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  1. Watching people glorify this and make jokes about it honestly makes me hate human beings even more than usual. A stupid kid killing an innocent civilian and grievously injuring 2 others, then losing his own life? There’s nothing funny or quirky about it. Whether you agree with one side of politics or the other (newsflash btw- they don’t care about you!) we are ALL human beings who were little children at one point with innocence and hopes and dreams. Watching that end isn’t fun to me. Trump sucks as a human but I still wouldn’t root for him to be KILLED. this is insane. Social media brainrot is so real
  2. Anyways, I’m still consistently listening because this song makes me happy
  3. I don’t think anyone is more excited for this than I am
  4. This fucking song crazy for you is incredible but it could never be hangin around
  5. One thing about miss Del Rey, she does not care about hype. She shows something then lets it die immediately because she knows we’ll eat it up no matter what. It’s our fault as a fandom truly. #ignoreTough2024 jk but… am i really jk’ing.. just call me Jk Rowling okay I’m drunk bye I’m sorry
  6. The love child of lust for life and ultraviolence
  7. I listen to it a LOT. I was a DJ fan before I was a Lana fan so it was so special to me but the original is always best, so heartbreaking. Lana did such a fucking good job on that cover though, it’s my favorite cover of hers, ever.
  8. This is the most nepo baby industry plant music I’ve ever heard in my life. I just know it’s gonna be playing on the speakers at Macy’s soon
  9. When was the last time Lana performed a new song without it being released yet? And how long did it take for it to come out? Just to gauge this
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