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  1. SoftwareUpgrade


    Back with the OG Poppy intro tag yup E: This sounds a little bit more emo than usual, lol
  2. An A.K.A (remastered) re-release which includes some type of physical rollout
  3. Coming for her Bon Appetit moment Won Me Over WHEN
  4. Let Me Love You Like A Woman Breaking Up Slowly
  5. This got recommended to me via social media, reminds me a little of Lana music
  6. In no particular order: 1. Music To Watch Boys To 2. American 3. Is This Happiness 4. Terrence Loves You 5. Norman Fucking Rockwell Honorable mentions that are interchangeable (I can't only pick 5, sorry ) :
  7. Him and those damn glasses (hope he wears them forever though, his signature look) E: damn quotes take up the whole page oops
  8. California could've been apt? Maybe a back n forth with the mic pointed at the crowd. I'll pick up all of your Vogues and all of your Rolling Stones Your favorite liquor off the top shelf I'll throw a partyyyyyyy, alllll niiiiight long I don't know if the crowd would've known that one, sadly
  9. She must've been doomscrolling ig reels/tiktok/youtube shorts and saw a million bottom text "And they all laughed at her for this !1!1!" posts made by gen alpha admins and the celebrity delusions crept in
  10. No truly, it's the HEADLINER part that is sticking out to me , her vocals were the strongest for the ballads but I wish we got more "coachella" aligned tracks, I understand her nerves at the start though, due to the size, but, that's what you sign up for
  11. Omg, so sad, I'm imagining it- siren-like backing vocals to start the track "I like you a loooottttttt"
  12. Bigger snub to the fandom than the 2019 grammys
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