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  1. I think it's kinda better that she doesn't tease the album (more) that early if it's indeed coming towards the end of the year. I prefer the lead single to come out a bit closer to the album so it's not another NFR situation She has some shows in the spring so we'll still get new Lana content while we wait for the rollout to start properly First single in April/May, preorder and full announcement in June/July with another single and then another track closer to the release (similar to Ocean rollout but with an early first taste before preoder).
  2. I don't know why people are scared that we're getting a traditional yeehaw country album when Lana is both the queen of making every genre her own and also the queen of not describing properly her records Her and Jack also talk about taking risks all the time and even though she said the songs were going to be simpler she probably meant lyric-wise (so less like Fingertips and more like LTLI I guess).
  3. I wonder if the record is going to be moody or happy and upbeat. Probably both but I can see her giving us a couple of bops (Lana style of course)
  4. I trust her approximate date this time. It's far away enough that it feels realistic and it wasn't an impulsive reaction like Chemtrails or RCS that were announced while defending herself from controversies and stuff
  5. I think we're getting Henry first cause she didn't tease from the studio/car but with the actual recording of the song and with a cover (?).
  6. We're definitely getting multiple covers and vinyl this time too but I doubt they'll have different bonus tracks. It's completely against her vision as an artist and what she considers a "body of work". If she ever does a deluxe again it would probably be more like a reedition with an accompanying EP that would 90% sure be scrapped or turned into a whole different album like the LFL folk singles
  7. I doubt she has a real date so far in advance. She probably said September cause she's hoping she has it finished and mastered by April/May (+ around 4 months of vinyl pressing). That person might be legit but anything could happen so I don't think we're getting it exactly on the 20th
  8. Sounds legit and fake at the same time. Some words have that weird AI glitch sound (unless it's the tag messing up the sound) but the melody is really Lana-like and it kinda sounds like her when you can actually hear it. To be fair in the era of the AI covers it's really hard to be sure unless the vocals are crystal clear so who knows. Either way if it's real it sounds like something she would record during/after LFL so I doubt it's new
  9. I wish we could hear something from the album already but if she plans on releasing it in September I think it's too early to start a "rollout" (specially if we get a NFR situation with snippets 1 year before the release cause it gets pushed back). At least we're getting that cover next week (or at least soon) so I think she'll start the new era more towards the spring
  10. She had the perfect mixture of acclaim and popularity this era... if she goes home empty handed this time I think she's never getting one Ocean is still an amazing album so at the end of the day who cares I guess
  11. I'm starting to think they are getting the alt categories too since they are there already and Lana is probably still getting ready I'd take SOTY and AOTY over the alt ones tho... I'm trying to stay positive
  12. The alt categories are probably close now right? There's not much left other than rock and alt (unless they show EVERY single other award
  13. If she has a Nikki collab there we'll probably get some of these on the booklet/vinyl similar to Chemtrails Unless it's indeed for the joint album or just random pictures they wanted to take... but the fact that they wanted them to be posted later makes me think it's music related
  14. So is the preshow like an actual thing where they announce categories and who won? Or is it just a screen announcing the results? I need to see her reaction winning the post show photoshoot posing with the Grammy is not enough
  15. I think the last time they mentioned the joint album Nikki said something like "that's not coming out for a long time". I hope it's not the covers + country album but the fact that she randomly released Country Roads and then teased/announced this worries me Nice analysis post tho love the investigation
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