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  1. on an interview w 411mania, justin parker said by the time of the interview uploading (april 19 2012)- they’d written 12 songs, 5 of which made its way to the album born to die, video, national, carmen, radio (5) ; ) unreleased known to be written w him (prior to 2012) wild one, velvet crowbar, paradise (2011 only as a writer no producer), on our way, puppy love, last girl, dum dum, and maybe ride - it is 7 including ride but it could’ve been written later on - i could also be wrong about wild one maybe it was written later as well - if we exclude wild one (ride was speculated to be a 2011 song) and include never let me go- a song which is speculated to be actually produced by him, we have 7…
  2. She took a notice for Heroin finally how i missed nerdy lana…;) #chaostheory
  3. Every day I woke up with new breath and the first thing i thank for is the person who added the muted electric guitar on the second chorus of Margaret… heavenly
  4. 2007… that tropical sound (waimea pinup galore mermaid motel demo kill kill)
  5. Happy to be seeing Margaret getting all her love and flowers : ) took months for people to love it but i’ve been an OG and been on my top 3 ever since the record dropped❤️
  6. Man im just so fucking disappointed. Two decades built of your legacy and personally ruined in about a week. Im still hoping she changes her mind… ugh… fck.
  7. Lana did give me that on ocean personally
  8. Made sense but i was searching for crooked cop on ldr wiki and it says the original file is called 05 crooked cop and it belongs to an album named pods 2007… made me wonder
  9. What pods 2007 and audio pod 2009 means?
  10. Journal de femmes July 23, 2017 So you don’t know what your next project will be?
 There are so many leaked songs that I was thinking of making a CD with my favorites, but I wouldn’t want that to distract. I also left out five planned songs on ‘Lust for Life’ for a specific reason. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to leave them for the future. And I had started a mixtape with duets, a hip-hop thing, but I think I’ll mostly focus on touring for now, since I’m already on the road. I prefer to let myself be carried away! I like to act at the last minute. I can’t stand the pressure of things planned in advance. It’s so much easier when someone says “Why not tomorrow?” and I answer yes. comment: before the amoeba show on the 26, lana herself had already thoughts of releasing an unreleased songs album but had disagreements as well within… a hip hop thing? That “get dark” snippets sound fittingly into that description if that was indeed recorded after lust KROQ July 31, 2017 Is that a conscious choice? No, I feel like the melodies and the production were just following what I had been thinking about for the last-year-and-a-half. I kind of thought I knew where the record was going, and then 14 months into it, it took a turn for me stylistically, so I wasn’t really sure where we were going to end up. Does it scare you a little bit when the process takes a turn? Yeah. Actually, it’s never really done that so much. Quite so much for me as I did with this one. Are you easily open that kind of thing? I don’t think I was before, but I was with this one.
  11. Beats 1 July 12, 2017 It feels like this [Bummer and Groupie], it’s a very centerpiece of the tracklisting. It goes to this moment when both these songs are kind of a brother and sister or whatever, it’s hard to say, and then, it kind of takes you somewhere else. Is that very deliberately? Yeah, definitely. My tracklisting changed a lot in the last three months. There’s a couple songs, ‘White Mustang’, ‘Cherry’, ‘Summer Bummer’, and ‘Groupie Love’, and then, even ‘Coachella’ a little bit. And I feel like that middle section has a lot of fire in it even though it’s not that fast. But the beats are pretty hard. How did you feel when you heard that finished? When you knew it was done and whether it was Emile or Rick or someone played you the final mix? Well, to be completely honest, final, final mix was not that long ago, because it changed right before we started printing it to vinyl. It actually changed a lot in the mix. So I was actually kind of nervous. But that’s one of the ones I felt changed last minute for the better. Are you getting ready for all to kick off? The road and all that stuff? Do you feel the momentum building now? Because I know you have festivals lined up throughout the summer, but has it been necessarily a world tour announced now or anything? No. I wasn’t really planning to start everything in April. POPLINE July 14, 2017 How do you differentiate ‘Lust for Life’ from ‘Ultraviolence’, ‘Honeymoon’, and ‘Born to Die’? I think my main influence on ‘Lust for Life’ began with the concept of the word “lust”, but in a more complete way. Not just the concept of desire as for example with a boyfriend, but something more malleable and romantic. Like vibrations. That would be so much more comfortable than anything I’ve done so far. When I started producing ‘Lust for Life’, I wanted the album to be quieter in nature. I still have some harder things in some songs. As for example, in the bands with A$AP Rocky, I feel that there is still a bit of aggression and this caught me by surprise. I’m fine, but it still reflects a lot of what I feel and how I am.
  12. Complex June 26, 2017 This is the first one where you’re smiling. But this was definitely in an even more lighter space altogether. My sister Chuck shot it, but we shot it in the parking lot behind the scenes of my ‘Love’ video. We didn’t know if we were going to get the cover, but we definitely knew I was going to smile. We took a couple frames, and we developed it that week, and I felt like that was the one. comment: i remember not too long ago i saw an interview saying that in january 2016 lana already had thoughts of the album cover being her smiling… lust has always been “wanting to be better/positive” record it seems like it
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