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  1. I forgot about these ones C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Jenny/Pool sounds/Recorded by Jenny C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Jenny/Pool sounds/Recorded by Nikki
  2. C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Jackie/Bombastic Songs C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Jackie/Piano Songs C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Jackie/Rock Ballads C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Dre bby/Voice Memos C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Dre bby/Piano Samples C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Miky/Bops & some sad girl shit C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Nikki Collab/Country Music C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Friends/Folk/Covers C:\Users\Lanita\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Lana Del Rey\LDR9\Friends/Americana & Standards/Covers
  3. I can take Cola swimming pool
  4. I'm only one who fits her albums not only album season vibe but also weather which was at release day where I live? COCC- hot last days of summer and rainy windy weather (it was like that where I live) BB- late spring/warm October and windy warm day LFL- spring and hot July HM- summer vacation and warm September The rest I don't associate only with album vibe. I don't connect with weather in my living place but only with album atmosphere BTD- pre-summer UV- hot July/August NFR- calm, moderate temperature at Summer
  5. Stargaze/Stargazing would be good name too
  6. UV original concept was mix of raw, simple, singer/songwriter stuff (LL, CB, Nectar, Old Money, UFB) mixed with dark spirtual and cinematic vibe (Fine China, I Can Fly, Black Beauty demo, UV demo). BB sounds kinda like that. Without spirtual tracks but having ballads giving UV-piano. She could doing the same with LDR9-LFL.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if she put some scrapped LFL tracks from witchy/space/futuristic concept and some upbeat NFR tracks but reworked. She mentioned in October she has already songs she loves and in December LDR9 is better than BB. This means she had bright concept where to go in next album. (maybe even 2 albums)
  8. Imagine her title album Lust For Life and replying fans "This previous one is old. LFL (2022) is completely brand new with new songs"
  9. And also black shirt dress/coat pic after Grammys
  10. I asked AI for album infos and album is gonna be "fear and anger over the world", "we are all sad" and "we are all going to die" CLAIMING THAT Also DNC stands for Do Not Compete "It's a rule. Don't compete against yourself"
  11. I had another dream related to LDR9 but really strange I saw picture of Lana looking around 50. She had messy bun, glasses not fitting to her face, ugly green sweater and strange nude lipstick. She literally looked terrible. After that I saw second picture. She looked terrific there Loose hair, good make-up, smile, black long sleeved top, literally it looked like something could made in 2017 On her site the next day she post second photo but clipped to acts/papers/law document. On right upper we had her real informations (real name, birth place, date etc.), in content of document note for fans and album title. On the bottom release date and ELIZABETH SIGNATURE. The stamp was Parental Advisiry Explicit Content. idk how to connect that
  12. I have idea for album trailer. It would be perfect vibe for conversational album. Lana is sitting in white almost empty room. She is sitting on chair and holding hands on the table.On the opposite her, there are some, around ten mens. It's kinda like interview, reherseal, they are asking her questions but we don't understand what they say cause it was blurred, distorted, mumbled. Lana nothing says. Suddenly bulb in lamp start blinking. Every men has different reaction to Lana. One's screaming at her and throwing at her curled papers, another politely criticizes her, another is silent, another defend her, another is happy and cheering for drama. Lana screams. The image start flashes and we have repeating scenes: bulb, black screen, mens, papers in air, black screen, Lana's screaming. After three seconds of silence we have 20 seconds a capella title track. She's throwing chair on floor and out from room. After that we have cover, date and title reveal.
  13. PARADISE 1.Ride 2.Angels Forever 3.American 4.Cola 5.Hollywood 6.Body Electric 7.Blue Velvet 8.Gods And Monsters 9.Burning Desire 10.JFK 11.Bel Air
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