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  1. I for one think she looks absolutely gorgeous
  2. annedauphine

    Taylor Swift

    I'mma NEED yall to give me reliable sources on Kaylor please omg I'm dying to read about it
  3. annedauphine

    Taylor Swift

    I’m currently watching the credits of Miss Americana and shaking and crying like a baby this doc changed my life she deserves all the credit in the world I love her so hard. What a beautiful gorgeous insanely talented and smart woman love her so much
  4. Oh my fucking god you're actually a SAINT. I was just in the midst of looking at my 2016 hard drive to see in my antediluvian Lana collection if I had it and only found gifs of it. Omg I was about to pull an all nighter so really thank you @@sweetlikecinnam0n check this out omg Elle has done it AGAIN
  5. More. I swear to living gods I've heard the audio of the video. I would bet my uterus
  6. There's also this: And something about her spirit animal, and I vividly remember her saying regarding her favourite ice cream flavour "I'm boring, I like vanilla"
  7. I swear to God I will find them
  8. annedauphine

    Doja Cat

    Absolutely love Freak thanks Spotify new recs
  9. I'm late to the party, what makes you guys think she's gonna announce sumthg?
  10. Just saw it thanks a lot
  11. I absolutely adored literally every single thing about this video. From the cat to the dramatic earrings to the shakiness to the swearing and everything in between
  12. Wait what did she post on Tik Tok please? Hell will freeze before I download this app
  13. This cap is so tacky it's exactly the kind of things I'd wear I want it so bad... Legs for DAYS
  14. Omg I'm shaking I'm actually wearing it today??? Don't mind my ugliness and dirty mirror tho dkljfldkjf Also absolutely DYING over this whole ordeal, hope she doesn't sue Why is her skin so dark omg hope it doesn't pose any problem
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