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  1. I saw that the Grammy eligibility period ended today and I realized BB could be considered for the 2023 awards... I really doubt they are even nominating it for anything but it would be interesting to see if they could manage to submit it in the non pop categories to see if they don't switch it to pop like they always do If the last Halsey album was "alternative" so is every Lana album after LFL
  2. I love this thread just for the fact that's so interesting to me how different taste can be between people I'm sure there are users here that hate OTTR for example and that's wild but fascinating
  3. How do we know it was mainly written by Emile? I've always thought that she was the main writer and he cowrote and produced (like they usually do in her albums). For me this is quintessential Lana so if it was really written by Emile he fooled me for good. I still have chills when I remember the snippet he posted of the bridge it's so crazy to me that some people don't like this... the chorus is heavenly
  4. In the music industry world I know Ben overuses that word but I'd say it's fair considering albums take 1-2 years to make so a couple of months it's just a small fraction of that... But I agree that it's kinda annoying. I'd prefer if the s-word was only used for periods smaller than a month
  5. With all the amount of stuff she has recorded over the years she could just take bits and pieces from each one and frankenstein songs for a lifetime worth of albums
  6. Well she still can announce it in September
  7. I miss when she used to post random stuff and we were all like "she's aligning her feed for the announcement " Now we know her random dumps are just that, random dumps
  8. If it wasn't for the vinyl thing it could definitely come out this year but since she is/was finishing it just last month I guess the soonest would be January/February... I think it's going to be similar to Chemtrails with a single in the coming weeks/months and the preorder early next year cause there's no reason to delay it further once it's done
  9. Uncanny better be true then. I need that EDM pop jazz disco metal gospel track
  10. We already got "The Rain" and "Long Nails On Your Back" from another fake insider but the fact that it samples Waterfalls is new Also it's been long enough after the Lizzy thing... they would have announced it already
  11. Maybe they want to be sure that there's no delay and everything is shipped on the same day before announcing anything to avoid problems... even though BB preorder was less than 2 months long and the US vinyl shipped 1 week late
  12. At this point definitely... if it was something that important or relevant it would be the album title but since she didn't have one in May it was either scrapped/changed or it never meant anything What I don't understand is why she didn't just wear the NFR jacket if that's the look she was going for... maybe she just rented it for the MV and had to get a similar one but either way why the random letters when the logo already had a big wave so it's not like it was empty or uninteresting... Maybe it was from a stock collection of different patches with all sorts of random acronyms and logos for aesthetics
  13. Maybe he's really excited for this one His LinkedIn bio is probably "Manager at TaP music with amazing artists like Lana Del Rey who has a beautiful album coming soon 🚀✨️, Ellie Goulding, Noah Cyrus, Mabel & others"
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