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  1. Radio 1 in the UK have started playing Tough a little more regularly (or at all?), which is kinda big for the song! Playing at 8:50am on the biggest radio show!
  2. Anything from May Jailer, especially Peace. All my worries just wash away and I find it so easy to relax.
  3. Comfort movies: Mamma Mia Shirley Valentine Movies just because they’re stunning: Irreversible Black Swan
  4. “If that’s what you’re gonna do, what am I gonna do?” is my favourite part I think
  5. Good tbh.. he’s celebrating something which is probably pretty major in his career and bitter randoms are crying on his comments.
  6. Wait oh my god this is CLAY’s doing? Oh wow
  7. I’m not gonna lie I love both parts, I’d love a full country version of it. I’m here for summertime sadness alt vibes
  8. leak the clay demos. what was the demo wait
  9. Just a reminder that clay gave us The Trio….. his influence is trap not country so i NEED him on future tracks
  10. People on YouTube all saying it’s giving national anthem and how is anyone getting that vibe.. is it just because quavo’s in the mv
  11. The MV kinda scared me cause the mixing was so bad at the start but the Spotify version is gorgeous omg
  12. why did this crack me up like why exactly would he like that..
  13. Apprentice fucked up at work so bad but I can’t even be mad at her cause we’re gonna kiki to tough the minute it hits 5pm
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