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  1. Still shaken by the hate crime of not including the strings on the release of Beautiful
  2. omg I love this self-aware sense of humour
  3. The way she said that she tried to sound like a SAXOPHONE on Living Legend. Love it.
  4. I haven't watched it all but that was so lovely. She is so genuine and as much as I don't totally understand her artistically at times, she comes across as such a wonderful person. Those fans chatting to her were so lucky!
  5. Loved the performance . . . love the conviction she has in the delivery. And the delivery of her voice so much stronger and confident. I wonder, ten years on, who still dismisses her because of how she sounded once from earlier TV performances. Proud of her and feeling very happy to be a Lana fan today.
  6. For the first time I just don't know where to rank this album since I like it so much. It's so easy to listen to. Likewise, I love all the tracks except one. I did a ranker to see what tracks I liked the most and the results if anyone cares: Mike Dean . . . hyped up for no reason. Why did it take four people to write the worse song of the album.
  7. Keep her away from Jack and his cheap piano patches, this is the real deal.
  8. Grittier??? Why is that reviewer using a word that describes 90s dance music. MY Blue BANISTERS? GRRREEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY
  9. No different, just the original version of Beautiful (no strings). You missed nothing. CC @Marius
  10. Hello! I love the enthusiasm. Please just continue discussion in the Pre-Release thread until the site admin creates the discussion thread as per tradition. Thanks!
  11. fucking hell who is in charge of this RELEASE and ALBUM ROLL OUT with WRONG AUDIO FILES WHY CAN'T YOU BE GOOD FOR SOMETHING???? NOT ONE SHIRT OFF YOUR BACK>?!??!?
  12. Is your file of Beautiful is also without strings? That wrong link going to Bieber's store . . . another mess.
  13. It definitely doesn't exist, and someone just made a mistake. Like the mistake for crediting Rick for Cherry Blossom, and having two piano credits on Sweet Carolina.
  14. Confirmed no strings on Spotify for beautiful No piano on Nectar like the credits say Confirmed bad choices from Ms Del Rey
  15. People were over Alex because during NFR! era she kept on constantly staring at the camera like she was making a Faustian bargain and needed to make sure she was maintaining eye contact or the ritual would fail. She isn't doing it this time and she looks nice. We stan a redemption arc.
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