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  1. The cover is very 70s imo, from the pale yellow tone, to the Americana dogs ? (Tex & Mex are so cute). Also reminds me of the Carpenters for some reason.
  2. Didn't Trisha Paytas of all people do that with Chicken Fingers and Lipo....why do I know this
  3. I just opened my Target COTCC vinyl and it has a very nice marble holding it up to a light, my record player is also red so it matched so well . (I really do recommended trying her albums on vinyl to those who haven't!!)
  4. If only she would milk re:ups of all her albums ?, the possibilities with merch (especially vinyl boxsets ?)
  5. Just joined recently and I have to leave something on a pre-release thread. No clue what this will entail but am I the only person excited to see the Nikki collab album (doesn't seem like this is that?! ) --- pls be good pls be good
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