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  1. Can she just post a snippet of a piano ballad so people can argue on topic ?
  2. Probably both. She said recently she loves Marilyn as a person not only as an icon and old movie star so I guess it's the aesthetic but also everything surrounding that era and all the different lives those artists had.
  3. I feel like if she was mainly focusing on the country side of americana she would have said it more clearly (even though she's not the best at describing her records ) so I think it's going to be more folk-ish and blues-y. Something in the vein of A&W (the first part) would be really nice
  4. I don't think the covers album is that near tho... they asked about it and she mentioned that she liked the idea (and we kinda knew it already) but it's probably not the next project in line. But I do think something unrelated to LDR10 is coming before it as teased by insiders some months ago now... unless it's scrapped
  5. I wonder what her definition of Americana is cause I can see her going a lot of different directions with that same term describing the record. It sounds like she's still in the early stages of it tho and we know how quickly she changes direction so we'll see... She also mentioned she's working with a new person so that's exciting too
  6. Cmon I've been waiting for HM since they repressed UV it has to happen
  7. Yeah as long as the band knows the song (and she remembers the lyrics ) she can play any song regardless of the soundcheck (cause I guess that's just about the technical side of things). But it's always exciting to hear about what tracks she did before the show. I'm still thinking about that random medley with For K and Arcadia and more
  8. I love that we loved the Ocean Blvd era cause coming from the 2021 sisters anything would have done but it was also understandable that they were kinda bare in promo (the pandemic plus all the 2020 controversies ) I feel like she was testing the waters with Ocean cause she looked progressively more excited about it the more she was doing so I'm sure the next record will have at least NFR-level aditional content (minus the delays God help us ). I would have loved another MV but other than that I'm happy enough with what we got (specially the music per se). She has said multiple times (as recently as a couple of days ago) how happy she was now in her life and in her craft so I'm really excited about the next chapter
  9. I think LDRVillage never knew anything about its real meaning and were just like "well since you like it and Lana wore it I guess we can turn it into merch" Everything about DNC was so suspicious but I think it will remain a mystery
  10. This made me realize Ocean Blvd is her first cover where she's not outside (other than AKA) It really was the introspective record But yeah an album cover where she's outside in the night time with streetlights would be sweet (or even in a highway like the SS MV video ending
  11. - Piano/Jack debate ✅️ - Next album number debate ✅️ - Country album/Nikki debate ✅️ - Rick Nowels coming back debate ✅️ - Attendance to award shows debate ✅️ - Say Yes To Heaven RBFY on the new record debate ✅️ We're so back
  12. Maybe she followed the VMAs cause she won and they told her to film a cute little acceptance video for the show... Or maybe she just noticed the nominations I know Ben and Jon (and even the director) posted about it but she probably didn't even pay attention to it
  13. She's embarrassing This girl doesn't want to be associated with Lana yet she gives her shit takes on a 11 year old album by her Didn't she say she wasn't inspired by Lana cause she didn't even listen to her during one of her "I'm not a Lana copycat" breakdowns?
  14. Still thinking about her "making magic with Ian in the studio" or whatever she said. It's so funny that we still haven't decided/discovered which Ian that was cause it looks like Kirkpatrick and nothing like him at the same time to me Unless it was some random Ian audio engineer on Ocean and I missed it
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