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  1. Oh I agree completely!! I would still eat it up because she’s the queen of melodies but I would much prefer something in the exact vein as A&W and the first part of taco truck, just cool and different and haunting. But whatever is next I’m sure we’ll love it
  2. Oh god my two favorite songs… (sorry Yayo) A&W vs Norman Fucking Rockwell
  3. I literally just had a dream about him last night
  4. I don’t think there’s any sadder song or video than this you can tell he was very sick in this and the lyrics are so absolutely devastating because he’s saying goodbye. Also excellent beautiful guitar solo of course
  5. If I ever start caring about which celebs follow which celebs I’m gonna hospitalize myself
  6. This song is truly perfect. It’s so heartbreaking, it makes me feel so empty, but not necessarily in a bad way. It’s so dark and nostalgic and beautiful
  7. I mean I thought it was alright. But I didn’t have high expectations lol there’s like a few clips of Lana
  8. Jump, not all who wander are lost, wildflower wildfire, god bless America (most heavenly bridge ever) bel air, wait for life, guns and roses, When the world was at war, grandfather, Tulsa Jesus freak (is that underrated?) looking for America, hallucinogenics, you & me, behind closed doors, true love on the side
  9. Yes definitely neurodivergent men too!! SAME! Something about her music just hits the autistic brain sooo good lol and I think her behavior is relatable too.. getting constantly misunderstood and misconstrued
  10. I think Lana is too smart for the majority of her fanbase, and also too socially unintelligent for the rest of them. I think the people who can relate to Lana the most are 25-50 year old adhd/autistic women
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