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  1. It was posted hours after it happened with very little details that we now know, so I agree she should follow it up with some new heartfelt statement What I wonder is if the newly added Agora Hills to the pre-show playlist is an attempt to distract Swifties and if she comes to the Chiefs game... I hope not
  2. To be fair she does donate to food banks in the areas she plays and is overall charitable behind closed doors so who knows if she helped them in any way. But one would assume the family would make it known since they keep the situation fairly public to the Swifties
  3. What happened was unnacceptable both on the venue and Taylor's team part. I'm sure she got told through the earpiece that things were happening. Although it's strange to me how people call Taylor the industry but are so willing to jump on the "Bring Taylor Home" thing. She herself is a key part in her team, she has ongoing dialogue with her publicist, overall she's a fully fleshed out "calculating" business bitch (with peace and love when it comes in handy, love her) so why Swifties are making her out to be unreliable and incompetent is BEYOND me. And the xenophobia is such a bad look too.
  4. I lowkey don't want her to win because that means we won't switch Jack up for someone new in a looong time I don't remember which recent interview it was but she basically said the newly acquired critical acclaim came from her collabing with Jack so... And don't get me wrong I love her Jack records but I wanna see her grow too!
  5. Weren't they all prerecorded during covid though? Maybe that's the reason she said yes in the first place?
  6. kitschesque

    Taylor Swift

    You're indeed very brave
  7. She slayed that cover every single night Fun interview, although very short...
  8. Who randomly walks around with 3 vinyl records in the middle of their day if not a reseller
  9. Why are people saying she was escorted? She just exited with a bunch of security but is escorted the right word here? It makes it sound so dramatic
  10. As a teen I was also obsessed with stuff like that regarding Lana so Fr they're the new boomers. Whenever I ask for a source they cite Pop Base or some random headline screenshot. Get a grip on reality
  11. So far the mic is ON for Candy Necklace performances Vocals.......
  12. The close up of he holding the vape during Bartender LMAO
  13. This is my favorite thing of all time I'm not joking
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