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  1. random but i LOVED her hair for boston, it was perfect
  2. cinnamon teeth

    Charli XCX

    it's so funny how on first listen apple didn't click for me at all and now it's top 3
  3. i'm perfectly fine with her doing random one-off shows, a full on tour doesn't really seem like something she wants to do and that's okay i just wish she would remember she's a midwest girlie at heart and get back here
  4. these twitter leaker accounts just lie for fun until they get something right. the only person who ever actually knew anything on twitter was boz but idk where he went.
  5. none of these twitter leak accounts are really reliable, also if she does random shows that are announced individually they'll likely be announced fairly last minute like they were last year
  6. if the tour is happening and we're operating under the assumption that lasso is still coming in september then yeah probably. but i think it's also important to remember that a "tour" could also still be random one-off shows that aren't announced all together (like last summer), i think that might be more likely at this point if she is doing more shows between now and the festivals continuing.
  7. lana changes her mind a lot, it's good to not take anything she casually mentions super seriously until it's officially announced there could still be a small tour coming and the fenway guy was possibly referring to a larger tour they were considering doing that ultimately ended up scrapped
  8. cinnamon teeth

    Charli XCX

    say what u want about sucker but the title track has kinda always been that girl
  9. i wouldn't be 100% sure this is the same tour she was referring to at the met gala or wherever she said that...or maybe it is lol, but the one she mentioned seemed more like random shows in between festivals like she did last year. also this is kinda random but the scrapped tour of it all made me think of it, in december 2022 (literally like a week after ocean blvd came out) i heard thru someone that she was touring starting in late march 2023. i'm pretty sure they were telling the truth too bc they knew exact dates and venues and what not. i kept waiting for it to be announced and then obviously nothing ever happened. kinda makes more sense if there was another tour for this year that got scrapped too.
  10. have we discussed this? i saw it the other day and forgot to post it. "According to Larry Cancro, senior vice president of Fenway concerts and entertainment, Del Rey’s team had cobbled together a tentative US tour for 2024, but ultimately scrapped every date — except one.“She just decided not to tour, but she wasn’t going to let this one go,” says Cancro, explaining why Del Rey’s Fenway performance is a “one-off” show."
  11. did you guys see the same exact thing happened again tonight at fenway they're going thru it
  12. oh interesting, i was in the pit too (near the back but still) and there was never any water around us
  13. when i saw the guy walk down the stairs while we were waiting during the rain i thought he was going to just start passing them out and then he started yelling to try and sell them like read the room girl
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