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  1. Imagine if we get a short video from the shoot like that one from Complex in the UV era or the V Magazine one with Cherry
  2. Monday A&W teaser (snippet) Tuesday A&W single cover Wednesday A&W release Friday A&W MV
  3. This is hard... I'll try to pick only one (I won't but I tried) BTD: Dark Paradise or OTTR. DP is deeper and has more meaning but OTTR is a wild ride with all the references and switch ups in each segment of the song Paradise: Bel Air, G&M UV: Title track HM: The Blackest Day (for me it's one of her best written songs overall). TLY and Swan Song are close. LFL: 13 Beaches and Heroin (Get Free is great but I feel the actual topic is the highlight and not the particular lyrics used which are also good of course) NFR: HIADT hands down but The Greatest is really close Chemtrails: White Dress and the title track BB: Arcadia, the title track and WFWF
  4. But this time we have a magazine cover incoming and she teased A&W. Until now it was all wishful thinking
  5. I hope she starts teasing it tomorrow with a short snippet or a picture from the MV (if there is one already) or the single cover. As much as I love surprises we kinda expect stuff coming and it's been more than a month since the title track so I'd like something tangible now
  6. The last time we discovered a lana.lnk early it redirected us to a blank Spotify page so that's our clue for the next single But knowing Lana I'm not even sure she's releasing A&W even after teasing it... watch her release one of the interludes
  7. Omgggg it's happening It's definitely coming next week (and probably before Friday) Edit: well... I still think we're getting it next week tho
  8. From her post a couple of days ago where she mentions A&W. Also the fact that we're now getting a magazine cover would make a single around the same date likely
  9. We're getting nice things in February but I have to repeat every time that Dua was never the reason for Lana not doing promo, it's Lana herself that doesn't care
  10. For the recent ones LMLYLAW (promo) -> Chemtrails (real lead with big MV and album announcement) The triple singles (promo ? More like random to be honest ) -> Arcadia (lead with MV) She used to mix promo songs and real singles. For example HM (title track) was just a promo track/gift and HBTB was the lead. Then we got MTWBT as a single and TLY as another promo track. I think for this album we're getting a real single with a MV soon (early February) and another "big" single close to the album release. We might also get the title track MV later (like BB) or as part of an album trailer
  11. That room in her stories looks like the set since they got those things covering the windows We're getting Versailles glam Lana
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