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  1. It’s reported that rob will take the place of Lana. They are fitting him for the wig now.
  2. What he posted on his story about Lana leaving. Like he needs to stop his nonsense already. He wants to be edgy so bad.
  3. Charlie is hot but he’s annoying af.
  4. She’s just super emotional. That’s how i sound after i have a crying sesh. Super nasally and just loopy. She was speaking from the heart and even though she says she’s strong you can tell this really brought her spirit down.
  5. lol but in all honesty are you guys really that shocked? Lana has been telling people to go fuck themselves since 2011.
  6. Our dear lana is melting. Being a witch is not easy.
  7. Lana canceling shows last minute and then acting like it’s no big deal? This is shocking. I am shocked.
  8. Unless you’re blessed with abs of steel everyone’s belly pops out a bit when they stand like that.
  9. PLEASEEE DONT ATTACK ME but i interpreted it as someone in her family may have abused her.
  10. I went spur of the moment and let me tell you this is the first Lana show i actually regret paying $200. . People are not exaggerating:) It was beautiful being by the water though. Also f*ck the price of the merch. $50 for a crop top? FOH.
  11. Norman Fucking Rockwell - 9 Mariners Apartment Complex - 10 Venice Bitch - 10 Fuck It I Love You - 10 Doin Time - 9 Love Song - 10 Cinnamon Girl - 9 How To Disappear - 7 California - 10 The Next Best American Record - 6 The Greatest - 10 Bartender - 10 Happiness Is A Butterfly - 9 Hope Is A Dangerous Thing - 2
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