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  1. I wouldn't call it cool necessarily, but definitely fascinating
  2. I'd say it's just common sense that California it's from the tlsp session - even judging by her tone of voice it sounds as if she was in a different environment than on the Jack tracks and her singing style doesn't match the overall NFR style. But yeah it's all just speculation after all
  3. Rick NOWELS you mean asdfgh Beyonce?? Beyonce??
  4. Not BBC Radio 1 talking news with a Tik Tok song in the background
  5. They archive everything on the BBC radio 1 website Not sure how quickly it'll be there though https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_one
  6. Me not being able to figure her out for so many years is what keeps me with her tbh She's always full of surprises that's for sure lol
  7. I really want Dealer I remember being in the mood for NFR before it was out and even though we didn't know for sure what the sound is I just KNEW in my guts that I needed it and now I feel the same with Dealer please put it on the album Lana
  8. This is literally gonna be her best video & beat Shades of Cool MV and I can't process that
  9. How are we feeling?? Have you guys preloaded already?
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