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  1. No not at all!!! Your simple version got it across perfectly <3 I waffled on for paragraphs as usual. But I’m glad someone else got what I was saying. I was worried it wouldn’t make sense
  2. Fr - it’s like if she’s only played earlier albums everyone would’ve been mad she didn’t play stuff from NFR onwards Then if she’d only played from NFR/COCC/BB/OB people would’ve bitched she didn’t play earlier stuff
  3. My theory; I think VG was the perfect song to finish on I hate when people diminish Lana’s earlier work to being all about boyfriends and relationships and shit (I mean a lot of it is but it’s not JUST about that). But it is also evident that bfs & relationships are big impacts on her and on what she writes about She’s spoken at length about the process she had of writing Video Games - about a relationship where she’s essentially given up her plans as a writer/singer to live a life of domesticity with her man. A lot of people play it at their weddings and I’ve never known why because it’s beautiful, yeah, but it’s so damn sad. Not just melodically - but the overarching themes break my heart And ofc we all remember the infamous Dublin performance where L broke down singing VG on stage. Singing “it’s only worth living if somebody is loving you” at a time when felt like she wasn’t - not just in a relationship sense but in terms of fans too, being villianised by the press, being openly suicidal - is beyond heartbreaking to think But now she’s SO much happier and healthier, which is a point she’s stressed repeatedly in interviews and is apparent to see even in candid and fan photos. She told Rolling Stone in March that she has passion for making music (or words to that effect, can’t double check rn) for the first time in a decade. She’s just released an album full of healing So to me it makes perfect sense to use VG as a closer now. A) it shows full circle how far she’s come from those days when she couldn’t sing it without breaking down and B) with all the self-reflection she’s done on family and friends and so on, the lines don’t HAVE to be about a partner anymore. To me, when she says “it’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you…” she’s saying it to her fans and loved ones, because THEY are the ones she lives for now. And also for herself! I like to think she’s addressing past Lizzy on the stage of Arlene’s Grocery with her lil guitar telling her… this is for you, too, kid. (I haven’t taken my mood stabilisers yet so please excuse me.) So she’s sending her fans back out into the world after her performance telling them… this was for y’all. I think it fits beautifully. (In the same vein I think Get Free would also work, but VG ties the whole healing shit together better)
  4. Some of y’all (a VERY VERY select few) will legit never be happy with anything Lana does. “Her voice is ruined” “her vocals were shit” “she sounded weak” “she sounded nervous”. Can we not just appreciate the fact that she’s returned to the stage after 3 years, especially when she’s naturally a very nervous performer in general, and given an amazing performance? Like atp I wonder why some of y’all are fans if you just want to nitpick everything L does like you’re her music teacher or something
  5. okay girl why don’t you get up and sing then in her place
  6. “I was brave and it would’ve been easier to stay” breaks my heart every time. I had an emotionally abusive ex (not that whatever ex this is about is abusive, although tbh I’d argue that cheating is inherently abusive in a way) and I beat myself up for years because I put up with his shit for so long. I felt weak because I did that But eventually I was brave enough to leave Sorry for the overly personal paragraph LOL. This just touches me on such a deep level. Violet is so poignantly, heart-breakingly beautiful and it saddens me that it’s so underrated
  7. Maybe patty caught wind of it its like Eminem and his mom all over again
  8. Slightly unrelated but I’m so done with the Lana subreddit. It’s full of immature morons who keep crying about everything that they can even slightly construe as problematic. Like sorry that the album doesn’t include fucking tone indicators before every track Anyway I’ve had “you wanted me sadder” stuck in my head since last night
  9. The Jon one stresses me out 😭 bros so loud and eerie. I’m sure it’ll grow on me though
  10. I know loads of people here had A&W as their favourite - is this still the case for anyone? Or has anything else usurped it?
  11. Tbh I don’t have an issue with Taylor, I just don’t listen to her music cause it’s not my jam… but it literally does sound very Taylor Although obvs that’s because of Jack related but I was so impressed with jacks voice, I’ve never listened to bleachers before but i’m a convert
  12. Did anyone else else think that Margaret sounded wayyyy too Taylor Swift (makes sense bc of Jack but still)
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