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  1. Summertime Sadness and Arcadia being both in my top 10 Lana songs Some people just hate fun SYTH is far from my favorite track but I don't get why would anyone complain about her putting out music. And even if the label "pressured" her to release it, she had the last word as always so it's her decision too (and she chose the version she wanted anyway). Let's just enjoy the music (or not if you don't like it, taste is subjective and luckily she releases almost yearly so there's something for everyone We're even getting 2 new songs on Rob's album in less than a month
  2. Yeah I'll never understand gatekeeping in general but gatekeeping SYTH when it's probably her most popular unreleased song (next to Serial Killer and QOD) It's not like people weren't listening to it in every platform already
  3. I'm curious to see the caption if she even posts about it. I wonder if she's going to mention the fact that she tried to release it in a million different records
  4. After having a million leaked (real and fake) versions it feels somehow wrong
  5. Is the song still viral? I feel like Lana waited for the hype to die down to get a more lowkey release love her for that. It's probably mainly to match the festival dates tho. I'm sure it's on the setlist
  6. Not the sped up version ready on release One for us and one for the tiktok girlies
  7. You don't know shit Ms. half moon bay for Jim I'll stay
  8. I wouldn't mind a bigger wait for the next album if we get the unreleased compilation and/or the covers album in between As for her new original material I never know what to expect from her cause Ocean Blvd was really surprising to me. It had an evolution of the post-2019 sound but it also had a lot of new elements I didn't expect at all like the use of samples, the borrowed piano melodies and specially the last 3 tracks being upbeat for her standards. I wonder if she included those cause she's heading into a more bop-ish sound or just to switch it up after the really heavy lyrical tracks. I also wonder where she goes next lyrically cause I doubt we're getting another full introspective album about her family cause I feel she said a lot of what she wanted already and while it might be therapeutic and where her mind takes her while automatic singing it has to be kinda draining too She said she was really happy about herself and her career so maybe she just wants to have fun now not necessarily as in upbeat but more conceptual and less diaristic
  9. It's the shhh she used to censor "cop" that makes it sound like "God's a charlatan" but yeah the lyrics are the ones on the car video
  10. This made me even more excited about what's next for Lana (like she even herself said "where do we go from here")
  11. If we only got the actual scenes from the MV what would the story/concept even be? Looking old Hollywood glamour and pretty? It's clear that she doesn't use MVs as promo to boost songs so I'm glad she can develop interesting concepts while still giving us visuals and looking amazing as always anyway We'll eventually get standard medium-big budget MVs like the Chemtrails one at some point but it makes so much sense to release this one for Ocean Blvd.
  12. I love this so much. The concept is amazing and she looks sooo good. It also matches the eerie tones of the song very well cause you don't really know what's coming next
  13. Wait has someone spilled about the Lana tracks with Rob? I missed it
  14. Lana has never been a singles artist but she could definitely chart on the lower half for a week if she released on a friday just based on streams (even though the numbers are smaller than they look like cause only US streams count for Billboard Hot 100 and only a fraction of those came from there cause she's luckily not just a local artist). She doesn't get radio and people don't really buy her singles so I don't think she'll have any real hits but the focus has always been on the albums anyway and they do great
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