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  1. One of my favorite things about lanz is how far-out she could b with the tracklisting… woah she really placed a song like fingertips in the same album as peppers (The same way she placed diet mountain dew after video games)…
  2. This is quite known (im sure) about lana’s the profile playlist on yt/spotify which compiles her interviews prior to 2015 this video was uploaded when lfl was still in the making (oct 8 2015) and we know that record came out in 2017… so maybe she had already figured out the album title as early in 2015? And it could possibly be not “Best American Record”?… the title track was also the first song created/written though just pointing out anyway
  3. Curly/wavy lana has always been the prettiest lana ever (to me)…
  4. The last two snapshots (lana vid and pasta) reminds me of something she would’ve posted during l4l era…; )
  5. Ocean Blvd gotta be the most fun era we’ve had since lust era..! Maybe even as fun as born to die was? To fans who’ve known her, was btd era lana as big as ob era lana? I’ve been a fan since lust and i do think this is the biggest i’ve seen of lana
  6. Seems like lana follows a pattern doesnt she? every 6 years she attends the met (2012 2018 2024) every 4 years she dyes her hair (2012 2016 2020 2024)
  7. Uv couldn’t have arrived at a time very spot on, which was 2014… it just feels right…
  8. So lana had the tracklisting for btd ready by sometime on sept 2011 - think this strengthen my theory that driving in cars (and maybe u can be the boss) were leaked by lana herself… why? I think Because she knew her label won’t let her use those songs so that leave the songs with no purpose… so might well just let the fans hear it (bc it wont be on the album anyways so it’s fine if they want to hear these leaked songs)
  9. An interview done on the same month, that is sept 2011..! i’d look again - whats the name of the mag/web that interviewed her : ) Sorry for being unresponsive for i’ve been busy throughout the last two months : ) i think i’ll make that lost to time and least known interviews for i (think) i have a month of free time until june !
  10. Tell it! I love lust for life because how philosophical and existential the lyrics are (including ocean blvd)
  11. Lana’s had the songs for the album sometime in sept 2011 (im guessing final tracklist)
  12. How i miss the pre release era of Tunnel… dec 2022-march 2023 sweet sweet time! My personal life, A&W as a single, the grants, interview mag… Wish we could turn back to those days : )
  13. I think the “listening to our song” line gotta b their summer wine cover… (it could be anything but im certainly sure it is that one) 1. at the end of the video of summer wine, lana put a clip of billie holiday’s good morning heartache 2. lana mentions billie holiday in tbd and how it is her way of coping when she’s down 3. in good morning heartache, billie sings “when my love went away” kind of similar to lana’s line “ever since my baby went away” i just thought it was interesting… like how your fate can mirror your past and future - like they were destined to eventually separate ways…
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