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  1. I was in the winter of my life and the men I met along the road were my only summer
  2. The controls were people's #1 complaint about the game. They're essentially gone now. Now everyone can enjoy the game and also shut the fuck up and just play through it. It's NOT a bad game. Anywayyyyyy. Oracle of X games would be perfect for Switch 'Link Awakening's' style remakes, but I am very keen for Minish Cap to be revisited too! Also I got AoC but haven't played yet - I am balls deep in Guild Wars 2 atm and it is consuming my life. Help.
  3. The way we called this. omfg I'm not gonna lie, I was listening to the new controls and was like "fuck" but then the BUTTON ONLY MODE. I'm so excited! ALL HAIL OUR SEXY OVERLORD GHIRAHIM
  4. Leaaaaaaaaaad me to waaaaaaaaar with your brilllllllliannnnnnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttttttttttttttttirection
  5. Lana has said lots of careless comments lately but that Harpers Bazaar comment is reaching so hard its giving me early onset joint pain.
  6. Hello lovely LB Users! I just want to remind you to please use this thread for discussions about Chemtrails. Including cute things like hyping up Yosemite, talking about how excited you are for White Dress and upcoming music videos, how objectively bad the album covers are etc etc. Please use the appropriate threads to discuss other topics that don't relate - namely Lana's age and Question for the Culture. If unsure, use the Random Lana Discussion thread. If anyone continues to veer off topic we will assign warning points. Thank you!
  7. Hi! I just merged your topic with this post since I figured I would answer here! Quoting from Lanawiki: You can check out more detailed features on the book including stuff like the dedication, formatting etc here. Hope that answers your question.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm going to be moving any posts that are discussing mod queues to the Random Conversation Thread. Keep chatting about Chemtrails here.
  9. haha I can't/didn't. When I first listen to a song I almost never hear the lyrics, my first thing is melody and vocal delivery, and the instrumentation. So gradually I pick up on things and themes as the song goes on - idk I am very passionate about music but it definitely hits me in a phEnOMonolGiCal way in that I take in the sound and then I get to the lyrics after. On the subject of lyrics, I am still intriguied/wondering if she will be talking more about the significance of 'Chemtrails'. She is obviously very politically switched on but I still haven't quite deciphered the discorce of what she's going for - in terms of things going on overhead and living unaware of them I sort of see it but why Chemtrails? And not heaven or clouds or anything tangible and real? I agree that this song is a bit Fine China-esque due to the ordinary lyrics. I like how banal some of the lyrics are - for some reason "Washing my hair, doing the laundy . . ." is very 'day in the life' motions that are sad and ordinary with the idea that there's more in existance outside of a secluded life. And if you've indulged me this far, they remind me a lot of a Jason Robert Brown song 'Letting You Go' which speaks about cleaning up a mess once a relationship's over and also uses that naturalism:
  10. okay so am I the only one who thought the lyrics in Chemtrails were 'my cancerous sun' and I was like woooow, that sounds violent, painful, visceral, blisteringly esoteric. imagine how I felt when I found out the lyrics were just about astrology
  11. The 'singing through paper' 'technique' was tacky and stupid. Firstly, it is so obnoxiously extra and really doesn't do anything inspired to the sound - just makes it texturally not fit with any of the instrumentation or arragnements. Secondly, and maybe the worst part, was it's not consistent across the album and clearly her features (Stevie, Sean, ASAP Rocky etc) didn't entertain the idea in the slightest. One thing Jack did do is manage to stop her from embarking on that mistake again, and while I can't remember when she was so enamoured with the paper, with NFR he managed to make her voice more present in a naturalistic acoustic. I have my issues with NFR's mixing, however I know Jack is really good on occasion - his work with St. Vincent is a really good example of this, and his work on Violet was awesome, interesting and really varied. As for what we've heard so far I think the production behind Chemtrails is a reallllly good, and a nice in-between of NFR and Honeymoon, but in a way where it is different from both recrods. I had no idea Dan had returned! That is awesome though, which makes me hope there will be a bit more of his grandeur in the tracks too.
  12. The biggest disappoint is that Annie didn't get to ask about the covers album or about the poetry - actually before the interview started Annie said that Lana had a book of poetry "dropping soon" ?? . I assume whoever organised the interview would've provided her with some talking points hence Annie being totally caught off guard and being unsure how to navigate away from the racism defence, but the segue for this would've been her 2020 question, and then the only time music got brought up was when someone at that exact moment felt the need to interrupt the entire interview to fix a chimney.
  13. I wish the video had cut to black and played this at the end.
  14. All g! Good discussion flows both ways so carry on. I will add that I'm sure when Annie asked 'How was your 2020' she probably assumed Lana would talk about topics like recording music or poetry, and didn't expect her to begin talking about politics.
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