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  1. Yes! Even with just a digital release I’d rip the songs on a CD and use this cover. I live for your cover arts. So creative and talented
  2. After a relistening to NFR! and lingering on thoughts after HIADFMTH-BIHI, I have this weird concept on how she picks it up from there on. Like she is full with hope, going out and meets someone (LMLLYAW, TJF), but he won't come with her, so she moves on alone and ends up at a Country Club, where her world starts falling apart (COTCC video), she can't handle it anymore (Dealer), drives off and vanishes, leaving us in the dust. Only to return 2029... "Waikiki, Waikiki, Waikiki..."
  3. Didn't realize ChangesNowBowie has been on Spotify for a while. It's such a lovely acoustic session. My favourite:
  4. lamms

    Song vs. Song

    Salvatore vs Oooh baby
  5. lamms

    Grammys 2021

    If the Oscars are able to modify their rules to allow for more diverse contributions, I don't see, how the Grammy can't do the same. It's not sustainable the way it's been going now for a while and they'll just get more and more backlash.
  6. lamms

    Grammys 2021

    Let's not forget about this and he still got a nomination. Doubtful that Abel, Mac Miller or Lana did soemthing even worse to deserve not a single peep
  7. lamms

    Grammys 2021

    justin bieber on his instagram the audacity, when he very clearly didn't deserve any nomination
  8. There is acategory called "Spoken Word", where she should have been nomainted for her audiobook... instead these are the nominees: 56. Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Storytelling) ACID FOR THE CHILDREN: A MEMOIR Flea ALEX TREBEK - THE ANSWER IS... Ken Jennings BLOWOUT: CORRUPTED DEMOCRACY, ROGUE STATE RUSSIA, AND THE RICHEST, MOST DESTRUCTIVE INDUSTRY ON EARTH Rachel Maddow CATCH AND KILL Ronan Farrow CHARLOTTE'S WEB (E.B. WHITE) Meryl Streep (& Full cast) https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/2021-grammys-complete-nominees-list
  9. Dear Grammy's, Sincerely, everyone with the least bit of taste and not worms for brain 💋💋💋
  10. lamms

    Instagram Updates

    Lmao that caption. Given that she already had to deal with intruders before I don't think she means it as a joke
  11. Funny, we broke up the day before COTCC was supposed to drop back in September and Lana decided to ditch me the next day too
  12. The only youtube reviewer I go for an honest and most importantly unbiased opinion on Lana's stuff is queen AjayII
  13. lamms

    Miley Cyrus

    Been playing it pretty much all day. Their voices go along so well, the production is delicious, an easy bop
  14. lmao she barely sings on NFR... but sure this cover is flat, while she uses a whole jazz arrangement including background singers. you should use this
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