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  1. I thought I posted this before but can’t find it. It’s SO Lana, even the beginning sounds identical to blue jeans. Sza - Shattered Ring Also Tep No - Lana del Dre, like he literally named the song after her how much more can you ask for.
  2. I want another btd im sorry I know it won’t happen but I just can’t let go..
  3. James dean (meant for @bluechemtrails) @Let the Light In you get Marlon Brando
  4. It’s unleaked too so like let’s get it out there, people!
  5. This was in my Spotify top 100 last year it’s too good
  6. the pics with the cops are so cunt like giving me mac single cover teas she’s coming
  7. I couldn’t even bring myself to type this im sorry you have a dark spirit
  8. new James Blake album is the best release tonight i think
  9. Tbh I think fiends refers to drugs so the difference does matter a lil here
  10. baby i don’t even know what i think she sings here
  11. It mostly shows in her unreleased music so I’m excited for the music that’ll leak in three years
  12. And it’s probably just that vocal take on loop
  13. Sounds like a fingertips alt omg
  14. the closest oomf I have is 2000km away does anyone have anybody closer..
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