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  1. Feels so weird having Wild On You on an album, I'm so happy because it's one of my all time favs
  2. I feel like in terms of raw emotion and vocal delivery this is the closest we got to Honeymoon 2.0
  3. Here to appreciate Blue Banisters the single - how captivating it is, how her craft really shows in that one, how special it is. She's come a long way. It's just outstanding
  4. LMAO did she see this post and told them to delete?
  5. I still can't quite REALIZE that she's gone from socials completely. It's hard to imagine her gone for more than a month I'm gonna miss her millenial Insta quirk
  6. I love how different insiders have different info + we got snippet with new titles just because she changes her mind every day Lana chose chaos period
  7. It's truly my dream album sonically but it's sad that we know most of them I'm envious of past me for experiencing them for the first time does that make sense? lol
  8. @Arcadia how are you holding up?
  9. It's so dry I'm usually very patient & mind my business but can Lana please at least finally address the album... I'm tired of being fed only trader info
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