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  1. mike manifesting chart toppers and radio play w this energy rn
  2. I just realized he worked on the masterpiece that is Madame X so yea he's a legend
  3. poor mike dean is getting his first exposure to crazy queer stans on the world wide web
  4. What is everyone talking about the album doesn’t come out for another 10 days ?
  5. if she worked on something with david or john.......guys im going to lose my mind. its been a dream of mine since i first fell in love with lana.
  6. This might be a reach but does anyone have mp3s of her I Follow Rivers Lost Sessions EP and her cover of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? She released them as free downloads in like 2009 but obviously all the links are dead. And I don't want to rip from Youtube lol.
  7. Real question: does anyone know where Lana got that mask? I'd love to have one as a piece of unaffiliated Lana merch lol. I think it's so cute and funny.
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