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  1. this wasnt a drag i was poking fun at how edgy it makes me to not be listening to her latest music or snippets, when in reality its only cus i dont wanna spoil the surprise, i wasnt being shady towards lana <3
  2. i feel like i already know what tulsa jesus freak sounds like from all the lyrics posted on here
  3. my top artist is madonna and top song is sullen girl by fiona apple
  4. just popping in to say i still haven't listened to any snippets or lmlylaw yet and i have absolutely no interest in doing so, i hope u enjoy this information
  5. did anyone hear that 2 minute version with the weird fan made instrumental? i was listening to it all thinking it was legit
  6. the documentary commentary and male choir made me want to throw up in my mouth but lana sounded lovely
  7. I remember thinking this before but someone told me literally every song she recorded from the sessions made it to the album, there is only mostly demos, but idk, nobody really knows other than Lana herself and her team
  8. i expect to hear this being played in pubs by groaning drunk bald guys at full blast during football season next year
  9. just dropping in to see if there's another 50,000 songs that leaked?
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