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  1. i knew you guys would have found her!!! SHAME ON U FOR ONLY MENTIONING TABLE FOR TWO LIKE TWICE!!! also i remember listening to an interview she did on a radio station last year (i think it was posted on her youtube account along with a cute lil instrumental video of her in a pool with a boy(friend) they were both deleted from channel though) but yeah on the radio interview they asked what music she liked and from memory she said this "i dont really listen to current music" the interviewer then asked if she liked lana and another artist who ive forgotten and she replied something like "yeah i do, my friend actually went down and recorded some scenes with lana del rey for her ride music video" SO LONG STORY SHORT HER FRIEND IS ONE OF THE CHOLAS IN RIDE
  2. reasons i fucking hate "pop" music tbh because its rarely based on quality of music, rather on how many people listen to it because it is fed to them. I'm going to stop so i don't sound like too much of a shitdick
  3. the japanese edition of lp1 has ep1 as bonus tracks
  4. the sza songs are literally some of lana's mashed up and shit (the instrumental) i agree with you tho
  5. does anyone know how to get the audio from wet wipez, tw-ache and ouch ouch? its killing me http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/20389/1/fka-twigs-wet-wipez http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/20382/1/fka-twigs-tw-ache i can't find the link for ouch ouch, its on her facebook though
  6. those are my favourites too
  7. Wow, yeah I love them. They were my favourites before Lana. I really like black holes & revelations, resistance and absolution the most, but I do like most of their stuff despite some of it being really weird. I didn't really like 2nd law until saw the songs live, they are so amazing and theatrical and ugh I'll stop now but yeah, the best.
  8. i just preordered 1LP deluxe vinyl and the two weeks/pendulum 12", hello heaven
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