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  1. Embarrassing. Nice of her to warn fans/superfans/crazies to be smart with their next action , before her security will mow you down
  2. Stupidly thrown into the trashcan of her Google drive, porbably. Despite her affinity for world building with archival footage, I doubt she feels the same archiving tendencies towards her own footage
  3. There was a masterpost a few pages back, but it seems to be somewhat disorganized, anybody have a fuller MP?
  4. I liked COTCC quite a bit, but didn't care for BB really. I'd consider "Honeymoon" a "great" album from her. NFR is a good listen from start to finish, but I don't consider it recent
  5. Still wondering what the Don't Forget MV would look like
  6. SoftwareUpgrade


    Another poorly written single, maybe it's just the blunt translation but how many more songs of manipulation, bad-assery, and general flexing must we hear. The members deserve better material imo
  7. Nobody could ever replace their infamy "What about the husband?" - Kim Richard's, RHOBH
  8. Lol I hate that she WOULD pull some shit like this, don't you dare make this, the millennial women on tiktok would use this for their ironic tiktoks #pleasebefake #tothemoon #azealia Lanaboards insta has the clip, it was very quick and they were just on a boat (I got the notif btw)
  9. Did you mean the tracks within the separate albums? Or putting them all into one playlist and listening front start to finish?
  10. (Maybe it's just due to the Autumn hues for the New Moon album cover): And finally :
  11. Some of the comments under it are so tacky
  12. woah, rest in peace , genuinely thought she would make it through for a few more years
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