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  1. Let's remember Bad and Boujee was her shower song at one point... She still has it in her I personally choose to believe...
  2. God so much more was happening than on the weekend 1, I teared up once or twice The Hunter S. Thompson book, the Hope dance, the spoken interlude between Hope and AW about womanhood, THE VOCALS OVERALL, the My My Hey Hey intro... What a moment in her artistry
  3. Imagine if she opens with the Scarface Theme like on the Paradise Tour
  4. I'm always skipping yes and Not an album listen goes by WITH it idk
  5. Midnight EST is 6AM over here....... Suddenly no leaks
  6. kitschesque

    Taylor Swift

    With only 2 left I'm sure she'll drop them anyway even in that case. The amount of time Christoper Rowe probably spent in a basement trying to redo the songs Plus the girlies would riot because I wanna hear both revisited
  7. kitschesque

    Taylor Swift

    We're so overfed already I'm so scared for drought let's starve for a lil bit for sport
  8. kitschesque

    Nicki Minaj

    I'd rather someone call a kid ugly than violate one
  9. Not that active nowadays but I'm glad the kiki continues each year! Bekim being mentioned gave me war flashbacks asdfghj
  10. Doing Time is perfectly mixed... The smooth bass Those twinkling sounds buried on the chorus... The thing about Lana is she doesn't really do polished production so it's hard to say because her songs are so melody driven
  11. I always wondered why there's 2 mixes officially released of West Coast: one from the music video (that one's on the album) and then one from the audio on YT which has softer drums and differently mixed vocals? Has this ever been adressed?
  12. I'm pretty sure that's how things are done because they don't really make money off of streaming and producers aren't touring with the artists or get any merch cuts so... They gotta put food on the table as well
  13. I wrote this post 6 years ago lol but also the Born To Die modifications in various moments in the song In 2014 I got called out by an anon on Tumblr that I'm taking space away in the LDR hashtag primarly used for long distance relationships
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