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  1. queen of made a video for a song where she singing 8 seconds but not for A&W
  2. Oops!...I Did It Again - Britney Spears
  3. Raise Me Up

    Song vs. Song

    Cruel World vs. Your Girl
  4. Raise Me Up

    Song vs. Song

    Watercolor Eyes vs Pink Champagne
  5. I've listened to it at least 5 times today now i listen to Driving in cars with boys - Lana Del Rey
  6. the most underrated song of Sirens litteraly my biggest dream as a Lana stan
  7. Raise Me Up

    Song vs. Song

    Us Against the World vs. Caught You Boy
  8. I would have liked all the covers she records/sings live at the moment to have the same sound as blue velvet
  9. Raise Me Up

    Song vs. Song

    Cruel World vs Smarty
  10. Raise Me Up

    Song vs. Song

    Shades Of Cool vs. Last Girl On Earth
  11. Unreleased : Come With Me Released : A&W / Fishtail / Peppers
  12. or something bop like Be My Daddy or Live Or Die , this is what "Fun song" sound like for me
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