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  1. is anyone selling a sealed amazon vinyl. my fuckin order got cancelled. can trade a copy of interview for it. dm meee
  2. idk if this is allowed, but i have some extra copies of interview, and before i give them away to my friends, i wanted to take the opportunity to see if anyone wants to trade lana memorabilia for a copy. interested in vinyl singles, or anything else of equal rarity (if i dont already have it)
  3. anyone know if the cassettes are available somewhere outside of the US store?
  4. the desire to be barricade (or even in the pit) is waning as i Get Old...did u know i can still be in the seats lookin like a side piece at 27....
  5. we havent had a box set boxset since like...UV? like a boxset that was like...good. lol
  6. has everyone seen this video of mel ottenberg trying to talk to ziwe about lana https://twitter.com/joker_misato/status/1637948750176874498?s=20
  7. When I called my B&N I asked "I was wondering if you had the latest issue of a magazine in," and the girl on the phone said "...the Lana one?" Anyway she said yes and I went and they had like six copies. I bought two in case I need to trade someone for a vinyl or w/e
  8. the interlude is already deeply unsettling. would love to hear more (from lana) about it
  9. me stoned tonight alone in my room listening to the album and pretending lana is in the room giving me a first listen
  10. oh this is going to look so good in a frame next to the UO ultraviolence
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