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  1. Terrence Loves Me


    autistic smistic WHERE IS BOOK 1
  2. This sounds very adele, aka a ballad for the locals, not for me. I can confirm I am a hater
  3. excuse me hollywood bowl is stunning, no slander
  4. it's so sweet how lately she seems to really be supporting the fan sites, first making her own and now following the boards lana if ur reading this you're the cutest
  5. haven't heard it yet but can't wait to be a hater
  6. whats a girl to do - lana del rey
  7. Notice how the fandom suddenly got ptsd from hearing the word piano since norman era it's not the piano that people are petrified of it's just you-know-who's tinny piano that scarred everyone
  8. lost at sea is seriously one of the most beautfiful songs she's done in a while
  9. I've always interpreted the song to be about suicide as well, that was my first thought
  10. Put it to rest is so beautiful and haunting, very madonna
  11. Oh this is my type of thread, i'm a huge horror fanatic. My all time favourite is the texas chainsaw massacre series, i love them all except the 3D one and the netflix version
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