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  1. We all do, would’ve been AOTY, if it was actually anything more than demos
  2. I swear I posted in here ages ago but apparently not. My grandad loved 2 Tina turner songs, proud Mary and his favourite song was the best. I listen to them sometimes when I think of him
  3. So that Nectar person then with the dark web IP grabber
  4. Was expecting to click on their account and see Banned
  5. Tana Mongeau

    Taylor Swift

    Scratching that entire part of the records
  6. Happy 43 (-1) I’m A Ruin 76 Savages 31 Immortal 20 (+1)
  7. Tana Mongeau

    This or That

    Butterflies because the word is prettier
  8. Tana Mongeau

    This or That

    Cold all the way love or lust
  9. Lorde at Solar Power’s release party
  10. Probably wanting to die in my bed. where were you when you were born?
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