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  1. oh but she IS a big main female artist well sorta kinda... I could see her doing this AGAIN ,(two albums in a year) she said things were going to be crazy so who knows
  2. I love when Lana experiments with her music (VB, A&W, TACO TRUCK) I'd love her to do the same with this album, I would not want it to be a country COUNTRY album yk...
  3. Do you guys think we'll have new music before coachella?
  4. This is for LASSO, right? https://x.com/LassoVenice/status/1758870621084168232?s=20
  5. Wait a second... What happened with the OceanBlvd account? What was that for?
  6. A&W was added to the 500 GREATEST songs of ALL TIME list by Rolling Stones https://x.com/LDRaddic/status/1758525377167679777?s=20
  7. well, everybody is going country https://x.com/PopBase/status/1758244593651593334?s=20
  8. https://x.com/LDRaddic/status/1758242769091379350?s=20
  9. Just listened to A&W and there's no doubt, it should've won SOTY at the Grammys, Billie's song is not on the same level.
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