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  1. nobody noticed that Taco Truck it's also sampling 13 Beaches too (same chords progression). they're in different keys but the chords still the same. I made a comparison: [link removed] mod note: user was banned for this post
  2. My house's near the Anhangabaú Stage and it's a new place. This week I'll be passing over there to take some pictures bc some people were asking me for that
  3. I really question myself if these illustrations with her boobs out are real pictures from the shoot...
  4. No i don't. I just thought it would be fun interact cuz even being an artist, i'm a stan too and i started bc of her lol. Why odd behaviour? I was just excited... i'm not even famous, it's cool to see people talking about my music (much more when they comparing it to Lana's song)
  5. Hi there, I've been watching you guys freaking out over the titles of both of my songs and goddamn.. XD i had so much fun. I'm not Lana Del Rey but i stan her as you can see the references and the inspirations in my music. I consider Summer Heat a mix between Radio X Without You and California Headlines was influenced by Ultraviolence. I also thank you for acclaiming the titles song, i felt amazing; cmeonrey,Insert image from URL
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