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  1. Does anyone else kind of hate that every alt artist has to praise Lana in some form? Like, I’m seeing people say Billie should’ve praised NFR when she won her AOTY Grammy. That even boygenius should have. Etc etc I used to agree, but seeing how Nicki seems to want every single rap artist in history to bow down to her - I don’t want Lana’s fans to give her the same reputation.
  2. Vibing to this remix kinda omg
  3. As someone else said, it’s public data…. If a stalker wanted to know that bad they’d just track her themself. She just doesn’t want it publicised
  4. Laura Sisk being there several times on that Grammys stage like when did we start rewarding evil
  5. Just watched the award announcement and my heart breaks for Lana.. she couldn’t even be happy in that moment and she really didn’t want to go up there, but I’m glad she did. I’m glad Taylor gave a shout out to Lana and took her up there, it was a lovely moment. But still very heartbreaking.
  6. @Brooklyn Fetus you’ve been pissing me off this entire thread……
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