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  1. Guys I live in Den Haag now and visited the Mauritshuis w my sister today and had a lil surprise Thought of yall, I saw it before but forgot it was here
  2. annedauphine


    I have a love hate relationship w her music cause Muddy Waters and Girls Go Wild are insanely good songs but once I have them stuck in head it's impossible to get them off lol. I also think her voice scratches my ears a bit! But the melodies pfew
  3. I have thought about this before. I think You're Gonna Love Me would be super meaningful to me
  4. grenadine quarantine fuck you kevin. close the thread
  5. Bruh no fucking way. I would give EVERYTHING to have known her then, I met her at a m&g back in June for her first Europe tour and saw her live again two days after and the second concert was by far the greatest moment of my life. On every aspect. She means the fucking world to me lol. I love her so much!!! I am so happy I saw her in a 100 ppl room, feels nice compared to the big rooms Lana is playing, stanning a small artist is so different than Lana, and I do consider her a small artist so it's insane to me that you say this, you're very lucky to have been able to witness her progress
  6. Haha my most played artist ever, Lauren Sanderson, reposted the pic on her stories. I know this will mean nothing to 99.999% of ppl on this forum but I feel like I'm the target audience and this is really cheering me up
  7. Queen of minute by minute updates feed us mama
  8. In the Netherlands and can't remember the colour of the sun
  9. Omg it's so sweet, my mom just called me for the only reason that her and my dad are listening to Honeymoon the record in the car and they thought of me And my dad, who's probably a bigger Honeymoon stan than anyone on me, told me that he regrets that we don't have "the Video Games cd" looool. It's because usually I play everything on Spotify for my defence But yeah honestly I was in the midst or hating myself hard for something I did and it just soothes me
  10. I wonder if she'll replace Billie as the new Billions Club playlist face on Spotify The playlist hasn't been updated yet Last song was 17h ago and it was What Makes You Beautiful lol
  11. Honest it’s kind of unfathomable. That’s like 31710 years in seconds. Congrats Lana!
  12. Tag yourself I'm the 4:15pm obvious nap alarm
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