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  1. Happy 200 pages! I can't believe this album is finally coming and we are only a month + a day away from it
  2. Don't they usually post the full credits and track lengths with the preorders? I'm afraid we'll have to wait until the release to find out all of that (or a booklet leak ) Boz saying that Text Book is pretty much the longest song makes me think there's another one that's ~5 min long tho
  3. Maybe Lana got her way of describing music as something totally different to the actual thing from her father
  4. It's so weird/funny that he said "hypnotic" cause I was really expecting a very acoustic slow song. Maybe it's hypnotic as in dreamy (similar to Bel Air)
  5. Wait so does Rob have vocals on the song or he just composed the piano piece?
  6. I think someone said one of the snippets feature a part of a Lana verse that is nowhere to be found on the full song that leaked so maybe the album version is solo. I haven't listened to it tho so I don't know if it's true but there's no reason to lie about that I guess
  7. Venice Peach


    I always forget there's an Inhaler thread here. It Won't Always Be Like This AOTY btw
  8. You Can Be The Boss lol. I was so confused when it wasn't on the album cause she even performed it live. Also I used to listen to music on Youtube back in 2012 so I didn't even realize I had been listening to Yayo (the pre BTD version) and Diet Mountain Dew demo instead of the album versions
  9. Still wondering about what Cherry Blossom take is she going to use for the album. Maybe it's an unheard take 8 or something
  10. Cola = Pussy I can't believe the song is actually registered with that title
  11. Nothing will ever beat OTTR in terms of uptempo songs but I find TJF miles better than CG lyrically I prefer the latter but sonically it didn't age that well (and the studio version was lowkey a disappointment compated to the snippets but I blame her speakers on that)
  12. I personally love how in your face (in your eardrums (?) ) the chorus of Arcadia is. It's like she's screaming at me But I understand that some people could dislike that. I think it's because the song was probably recorded in only a few takes (maybe even one) and had little to none corrections done (like pitch, volume etc). You can really tell by the way the second verse sounds cause it's a bit flat when she comes from the first chorus and how it's not even the same as the first one. It's almost like it was a live recording and I honestly love the intimacy and vulnerability of it
  13. There's also 4 vinyl variants this time (with 3 amazing covers) so some people will get at least 2 different ones based on the cover (or even 3 or 4 to collect every cover/variant) so I think it's going to sell even more than Chemtrails vinyl-wise. Even if she doesn't get the number 1 she'll have at least two good weeks. I wonder if this was premeditated or Friday was the earliest they could ship the vinyl in the US
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