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  1. Thank you for a great change of attitude.
  2. Hello. I am now unlocking the thread as I know a lot of fans are very keen to keep this discussion thread open. Thanks for your patience. The users involved have been warned and spoken to by the admin. While discussion both positive and negative is welcome, I will be deleting any aggressive criticism. Please keep using the report function and message the admin or anyone on the mod team if you are concerned about user behaviour. I really want to stress again that there is no bias towards those breaking the rules, and I'm disheartened to hear so many people felt as though they were going to be punished for expressing their concerns. At the very least, please feel free at any point to come to me. Thank you. Sam
  3. Hi. Please stick to topic. Please don't tag members and beg for information or leaks. It's really disappointing to see unprovoked complaints or rants about other users - this is actually against our Guidelines. Take those complaints and stick them in a private message or elsewhere so it's not public. It's really frustrating to have a chorus of people constantly dragging you and when the only natural response is to fight back it just creates a bizarre environment for people who just want to dream about the album. Likewise, don't just come in here for the pure reason of lighting our excitable userbase on fire - I think everyone is aware how starved of information they are. There is no need to tag or bring up leakers, self-proclaimed or otherwise - you are welcome to discuss any rumours you hear but please don't tag specific users or complain about their lack of information in a certain era. They don't owe you anything, and users have been placed on mod queue in the past for doing this consistently. I am debating moving posts but will leave them up for the time being. Please drop this otherwise I will need to lock the topic temporarily and delete posts and issue warning points. Thank you, Sam
  4. Hi, no one is going to get banned for expressing concerns about bias. There isn't a secret conspiracy where 111 doesn't get warning points. I promise that is not the case. There are Guidelines and there are consequences for breaking them. Thank you for the users who used the report feature. I will lock this thread as I talk to other members of the mod team. Please do not let this spill over to other sections of the website. Thank you.
  5. Holy shitttttt it is SO GORGEOUS. It's a really fresh take on the song.
  6. This perfect tongue-in-cheek number!!
  7. omg I would have NEVER gotten this
  8. Going out on a limb and saying the nose is Actually no, the small mole is not there BOO
  9. The hair is Priscilla Presley, and the right eye is Francesco Carrozzini. ummmm
  10. Because he's delusional and desperate for attention.
  11. Hey, I just edited the title for a bit more clarity, but this is a great topic. I literally don't know how to force myself to listen to other artists - thankfully it just happens with some music in similar styles I love, but it's like, I don't really know how to give things a proper chance since when I'm listening I'm like "when can I go back to the stuff I know I like".
  12. She is touring Australia as an opener for Flume . . . will this be the only chance to see her perform I wonder? Do I need to book a Flume concert to see this talent?
  13. Hello everyone, this thread is going to be temporarily locked as per the artist's wishes.
  14. (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ BOOBIES ♥
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