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  1. The Diner has to be my favourite. Fucking amazing. Whole record is beautiful I'm so happy
  2. Omg? I saw a lot of looks and Lana literally won. She literally did
  3. I'm high and I definitely misread this title
  4. annedauphine


    I had too much work so I had to sell my ticket for Amsterdam and my sister, who absolutely did not want to go, went to Brussels tonight with her gf. And they had the mf time of their life and I'm just sitting there in the puddle of my tears lol. I literally cannot believe that my sis heard Better Version live and not me
  5. So ready for France to miserably lose again
  6. Finally saw what she looked like and I'm getting butterflies. She's so beautiful
  7. Can anybody post what she looks like please I can’t find it
  8. annedauphine


    I'm seeing her in Amsterdam on the 9th so excited
  9. Why is this one of the best songs ever made rip
  10. Damn I liked this song so much that I dreamt of meeting Lana again tonight
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