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  1. right???? save it for your instagram posts.. cus we don't want pregnant chuck or nikki and her cowboy boots all over our expensive vinyl sleeves this time!
  2. Let's PRAY it's just her on the cover and not her phony friends ... and also please keep them away from the album booklet too
  3. Also it sounds strange but i'm so glad the date is towards the beginning of the month rather than the end. I'm not sure if it's just me but any date from the 15th of the month to the end makes it seem so much more unbearable. At least when it turns March we only have to wait a little over a week for it!!
  4. 3 months is quite a reasonable time to wait. I hate the months of January and February too so i think an album in early March just before the weather changes and the flowers start to bloom is such a nice time. I would've preffered a December release though because the hype right now is huge but shit happens. MARCH 1OTH !!!
  5. 3 months of not listening to any of the singles or snippets, lord give me strength
  6. That's true, but so far this pre release is going really smoothly and hopefully it'll be similar to Honeymoons rollout where we didn't have to wait too long after the first single. The realist in me honestly doesn't think the album is coming this year, i think she even said it herself. I think we're only getting an announcement and the pre order tomorrow and then i expect the record will come out early next year. I hope i'm wrong though!
  7. the logo is probably just for the single cover
  8. No thoughts, just Wednesday December 7th
  9. Her music has not been "grand" since Honeymoon so this makes me very excited (with a rare exception for my homegirl arcadia <3)
  10. lead single wednesday, album out friday
  11. "Sorry i'm late to the family photo but i'm here now! Ready when you are, Neil"
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