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  1. I feel like she will because she brought back the BIG big hair on tour
  2. I would love her to do a reworked version of pawn shop blues. It’s already very bluesy and soulful so I feel like it would be perfect also I feel like this might be unpopular but I hate stand by your man, even as beautifully as Lana sings it lyrically and thematically I just can’t stomach it
  3. Tbh her pupils could be from her meds. Mine permanently look like I’m on molly but it’s just cause of that she looks so stunning
  4. Wait imagine her styled & posed in the bottom photo for the album cover… just like how she’s posing on the front of BTD/P it would be such a cool callback
  5. The fact that she’s a recovered addict too… it’s so fucking hurtful and disrespectful what’s her username… let’s give her a piece of our minds!
  6. I feel like this wouldn’t really go with the genre but imagine Lasso being a visual album I would love another short film like tropico. Like dark moody southern gothic vibes…
  7. I would lick the floor of the nyc subway just to have her spit in my direction
  8. Ok I just realised that I didn’t provide context lol. I meant that I hope it doesn’t overshadow Lasso if it does come out in Sep (not that it will artistically obvs but in terms of attention)
  9. Apparently reputation tv is coming out in September lol https://x.com/thepoptingz/status/1755253624647606767?s=46
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