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  1. Pretty! Also, note the Billboard jacket she's wearing along with unusual glam
  2. I don't have one, but you could try searching in the bar "Gwen Stefani masterpost" or "Gwen Stefani Megapost" or just "Gwen xyz" and sort by relevance, and making sure it notices all of the words
  3. I assume it's due to her taking the kayak out in public....or did she ? The creepy anime is for private consumption, whereas the kayak could be taken to a public lake....but what about big boob anime figures 🤔....I guess those are for shop windows/on private property. See now I'm invested in this damn vagina kayak and wanna see if she took it out in public, or merely posted it online (also in public, but ""nobody around"" said lake). Your point on art IS interesting though . To keep this slightly Lana related, I could see Lana making a #tastefulnude painting, or maybe a pottery bust....probably not the vagina kayak....Gwyneth Paltrow GOOP cabdle vibes
  4. The Japanese vagina canoe was actually a kayak, it was labeled in court as Pop-Art, but the woman was still charged with obscenity, this is from 2016: People just wanted to understand @Fever because the words "vagina" & "canoe" in the Lana album thread causes eyebrows to be raised in confusion, don't sweat
  5. I stumbled onto that and actually was laughing at a few of the posts, they may have been posted ironically, or to critique, but it got a laugh out of me anyways
  6. Questions: Who's is the Japanese woman? What 3D canoe art involving vaginal scans are you referring to? Does this work have to do with Del Rey, or is it an interpretation of lyrics/art/etc? Is the mentioning of the HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI MV leak to show that Lipsters didn't notice for a hot minute? Inquiring minds want to know....
  7. Azealis Banks vs former Cheapyxo assistant CheapyXOGirl on her IG Story It's just clips & I haven't watched it yet, but just writing it here so I don't forget In one day we got: - Parlophone Records beef/exit - Food Apartheid rant - Former employee clash/clapback The FREE entertainment from her social media , thanks AB
  8. For a magazine, then maybe L'uomo Vogue? (2014?): Also V Magazine: (2017?)
  9. SoftwareUpgrade


    Paris Fashion Week IG Story Archive: January 23rd 2022
  10. The Censored Acid threat Archive: You're welcome I cropped this
  11. SoftwareUpgrade


    Instagram PFP + bio looks a little different:
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