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  1. If you mean a sample, yeah it’s SYML who is featured on the front cover of the album.
  2. Do we think that screaming song is Burn You where I Belong or whatever it was called Yeah, there was a different song in its place but it got swapped out last minute.
  3. I saw this one and it looks like they’ve fully committed to it which is cool
  4. I forgot I have an important meeting at 5pm that day so I can’t book it off.. outraged
  5. me turning up to my local record stores after I’ve spent the past six years harassing them about Lana del rey vinyl release dates
  6. Wait this has kinda scared me.. people better keep quiet omg
  7. Wait what? Has Lana just signed up random record stores without confirming with them first?
  8. Im begging my boss for the day off and my bestie just quit her job so I’m 100% going idc!!
  9. None of the flagged locations have RSVP/tickets showing am I being dumb or will I just have to show up super early?
  10. Okay what’s the song that we’re making go viral on tiktok and sending straight to #1?
  11. Knowing Lana’s security, even if it wasn’t for the album then it would’ve still found its way to insiders by now. So my theory is that it was recorded for Jon’s upcoming album, but he decided not to put it on there so Lana decided to put it on ocean blvd. Either way, I don’t think a last minute addition means it’ll be lesser. The JB interlude is probably a follow-on from Candy Necklace (I haven’t heard the interlude so it may be glaringly obvious that this isn’t the case) & its placement between two interludes probably isn’t that out of place if that’s the case. BOZ better deactivate after the album release so we can ask about Candy Necklace..
  12. lfnskfj I get you bb.. I caved and listened to the grants after a really bad day
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