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  1. Sweet Caroline is giving me 70s rock ballad vibes and sad piano ballad vibes at the same time.
  2. Nikki when she realised that Lana won't post birthday wishes on IG: Breaking up slowly is a hard thing to do I loved you only, now it's making me blue So don't send me flowers like you always do
  3. 1.BTD/Cruel World 2.MAC/COCC 3.Shades Of Cool/Venice Bitch 4.Fuck It I Love You 5.West Coast 6.Gods & Monsters 7.Cinnamon Girl/Pretty When You Cry/Art Deco 8.Yosemite 9.California 10.Salvatore/Old Money 11.The Greatest/The Blackest Day/Summertime Sadness 12.Black Beauty 13.Happiness Is A Butterfly 14.Hope 15.Flipside 16.Get Free That was hard...
  4. I feel you. I claimed Track 11 too Don't get me wrong. I like that song but I wanted new track as claimed.
  5. palemoonbaby

    Taylor Swift

    Bridge and final chorus made me chills
  6. Haven't synesthesia but what color I'd give if I had to descrive Blue Banisters: dark blue, cobalt blue Text Book: baby blue, light hot pink Wildflower Wildfire: golden, beige-ish light brown Arcadia: gold, canary yellow, cream-ish yellow Thunder: golden, mint Cherry Blossom: mexican pink, burgundy Living Legend: dark blue, navy blue NOTG: savoy blue, egyptian blue, teal
  7. In whole week (Oct 18-24) when album is gonna to released, it wasn't supposed to raining in place where I live. I feel that BB is more rainy album that sunny and it kinda sucks that at this moment I'll probaly have sun.
  8. palemoonbaby

    Charli XCX

    Good Ones chorus is stucking in my head from few days. Especially "ooh-ooh-ooh" part.
  9. I think she could lost weight or changing hair color or both. I don't think she is going to change clothing style. She wears classic basic clothes with vintage twist or retro dresses. But I could be mistaken.
  10. palemoonbaby


    Same. I tried to give second chance, but I failed. See with Lorde at #L4. We still have Melodrama and Pure Heroine.
  11. She's using Lana as nickname for really long time and I don't understand why she should change back to Lizzy, when literally even siblings called her Lana. She'll be Lana, she's just going to break now from public eye. Not from music.
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