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  1. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    bbs vs. Wild at Heart
  2. 1. Ultraviolence 2. Honeymoon 3. Blue Banisters 4. AKA 5. Norman Fucking Rockwell 6. Paradise 7. Born To Die 8. Chemtrails 9. Lust For Life 10. Sirens
  3. https://lanadelrey.fandom.com/wiki/Unreleased_The_Last_Shadow_Puppets_Collaboration_(album)
  4. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Thunder (demo) vs. Thunder (final)
  5. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Arcadia vs Serene Queen
  6. I hate buying from scalpers, but I need that yellow vinyl, going to feel like a fool if it eventually gets restocked
  7. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Dealer vs. Venice Bitch
  8. 1. Freak 2. Tropico 3. Video Games 4. leaked Honeymoon video 5. Summer Wine
  9. I don't understand all the hate for the laptop demos, whenever one leaks the thread is filled with "we don't want this, unleak it" " this sounds awful, I hate this, leak *blank* instead", it comes across as really entitled to me at least, I personally really enjoy and am really grateful for any unheard Lana material. I understand how sought after songs like Unidentified Flying Bill and Garden Of Eden, I want them to leak too, but I don't understand the mindset of people who go out of their way to hate on a song that other users enjoy and appreciate. Sorry for ranting, just something that I've been seeing in the Roll With Me/Bellevue leak threads
  10. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Blue Banisters vs French Restaurant
  11. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Venice Bitch vs. Yosemite
  12. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Trash Magic vs. Paradise
  13. Sirens: Peace AKA: Pawn Shop Blues BTD: Video Games Paradise: Bel Air UV: Cruel World HM: High By The Beach LFL: Heroin NFR: California COCC: Wild At Heart
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