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  1. How do we know it's not an old pic?
  2. Her talking about aka (even without really talking about it) makes me so nostalgic. I really want The Revenge Of Lizzy Grant or Lizzy's Revenge . Now on topic sorry, I guess I didn't miss anything this couple of days right?
  3. I know it won't happen but I hope she takes advantage of the delay by filming a lot of videos (not homemade ones ty)
  4. Lana is going OFF on these girls I love her
  5. The way she's going to make me have a heart attack one day...
  6. The vocals the song lowkey sounds like some national anthem but I like it. I just find it funny that she's doing the soundtrack for a soccer team documentary Edit: Oh it's a cover
  7. We always get something after the lowest points on this thread so it must be coming
  8. Her mentioning Dorothy and the video with the creepy doll that gave us the iconic gif... The MV is Wizard of Oz inspired and will switch from B&W to color like in the movie (and she'll be flying in the tornado in the red car)
  9. The thought of Lana being in that clown costume is really sending me (even though we know it's not her)
  10. Maybe it's not the single and MV but she can still post the album trailer today or tomorrow right? Let me dream
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