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  1. I think we/you should move this to the ldr album process discussion to have more exposure because more people followed that topic more
  2. Wait… I was making noodles while got to think of this… remember when we thought if i die young (was then on&on&on) was a lfl outtake then it turned out to be revealed as a hm outtake and all these new theories about that song being an early idea concept for lfl. Wow @lanaismamom
  3. Sure it was unconfirmed by anyone but it was confirmed by Lana herself! She said on the interview w the weeknd (Interview Magazine Sep 2015 cover) she started recording honeymoon throughout autumn (sep oct nov) at that time the record has more of a jazz tone to it then on winter (dec jan feb) she added more beats/harder effects to the songs because her label told so. edit: what I meant with the complex quote was i think the earliest idea of hm was March-April 2014 but the songs were written and yet to be recorded because maybe she had to focus on promoting ultra
  4. For the love of The Moon, an album produced with Vangelis!
  5. I’d like to see Lana working with someone totally new- someone she’s never worked before. Not Rick Nowels not Jack Antonoff. Someone totally new… i’d love to see Lanz cross genres and go beyond imagination and mind, hyperpop/metal/space music? But it all leads back to Lana’s psyche and what she really feels right for the next record after all and that shall be good
  6. I’ve actually started thinking conceptually that I have this addition, an addition to this record that could come really easily. That hasn't happened in a long time. Not since I wrote that Paradise addition to Born to Die, which I really loved. - Complex, July 2014 Did she mean Honeymoon? The photoshoot was taken on April and magazine usually do interviews a month before its’ issue release… also Lana said she started writing the next record after Ultra was finished immediately… so March-June 2014 Honeymoon phase? edit: also, Lanz said she didnt expecy honeymoon to a be full album and we know Lana commented the earliest mention of the idea of honeymoon on late June, but the Complex and final uv session… what was that before?
  7. Lanz also said she finished Honeymoon on winter (i do not know whether she meant recording or mixing technical stuff etc)
  8. Sweet and cool theory. I’d still like to cling onto the idea that HM finished and LFL started during summer 2015 though haha
  9. I hope people on LB know that “old Lana >>>>” opinions aren’t unpopular, and they are very pretentious, the way “new Lana>>>>” are, not unpopular and sound pretentious. Let’s stop… yeah we (or I?) get it.
  10. But Lanz herself said 1. she recorded earliest lfl songs before it was out (either September when the whole record was out or open for buying (August ‘15) 2. she recorded earliest lfl songs during the honeymoon’s last sessions of which- i’m quiet confused as of hm’s timeline recording - 16/02/2015 she told a fan she was finished with honeymoon - june 2015 we found out cry kill die was a hm outtake (i think this might be when lfl demo 1 and serene were recorded as cry kill die has more of a similar sound to thse lfl compositions)
  11. Used to play this song on late motorcycle drives each night- first semester of college… Sweet times
  12. I remember hearing this.. what is it about? I know it was w Barrie but what else?
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