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  1. i thought she said your inches referring to his dick
  2. my vinyl arrived today and wow, this is definitely her most sophisticated cover... it's really really lovely to look at the colours are so warm and inviting, the yellow goes really nicely with the brown and the white frame, her dress is silky and stunning, her bare feet make her look so relaxed, open and vulnerable and the dogs look so strong and protective, just beautiful ultraviolence, born to die and blue banisters are by far her best covers
  3. have we started ldr9 pre pre release yet? blue banisters is in the past
  4. im so glad she said in the livestream that she will release the next album digitally, this means no more waiting around for stupid vinyls and a quick release we won! she's so impulsive and she's always making new songs so this would be such an ideal scenario for her, and for us as fans too. a lot of her work get's discarded when she starts tweaking things
  5. i think there's a double meaning in if you lie down with me, perhaps she also wants him to lie to her as they lie down together, this could be why she repeatadly sings "lie lie lie lie lie" after singing if you lie down lie next to me- as if she wants to feel closer to the man she loves even if that means lying to her, becsuse sometimes even a false form of intimacy can keep you feeling warm and safe and loved.. at least in the moment, and there is nothing more heartbreaking than loving someone who does not love you back
  6. how im feeling now her best album
  7. nectar of the gods?.. only real ones know its color blue
  8. it's just so beige you know, like half the songs on this album are like looking at a grey sky for ages arcadia, bb, text book, beautiful, wildfire, nectar, living legend, sweet carolina are all fucking masterpieces though this album has too much bloody piano for me
  9. i swear this is the first lana album that i don't wanna listen to half the time lmao bbs, if u lie down w me and violets for roses are so boring i just cant get into them its weird cus the three singles are some of the best of her career
  10. like there are just moments where they spend the whole verse on just one shot and it's strange, i think there should have been more sceneries and different sets, also the song screams night time so i think there should have been at least one night time shot, thinking about the clay video now and it fits so much better... i liked the sentiment of her paintint the banisters, but i wouldn't preffered if the whole video wasn't based around it
  11. who the hell is directing and editing her videos lately they're all so awkard looking and poorly put together, nice shots dont get me wrong but really awkward
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