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  1. i love how she randomly posting things
  2. i thought we didn't get any music video after that Tunnel and A&W didn't get video treatment (doesn't need tho) but it turned to be fake and we'll see her serving look
  3. time to invite Kevin Parker to make psychedelic trippy tropical beachy experimental colourful hazy insane crack album changing industry again
  4. DAYLIGHT 1.Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince 2.Cruel Summer 3.I Think He Knows 4.Lover 5.The Archer 6.Death By A Thousand Cuts 7.Need 8.Paper Rings 9.Cornelia Street 10.False God 11.Afterglow 12.All Of The Girls You Loved Before 13.It's Nice To Have A Friend 14.Daylight
  5. y'all so desperate to that way that you could listen leaked album with porn sound by whole songs with distortions and pitched voice album is out in week. just wait guys lol
  6. if you mentioning hyperpop album idea, she was at Bladee concert so it's hope that this influenced her especially she was at his concert at May (she was ending recording TUOB)
  7. my ranking: A&W > The Grants > Ocean i didn't heard anything else. i'm curious about my ranking at 24/03
  8. i see Twitter coming for her when Peppers will drop. reading this will be like great movie in cinema
  9. if you felt offended by that line in Peppers please out to outdoor and touch some grass.
  10. can you believe she made transition from nostalgic poet to sad grunge girl to american cunt to depressed catholic mom
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