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  1. Do you mean the dyttatuob demo snippet? Cause I'm pretty sure that one has some guitars. I just see a lot of people complaining about her "boring piano ballads" all the time and this album may also have many of those (because of the songs she's sampling) and like I said, I'm more than fine with that.
  2. Boring piano ballads... the songs that she is sampling are all slow piano ones, have you heard them? "Did you know there's a bla bla" is also piano driven. You just need to accept that Lana is mostly a piano ballad singer... and personally, I love that! Besides, I don't really see more hype or something that different than the Blue Banisters era
  3. I've always wondered how is the transition between the verses and the chorus... i'm pretty sad cause it seems that califooornia ah-ah will win. Can't stand another year of wait
  4. So if it's a tie, we know which one you will leak
  5. Literaly all the songs you mentioned (except for Yosemite) were leaked first and then found a home in an album... the same can happen to CFY. So please give us your vote
  6. Seriously, why would you keep CFY for one more year? This game would have been so much fair if you made us choose between California and another song we haven't heard of (or talked about for 2-3 years now).
  7. Can you at least share the full lyrics of CFY? Cause it's pretty clear which one will win
  8. Why? Are the snippets we've heard from the demo or the final?
  9. Crazy for You!!!! Can't believe some people here would choose that awful 6 SECONDS California snippet over CFY which we've been craving for such a long time!!
  10. Where did the string version of Beautiful come from? Is it a bonus track? I'm so confused.
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