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  1. BB: Undercooked meat, with a side of salmonella and cold fries
  2. Random Instagram stories:
  3. It's not really much of anything, that's why, concept demo that needs more building blocks added to it (I think)
  4. Watched 3/4 from the American Tail series today, haven't seen these since I was a kid
  5. A mouthy wordy easy breezy beautiful cover girl album
  6. Does anyone know when this will be on newsstands? Or is it already out ?
  7. This is a shitpost right, idk anything about her, thought I'd check here anyways *as in the song under the nautical meme edit 🥴
  8. Is that Elle Fanning a few seats down? She was at Davikahs bday party recently (oops, it was a Gucci event that just so happened to be celebrating her birthday #celebritytings)
  9. I literally have dreamt this....like deja vu of this happening....this might be the 2nd time I've gotten deja vu of an appearance thread WTH
  10. Possibly, but I'd argue Lana and Harry push a lot of vinyl records....and Taylor
  11. She mentions it only in passing on her stories, her account is random
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