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  1. I really wish the signed cassette bundles weren't UK exclusive I'm considering getting the bundle from a reseller on ebay, but I feel like I've spent so much on merch this era, but I feel like I'd really regret not getting a signed Lana item
  2. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Swan Song vs. Pawn Shop Blues
  3. Pretty Dull


    Did Slayyyter write Serial Killer for Armie Hammer??
  4. Pretty Dull

    Charli XCX

    TR: Take My Hand Sucker: Body Of My Own VV: Vroom Vroom N1A: Babygirl Pop2: Lucky 24h: Everything (lq version>>> hq) Charli: Silver Cross HIFN: Party 4 u
  5. I just got my red Born To Die vinyl from Target to add my collection n I felt like taking a pic :), mostly just wanted to document this somewhere so I'm up to date on what I have and what I need My 2021 collection: VBBOTG book VBBOTG uo vinyl Born To Die red vinyl You'll Never Walk Alone vinyl Rolling Stone 2019 NME 2017 Ultraviolence CD Coke Necklace LDR Lighter MAC keychain Fuck It keychain NFR Notebook Fuck It hoodie Lust For Life hoodie Endless summer shirt Not pictured here: COCC Spotify vinyl COCC red vinyl COCC facemask COCC shirt COCC cassette COCC signed cd V Magazine 2017 Love/Lust For Life heart vinyl Lust For Life coke bottle vinyl Paradise vinyl Norman Fucking Rockwell uo vinyl Lust For Life red cassette Violet tee Born To Die (unofficial cassette) Paradise (unofficial cassette) Ultraviolence (Unofficial cassette) Freak Video premiere Poster Malibu, USA shirt Norman Fucking Rockwell green cassette VBBOTG (cassette) Lust For Life windbreaker VBBOTG Wall Hanging VBBOTG Hoodie H&M Jacket
  6. goodnight analboards, lowkey praying this is all a sick joke by lana and that we'll get the real cover tomorrow along with the video release
  7. looking at it puts me in physical pain, can we pls bully her team into changing it, because I literally cannot imagine buying a vinyl with that cover
  8. I'm actually considering unstanning, I hate the cover so much and like it gives me very k*ren vibes
  9. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Doin' Time vs. Tomorrow Never Came
  10. I really regret not buying that box when I had the chance, it's been subconsciously haunting me since it sold out, I kept talking myself in and out of buying it and now it's gone, I know its a stupid overpriced box and I shouldn't be this bothered about it, but I really don't want to pay +$500 for it resold on ebay
  11. I remember I was like 15 on a trip to Las Vegas with my dad, I remember we went to this Hawaiian restaurant and they were playing the Summertime Sadness remix, and I was instantly infatuated, I remember as soon as I got back to the hotel downloading the Born To Die and listening it the entire time that trip, also Honeymoon was just coming out, so I think I listened to that on the plane ride back, it's so surreal and clear in my mind, because Lana and her music is such a big part of my life, and like it's the day I discovered her
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