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  1. Do we call this LDR9 cause we are counting AKA or Paradise? It's always been confusing to me I personally consider Paradise as a separate record even if it is an EP/BTD re-release
  2. The DNC logo would look cute on the album cover
  3. I love Posty I wouldn't be against this (but in his album)
  4. Going from Arcadia to The Trio is still so funny to me The whole Arcadia - The Trio - BBS sequence is brilliant
  5. She didn't even post about her birthday (yet cause she'll probably post about it in a couple of days) Still hoping for a little something interesting in the caption
  6. Manifesting no pandemic related lyrics on LDR9 I like the VFR line but that's it
  7. I need "Lana Rey would you serve me a lemonade? I said yes Bill I will, it's the day of the parade" energy in LDR9 If she wants to be talking between verses they better be sultry and not a metaphysics lesson
  8. It's such a great song and it makes me sad It's not more appreciated. I love the double meaning she uses of "sad" like you just said and the prechorus is sooo good. Definitely in my top 3 from UV
  9. Maybe they are waiting for the album date to be closer. If the album is scheduled for example for September-October they would want to start releasing things mid July so it doesn't feel like an eternity between lead and album (LFL and NFR flashbacks). I wish she would follow the Honeymoon formula for this album too. One song with not much promo in July, the real lead single in August and then the album in September with another single
  10. I've decided to ignore LDR9's existence so it comes faster It works with men
  11. By the description I expect something similar to White Dress or Hope. She always does last minute additions so maybe we'll get it on LDR9
  12. I just want a date, a snippet, title or an album cover. I just need something to hold on to
  13. First DNC and now Cult Leader... she really is in her jacket-with-what-may-be-a-song-title era I wouldn't want Cult Leader on the album tho
  14. I mean it's one thing having someone in the production of a short track but releasing a video where he's your love interest after you just broke up with them...
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