatever ex this is about is abusive, although tbh I’d argue that cheating is inherently abusive in a way) and I beat myself up for years because I put up with his shit for so long. I felt weak because I did that But eventually I was brave enough to leave Sorry for the overly personal paragraph LOL. This just touches me on such a deep level. Violet is so poignantly, heart-breakingly beautiful and it saddens me that it’s so underrated
  2. Maybe patty caught wind of it its like Eminem and his mom all over again
  3. Slightly unrelated but I’m so done with the Lana subreddit. It’s full of immature morons who keep crying about everything that they can even slightly construe as problematic. Like sorry that the album doesn’t include fucking tone indicators before every track Anyway I’ve had “you wanted me sadder” stuck in my head since last night
  4. The Jon one stresses me out 😭 bros so loud and eerie. I’m sure it’ll grow on me though
  5. I know loads of people here had A&W as their favourite - is this still the case for anyone? Or has anything else usurped it?
  6. Tbh I don’t have an issue with Taylor, I just don’t listen to her music cause it’s not my jam… but it literally does sound very Taylor Although obvs that’s because of Jack related but I was so impressed with jacks voice, I’ve never listened to bleachers before but i’m a convert
  7. Did anyone else else think that Margaret sounded wayyyy too Taylor Swift (makes sense bc of Jack but still)
  8. I wish it was, I went onto genius and saw it was Margaret but… we can just say it’s chuck right
  9. Ahh I’m glad I’m not the only one! I thought I was being weird. I can’t work it out honestly bc it sounds like she’s describing being around her family mourning their deaths and then there’s that one line that sticks out also unrelated but the “daddy I miss them” bit at first made me think of Lana being sent to boarding school and telling her dad that she misses her siblings and patty
  10. Lana is truly THE artist of our generation. In fact, I think she’s one of the greatest of all time OB is the most fascinating body of work she’s ever released. The fact that she goes SO deeply into every aspect of her past, touches on uncomfortable feelings with candour (the line about being “super suicidal” in Candy Necklace anyone?), and also makes a cohesive link back to tracks/eras from her entire career, including the Lizzy Grant days, is MINDBLOWING My favourites ⭐️ Candy necklace surprisingly catchy and also quite eerie especially as it ended. I wasn’t a fan of JB’s solo vocals at the end which is the only part I didn’t enjoy. Contextually it’s very rich and I’m going to listen to it and analyse the themes and subtext properly later ⭐️ Kintsugi I lost a family member recently and this hit me HARD. But it’s so comforting at the same time. There were some bits I was confused about though - what’s with “There's somethin' about the clutch of the wrist / He thought mine was his to carve into his mouth” ? To me it almost sounded like SA/physical abuse (linking back to A&W) but that wouldn’t really fit with the context of the song so idk. Also the line “by the third of March I was cracked open”, does anyone know what this refers to? ⭐️ Let the light in this is lowkey so sexy?? (I’m going to be crass and ask: are these two fucking fr?) It’s lyrically very lizzyesque ⭐️ Fishtails also sexy?? The description on genius said it’s about Lana and Chuck though and I’m like… well I certainly HOPE not. I know they kissed but :/ I love the auto tune, it’s an interesting new technique from Lana. Also I love the callback to Jump “palm trees in black and white, I love to see them sway” vs “palm trees in black and white, last thing I saw before I died” ⭐️ Peppers ok I’d never heard of TG before and from the name thought it was a dude and I was MAD. Like I don’t want to hear some guy singing on what’s allegedly a sexy song. I was so relieved it wasn’t lmao. I just wish Lana had joined in a bit more on the chorus ⭐️ TT x VB I actually preferred the leaked snippet of TT. Even though it was lq it sounded really gritty and dirty, and the final version was just a bit TOO polished. Also I feel like the bit with Margaret speaking in the middle could’ve literally been anything else. Like get Alana or Chuck to say something.. that would’ve been cool. Idk it just seemed pointless thanks Jack. HOWEVER this version of VB is the only one I’ll accept from now on. It’s so hot and grimy. “Not tonight lake placid” ICONIC Fingertips is also a favourite but I need a whole separate post for that because it’s so complex I skipped through the interludes as well because I just couldn’t be bothered with them. JA shouted too much and JB’s one was just creepy. I might go back and give them another listen at some point but I’m not a fan
  11. Is there a new thread to discuss the album now that it’s out? Bc I know this one will be locked soon
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