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  1. Don't say you need me when You leave and you leave again I'm stronger than all my men Except for you vs Those nights were on fire We couldn't get higher We didn't know that we had it all But nobody warns you before the fall
  2. "Like a little peace of heaven No more candle in the wind " What if Tulsa Jesus Freak is reworked Yosemite
  3. The amount of love LMLYLAW received a couple pages back was so heartwarming!! It's actually a fun place to be in when yall aren't acting like spoiled tasteless brats! Now onto the tracklist and cover art!
  4. True! To me it's a mix between Love Song and FILLY (cd/vinyl version). Very intimate, deeply in her feelings, doesn't really have a resolution lyrically. I love it so so so much.
  5. Back then she hadn't mentioned Yosemite publically yet! With VB we had a VB shirt and a MAC tease. I'm manifesting here quietly. Also she said in that weird interview a couple of weeks ago that she feels like she's manifesting her life in her albums currently. So it would make sense for Yosemite to appear, as before she said it was "too happy, we're not there yet". I have a huuuuge gut feeling as well.
  6. I just noticed something while listening to LMLYLAW: there's a "©Lana Del Rey" there among other label and publishing info on the bottom of the screen. Before it would just be Polydor/Interscope/Universal info. Now it says her name also! Under ALL albums on Spotify. It must've been a recent change. Other artists' credits on the bottom of the screen say just the record label. I read that the "℗" symbol indicates owning the masters and hers only says "©". So what exactly is the subject of Lana's copyright here? What makes her situation different from other artists? I have 0 knowledge of legal matters tbh. Is anyone educated enough to guess what that means?
  7. I'm manifesting Yosemite as well watch me Because she's smiling like a dork on it??
  8. I get the mixed feelings but I really do love that song! Reminds me of FILLY with its simplicity + moodiness vibe
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