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  1. This is her best album, so naturally it's right for it to earn Lana her first Grammy.
  2. I really hope this is a sign that the American standards & classics album is coming. It would be really refreshing to hear in between another studio album.
  3. Fingertips

    Song vs. Song

    Get Free vs Kintsugi
  4. I hope she at least wins Alternative. Anything else will be a cherry on top
  5. why does she always get so randomly triggered by this like where are all of these comments coming from that she's reading??
  6. Funny? But yes, an iconic series! Billy a pop icon. Going to see X this weekend, but it looks like a top three entry 2 > 1 > 6 > 3 > 5 > 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>> Jigsaw >>>>>> Spiral >>>>>> Final Chapter
  7. Was with you until this distinction. Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd? is Lana's most existential record to date since Honeymoon and AKA, and I think that viewing introspective and existential lyricism as opposite ends of a binary does her music a disservice. I think they're pretty interchangeable. All of Lana's music is pretty existential, some more than others. However, this is the record where she puts her foot on the pedal and floors it. She writes about the most hard-hitting and universal experiences of what it means to be a living, breathing, feeling, and thinking human being that lives in societies that tend to impose meaning on us. Thoughts about having children, continuing her legacy, not wanting to be forgotten, taking the memories of her loved ones with her when she passes on, the thoughts about her past negatively impacting the woman she is today. Those aren't just personal unrelatable ramblings from a mad woman''s diary meant for her and her alone, those are thoughts we all have as humans throughout our lives. That is by definition what it means to write existentially; there must be a contemplation about how one's eventual mortality often is what motivates us to create, to pass on a legacy, to make meaning. Writing something existential requires, at the bare minimum, for the writer to be introspective by nature. If you're not introspective, then you can't reflect upon or contemplate those bigger issues in any sort of meaningful way. If you meant something along the lines of scale in which she writes about, such as The Greatest tackling societal decay, for example, well the lyrics to that song and what was to come a few years later on Ocean Blvd aren't exactly polar opposites or mutually exclusive. Its just a matter of scale. Sorry, not attacking you btw, just wanted to share a different perspective. I just don't think that the scale of what Lana writes about over her last few albums makes her music any less existential. I actually think songs like White Dress, Kintsugi, and Blue Banisters are amongst her most raw and existentially written tracks to date for many different reasons.
  8. Pawn Shop Blues Fingertips Did you know that there's a tunnel under ocean blvd? White Dress Blue Banisters Terrence Loves You one of those
  9. Zodiac and Loved You Then and Now time
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