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  1. This might be controversial cus I'm about to bash two Lana's albums, but if Lana hadn't released COCK AND BLUE BLANDISTERS and Ocean Blvd was the album that came out right after Norman, it would've gotten a higher MC score. Critics just got tired of two mid albums. Ocean Blvd DOES feel like Norman's sister.
  2. here's mine let the light in margaret taco truck x vb A&W sweet paris, texas grandfather
  3. If this was the case then swifties should've voted for Lana cus Taylor has talked about Lana so many times on interviews and it shows that Taylor admires Lana way more than Hayley Williams
  4. A&W is SOTY and ROTY your mom called I told her your fucking up big time
  5. I don't know too much about producers so I'll focus on the features. I'd love Tyler, The weeknd (we need one more collab between them two since the weeknd is going to change his stage name) and Kali Uchis Based on the collabs you can tell that the album is R&B/trap/Hip-Hop influenced.
  6. Jack x Mike Dean, that's what I want Jack the synths and Mike the trap beats, exactly
  7. this one doesn't let me sleep at night
  8. Pink Flamingo

    Taylor Swift

    Lana should be on reputation cus her and taylor both have shitted on Kanye and Lana pulling another Stargirl on reputation might be such a serve
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