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  1. She did almost 400k just in US Spotify Are those her highest numbers ever? Or did Dealer get a bit more when it was at its peak?
  2. I'm too dumb to understand poetry
  3. I really want her to deliver a full concept album someday all of her albums (well at least most of them) have a bit of a storyline and related topics but I want her to take it a step further. Maybe the musical she was writing with Rick (?) will give us that (if it ever gets released)
  4. I'm psychic (not really) and I saw in my dreams 3/10 but in my country that means October 3rd so I hope I was dreaming in american
  5. So Lana said she wants to get rid of the tattoo cause it makes her too recognizable... could that be about the "new ventures" she wants to explore? It was such a weird thing to say cause she's fucking Lana Del Rey... it's not like she's known just for that hand tattoo
  6. As long as she keeps the trust no one tattoo we're good. By the way didn't she get the paradise one retouched "recently"? I remember it was fading a bit and then it was full and dark again
  7. Stop hating on Nikki !! This slaps now I hope we get Hey Blue Baby and the other song on their collab album
  8. Maybe it was a huge big budget MV or maybe it was just her in the tank singing with army footage in every other scene like White Dress
  9. He said it was for the LFL album but it would be weird to have Lana inside a tank singing Change
  10. Maybe it was one of those "bombastic" jack songs and she loved it so much that she tried to put it in 2 albums but didn't fit in the end. BB is a bit of a mixed bag but it's still on the acoustic/organic sound even with BBS and Dealer in there so who knows... I don't remember seeing any insider hyping up LYTAN tho Yosemite had to wait 2 whole albums to be released so maybe this one will share the same fate
  11. I wonder if LYTAN will make an appearance on LDR9. Do we know anything about the sound of that song?
  12. Yep... I love WCE but I was a bit disappointed that it had nothing to do with LDR9 At least we know she started the album and she already has some songs so knowing Lana... it's probably coming sooner than later (maybe not spring soon but summer-fall)
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