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  1. takeitdoen

    Sufjan Stevens

    This awesome interview with The Atlantic just came out with some great info on the album which is making me SO EXCITED!!! Read more: https://www.theatlantic.com/culture/archive/2020/09/sufjan-stevens-ascension-bossy-and-bitchy/616366/
  2. takeitdoen

    Song vs. Song

    Summer Bummer vs Coachella
  3. takeitdoen

    Sufjan Stevens

    Sugar sounds like being a little too (uncomfortably) drunk at a club while you're waiting for your unfaithful partner to stop dancing and come home but you know they won't stop for you because they've already moved on and are just waiting for you to end it. I've noticed that these songs all have rejections in them: I don't want to play (Video Games) Don't make me wait (Sugar) Don't do to me (America) Probably coincidental (certainly as My Rajneesh is a bit more optimistic), but it's definitely saying something to me as people often know what they don't like, but can't exactly work out what they do. It's much easier to list things you don't want instead of being direct and saying what you do want. Also for me, Sugar is the perfect complement to Video Games, making me like it more as I am starting to appreciate the sonic feel of the record. I CAN'T WAIT.
  4. Right? It's the dipshit equivalent of saying "I know you are, but what am I?"
  5. sorry sorry sorry me saying 'the police' was a hyperbole. I don't want to let the semantics of 'police' derail the message on how unacceptable and dangerous this behaviour is, or that people are now exempt from needing to be held accountable for their actions. Happy to keep this conversation going in another thread.
  6. Can someone in the state please call the police and submit all her reckless driving videos as evidence, before she kills herself (or worse, others)??
  7. He did a screen share, and the pictures in his gallery included a sadly lit dick pic. along with this picture
  8. This is a real* transcript of a conversation I had with Lana earlier, FWIW *Created by Brian Jordan Alvarez
  9. A ~visual timeline~ of my experience with Chemtrails which Ghirahim themed gif are you! by takeitdoen MFA Album is announced IMMEDIATELY following NFR's release Lana announces the album is coming 5 September Tulsa Jesus Freak chunk is uploaded Reading Instagram updates from artists working with Lana, and eventually seeing the visuals Ben says new music is coming 'SOON xxxx' 5 September passing without release/an announcement from Lana Slipping into deliriousness while waiting for literally any update Me eating up music from artists that can communicate properly with their audiences BIDDING THE THREAD GOODNIGHT, AND SEE YOU TOMORROW FOR MORE OF THE SAME (aka nothing)
  10. ETA: Since three of us replied at the same time, here is another random GIF. umm something something me dancing to something something waiting the release of COtCC idk (my interest in this album and the waiting game has plummeted, as you can see)
  11. Yes, sorry! Everyone that left already got to hear the album. Those who are left here on this wretched plane missed out yet again.
  12. I'm not sure people are using the word 'satire' correctly . . . satire is supposed to ridicule a weakness. If Lana is satirising herself, she's acknowledging she's a lunatic with no logic. A more appropriate term would be a parody, but it doesn't go far enough in her own self critique. Is she trying to be a crazy cat lady now? This Vulture article is as bemused: https://www.vulture.com/2020/09/lana-del-rey-underdog-interview-magazine.html
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