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  1. SoftwareUpgrade


    WOWWWWW E: Didn't know this would be on the new page, go to the last one to see the photo shoot
  2. So that's what the visuals were reminding me of!
  3. Coming for Poppy's WWE NXT gig
  4. Attention seeking as per usual/guilt tripping the audience with this nebulizer as an "out" for her eventual poor performance ^ Jokes aside, the archive: Sky Ferreira Instagram IG Story Archive: December 3rd, 2023 Atlanta concert nebulizer asthma throat warmup vocals sick conspiracy
  5. bentap77 Instagram IG Story Archive: Lana Del Rey IG Instagram fake account Honeymoon 2.0 December 1st, 2023
  6. This absolute setup for like, 20 different Sky jokes
  7. The clowns that tag her in anything and everything knowing damn well she lurks and gets set off by the mysterious forces of the interwebs Or maybe she just felt like deactivating after getting Graceland attention...nah she was having fun crossposting about it E: Omg I forgot she has a new cover out, oops
  8. The singular Masochism merch option
  9. SoftwareUpgrade

    Charli XCX

    Oh did she get engaged? Congrats + good luck Charli !!
  10. There was a cut in the video during that answer, either she took too long or named somebody HB didn't want to promote/give attention to. Or, maybe she said something like "Nikki" and production went "????"
  11. This was a smart choice, HB about to get that holiday season/lana fan money (and possibly a few subscribers for the new year)
  12. Lana mentally retconning Glastonbury with Flipside instead of Cola
  13. SoftwareUpgrade

    Taylor Swift

    Timestamped mention of SOTB, in which Lana notes that she matched Taylor's vocals and there is layering throughout, even on the first version:
  14. OPRAHHHHHH E: Hey @Lindsay Lohan Lindsay gets a lil mention in this video
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