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  1. one of lana's best songs!! it effectively captures the desire to change, especially with that bridge. its hot, uncomfortable, and you physically can't stand still anymore. along with change and get free, heroin perfectly summarizes the transformation of "old lana" into "new lana" it also gives an interesting perspective on "lust for life", first showing her past lusts, and how she has a new lust for a new way of life i once saw a comment saying that heroin is exactly what you'd expect a five minute lana del rey song called "heroin" to feel like and they're so right motley reference, charles manson reference, drug references also just great imagery in general: being pulled by the ribbons in her hair, being rocked like heavy metal, hot topanga nights, flying to the moon some lyrics worthy of mention: + the entire bridge / Sun Bleached Flies - Ethel Cain or Candy Necklace - LDR if you don't know the first one
  2. one of ethel's best songs desperately awaiting a kidz bop version
  3. the sex life comment chelsea made
  4. BUS, coachella, guns and roses, lmlylaw, textbook, bartender ironically these are some of my faves. i was so gagged when i found out the fandom hated guns and roses and lmlylaw
  5. oh your taste is SOOO good
  6. 1. hiab 2. gpsotsomfwhdsf 3. mac 4. a&w 5. heroin honourable mentions to dtwd, wildflower wildfire, get free, vb, candy necklaces, terrence loves you, shades of cool, cruel world, and video games
  7. nfr song then the nfr album
  8. from @ChicaSkas https://www.mediafire.com/file_premium/czh8t18muiip84m/Coachella.2024.Lana.Del.Rey.1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.VP9-JL92.mkv/file https://sharemania.us/threads/lana-del-rey-coachella-2024-1080p-web-dl-aac2-0-vp9.242051/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aU5y5lJm5RVg7YDgHfrWKdtlaDgOz2JW/view
  9. im backkkkk two weeks in the bottom after a win??? gurl chastity need to get her cuntry boots back on cause the rent is due mawmaw
  10. omggg #PrayForChastity
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