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  1. @RormanNockwell a kindred spirit! I actually don't mind if she reshoots the cover to reflect her current state of mind, even if it causes a further delay to Chemtrails Over the County Club. There is a certain je ne sais quoi and beauty to the art of delay, dare I say a subconscious critique on our modern tendency to demand closure and instant gratification?
  2. I love her as blonde but absolutely support her she looks simply beautiful wow all hail the brunette!
  3. Lana cover Send in the Clowns, the Lanaboard's national anthem. original by Glynis Johns . . . who proves anyone with a bit of character can sing it!
  4. I can't wait for her to cover Adele, America's greatest living artist, who has produced both standards and classics. Wouldn't she sound positively bitching on Chasing Pavements. Lana sing Cosmic Love.
  5. Okay, bear with me as this is my first one of these! Does anyone think that the entire album or at the very least the title track 'Chemtrails Over the Country Club' will revolve around or include an interpolation of REM's Orange Crush? Since Chemtrails is a phenomena that occupies the skies visually, conspiracy theorists talk about how chemtrails will eventually affect society through its fall out. Remind you of anything?? As people might know AGENT ORANGE was a chemical the United States used in the waning years of the Vietnam War, as part of its herbicidal warfare to destroy crops and trees. It was deployed and dropped across the sky by the US army, with an unknown side affect that wasn’t felt until decades later when children were being born malformed and severely affected by the chemical warfare. The phenomenology of seeing something (or in this case HEARING something) and then taking it for a while to set in . . . does that remind anyone of someone’s career?! We know that Jack is HUGE fan of REM, and considering the political climate and surrounding recent events I think it's really likely that she will draw a parallel with the 'chemtrails in the sky’ with Agent Orange. There is some poetic confluence and mellifluous feel of the double meaning, considering how much like Agent Orange, it has taken a while – almost a DECADE - for Lana’s art to be taken seriously! And now it’s landed, she is shifting the ball game again! With all that in mind, here’s a concept cover I made which took a few days but I’m really happy with! And YES I know this is Marina but bear with me – I think this could be a very effective way of expressing the encompassing yet coquettish vibes that Lana is radiating! The simple continuation of the colour ORANGE as the Chemtrails, the tawdry yet bamboozling extension of the shape from sky to land!
  6. Lissie, who toured and performed on stage with Lana in 2019, just relessed a cover of Change. Very different from the original but I always appreciate a cover being super different from the original (since otherwise what's the point?). I've loved Lissie since Wild West on TP so this is a strong showcase of her vocals and has her new country ballad swing to it.
  7. omfg Llorando is just iconic. I listened to it like every day for a year after I heard it the first time. It's still a total knockout. With No Stars I remember I was really taken by it but I just revisited and it is soooo goooood. Her voice!
  8. Those are the original lyrics in the aria. While the song is a jazz 'standard', The Gershwin Estate actually still wields and exercises an extremely rigorous hold over the rights and performance of the song, which shouldn't/can't be changed without their express permission. It's much easier for artists to just adhere to Gershwin's original lyrics, so most covers include this line. For example - when Sublime used the opening melody of the song they wanted the lyrics to be "Doin' time, and the living's easy" - the request was denied and the use wasn't granted until they changed it back to "Summertime and the livings easy". You're correct however, the word "Mammy" has fallen out of contemporary use and is now considered offensive - it should not be used outside its original historical use.
  9. That's Blake! They both have pretty short hair though. I can't get over how is been 10 years and this band - who have been with her since day one - are finally in a clip with her. It's like an immortalised honour, and really shows that she values them. Plus this is their little project which really highlights musicality and I hope features them really prominently.
  10. The PRODUCTION IS OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING. The band on the track is incredible!! I literally can't write any intelligent critique because I just love it all!!!
  11. I got like five seconds in and I had to stop, it is so good I had to go outside and scream. I didn't realise how I wasnt ready for it. Omfg this might be the best thing she ever made. I can't believe how beautifully inclusive this is - her band and friends are finally on a LDR record. They're on the cover and in the video. Sad, lonely Lana del Rey is DEAD and loving, wholesome fun Lana del Rey is dancing on her grave with people she loves omg.
  12. Really interested to hear how she will perform this, considering the original orchestration and vocal range. Doin Time samples the opening vocal melody and lyrics of Summertime. For anyone not aware, it's actually originally from an opera called Porgy and Bess.
  13. Now, my darlings, I have many crackpot theories to share with you. Gather round.
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