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  1. She hasn't really grown very much artistically idk something about her sound has always felt very dated and inauthentic. Like she was good for making hits 10 years ago but that's the problem and the biggest reason why she seems to be struggling nowadays. She needs to switch up her sound and experiment more, cus these kiddie bops don't work when you're pushing 40 and that's the harsh truth
  2. The subject matter is kinda cringe im ngl, it's giving me The Man vibes by taylor swift.. just ick
  3. 10 new pages on the other thread and 6 viewers here? for a brand new song on an upcoming album this made zero noise i miss the lust for life era craze
  4. I’m glad she finally came to her senses, Lasso haters we won Now we just need a dark southern gothic vibe with psychedelic, heavy metal influences and a twinkle of trashy kitsch and dreamcore But first, it’s time to fire jack
  5. and don't forget when she broke up with barrie in an interview before telling him
  6. campaigning for best taste this year i see
  7. is she an interviewer now or something why she always interviewing this girl i enjoyed it though
  8. I feel bad for her, i hope she's okay now and gets some time off soon to relax and spend time with her family
  9. so no double album
  10. let's just appreciate how regularly we get new albums from her, we barely go 6 months before a new era starts we are SO spoiled
  11. Mean girls is ass, what in the 2012 is going on ??
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