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  1. I'm so fucking happy about Thunder. All the novenas worked
  2. I bought popcorn for today I'm having a lot of fun
  3. Don't Shut Me Down is an absolute bop. Insane it sounds like it was recorded years ago
  4. HZD is my favourite game of all time and I’m so motherfucking hyped for HFW. I’m so fckn mad about the collector editions prices
  5. 2 days after my birthday thank you Lana for feeding me
  6. annedauphine


    Bro I've been so fucking OBSESSED with her this past week. Literally listened to NO ONE ELSE. My favourites are Toxic (n1 forever), Invitation, Tantrum, Little Boy, Drunk With My Friends, Good While It Lasted, Halloweenie II... But I love every single fckn song I'm cursed she's insane and I looooooove it she's extremely entertaining and her style is a huge inspiration. I love people that look like church assistants but are psychos Also it is an utter TRAGEDY that Fuck Me In Shibuya wasn't in the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack. It was MADE for it.
  7. annedauphine

    Melanie Martinez

    Thanks a lot! Ever since I heard about it I got really excited. Mel has been a fav of mine for years but Ashnikko is quickly rising to the top for me, so colour me hyped af. Plus I do feel like their voices could compliment each other
  8. annedauphine

    Melanie Martinez

    Would anyone have info on the Ashnikko collab please?
  9. annedauphine


    I'm into her, musically, emotionally, and very much physically omfg. I liked some songs already but I'm rediscovering her discography and I'm pumped to oblivion, I can't believe I was introduced to her by my bisexual 16yo preppy cousin screaming Slumber Party at the top of her lungs
  10. This tool is beyond incredible. I'm very sensible to this type of art lol. Can you guess which song title this is? It's the same for both
  11. I refuse to be the “I want the old Billie back” bitch because I truly think HTE is the best body of work / some of the best songs she’s ever put out, and I don’t know her enough to know if she’s changed and anyway I like her for her so much but I was relistening to bitches broken hearts and Ocean Eyes and most importantly Six Feet Under and I just know she can sing openly and loud and I want more of this. Which is why I enjoyed the second part of HTE and parts of Oxytocyn that much. I love pretty much every single song she’s ever put out and I got my stan card laminated and framed last Friday but if she sang more openly in some of her future songs I’d be the happiest stan on earth. I would literally implode for a whole album of Billie singing openly for lack of a better world, but if on top of this it’s a more upbeat record, I’m calling the graveyard as of rn to reserve a space.
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