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  1. Thank you so much @Elle, this dumb website is literally my fav community ever and I'm so grateful that you manage it So happy to be back here!
  2. it's the best song ever made lit pop perfection, wayyyy ahead of its time it dates from 2000!!
  3. I can only think of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGFU0kizUE0
  4. Thank you sm! Sorry I forgot to check Lanapedia first I forgot it existed
  5. Can someone please remind me if Break My Fall was written for another artist and if yes for who? Thank you
  6. I literally cannot believe St Tropez is a) a real song b) a song we get to listen. It's fucking out of this world good. It's surealistically, out of wordly, stupidly good. It's so fucking good
  7. I just finished the fish collection today, the RNG gods blessed me with getting the stringfish with 10 baits on first try and tuna on fourth bait lmaoooo. I already have the full fossils and I don't want to cheat so I'm waiting for July to collect the last insects I need I am so happy, fuck the fish baits never using any again lol, if I see one more manilla clam I s2g
  8. The Lana lyrics I have stuck in head are “grenadine quarantine” and “fuck you Kevin”… Why
  9. annedauphine


    I can’t listen to the end song rn but God the video made me rock hard. The armour fuck. This is Witcher cinematic level of good I stan harder than ever Edit: also personally I don’t mind POG though it is a bit generic but it’s growing on me
  10. I really appreciate this thank you, though I don't think I've been worthy of this this year. Seeing what I'm preparing though, next year the award shall be mine
  11. Siiiiisss if I can help next time or for anything really I'd be so happy to do so!! I'm sorry I wasn't here for literally most of the year haha but I'm always on insta anyway
  12. Whoever designed these titles has my nomination for all the positive awards omg they look amazing
  13. Probably forgetting a lot and not counting only this year's releases but according to Stats for Spotify for the songs in order for the past 6 months (list not accurate cause I listened to a SHITLOAD of Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land the album and also more Taylor than I'd like to admit), ok actually damn I cannot remember which albums I liked this year I only listen to particular songs Good While It Lasted - Ashnikko Hands On The Wheel remix ft Grafomans - Ashnikko Toxic - Ashnikko Happier Than Ever - Billie Halloweenie IV: Innards - Ashnikko Ratpi World - Booba California - Grimes I Didn't Change My Number - Billie Text Book Invitation ft Kodie Shane - Ashnikko Plastic Doll Ashnikko Remix - Gaga Not That Girl Ashnikko Remix - Girli money machine - 100 gecs Really fckn ashamed of this but: Owo You're So Warm - Senzawa mememe - 100 gecs Dealer My Name Is Dark Art Mix - Grimes Princess Castle - Jazmin Bean Black Rum - Cake Pop Drunk With My Friends - Ashnikko Fuck Me in Shibuya - Ashnikko Falling From the Sky - Worldwide Princess, AVA AKIRA, phonewifey, skigh9 Alone - Doja Cat Cola from Colors Encore - Arlo Parks Halley's Comet - Billie Inferno, Pt. 2 - The Buttress hangar - 8485 insomnia ft AViT - juno party favor - Billie Halloweenie II: Pumpkin Spice - Ashnikko Stupid ft Baby Tate - Ashnikko Little Boy - Ashnikko So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth Art Mix - Grimes Daisy - Ashnikko 8 - Billie Eilish Dictator - Rei Ami Billie Bossa Nova - Billie Oblivion - Grimes Snowone - Rei Ami Domination - Chase Icon Freeze Raël - Freeze corleone Nothing to Me - Snoh Aalegra Saccharine - Jazmin Bean Oxytocin - Billie Tantrum - Ashnikko Make It Mine - Rei Ami Sucker for You - Nea Moi... Lolita - Alizée baehuntr ft mikosp - i9bonsai Rebel - Pep Squad Thrust - Ashnikko Without U - Forevrboy Halloweenie III: Seven Days - Ashnikko Runaway - Rei Ami Guess this was the year of Ashnikko As for artists: Ashnikko, Billie, Grimes, Taylor, Lana, Snoh Aalegra, Gaga, Doja Cat, Rei Ami, Jazmin Bean, Marina, Olivia Rodrigo, and almost exclusively female artists after that
  14. Interesting to see her here! I have a friend from uni who's a massive fan and actually got to design a few things for her, so this feels strange to me, like worlds colliding haha
  15. annedauphine


    Miss Antropocene is in my top 3 best albums ever made and I will die on that Sodden hill. My current Loop playlist on Spotify basically contains all the songs on this fckn record, especially MNID and SHIFTTE it's so good I just cannot wrap my head around it. Actually Grimes is the main reason I really badly want to start making music myself. She's the kind of sound I'm looking for. I asked for a keyboard for Christmas and installed GarageBand because I'm obsessed to tears with the story of how Visions was made and how it was inspired by Hildegard von Bingen
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