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  1. Beautiful woman, for some reason this got me randomly emotional lol
  2. Yeah it's 99.9999% sure it is. However I would be incredibly interested in knowing if the Grand Cru designers got inspired by this Kylie logo The resemblance is just uncanny, a type designer friend on Twitter said it was custom bc the "K was too wide to be a normal font" and I thought it was fascinating.
  3. I asked on my Twitter, and got this suggestion, which is p accurate as well but unlikely to be the original base as it's from 2013 https://klim.co.nz/retail-fonts/domaine-display/
  4. Okay so I looked really extensively and I found two things: one non exact match but quite similar, and a clearer logo. Not a great hunt lol. Looking in depth into the guy who made the logo, I'm more and more sure this is custom.
  5. My votes go to Poland and Queen of Kings Excited af
  6. The way I listened to Queen of Kings at least 5 times before and didn't knew she was in Eurovision I love this song
  7. Finland is the best guy so far A slay
  8. I'm in Brussels at my sister's and the commentary from the Belgian tv is abysmal I am LIVING Also we're rating each performance based on: if they sing in their language, voice, performance, and capacity on ten to play a character from Starmania which is both an extremely nerdy thing to do and a total collapse I agree omg... I actually think they can sing, but the songs aren't showing at all their vocal range and capacity
  9. Italian guy is hot af but I rly dunno how they expect ballads to win? Also I was so hyped about Sweden, she was incr beautiful but I thought the song was so forgettable Super excited to hear the rest aaaaaah
  10. The fact that my preorder arrives tomorrow and I won't be able to pick it up until Tuesday lol
  11. WAIT A SECOND....
  12. What the fuck. What the fuck. I can't believe she releases one of the best covers ever made and it's ONE MINUTE LONG Billie release the full version challenge Also hotline gives me strong Jon Batiste interlude vibes but I'm notorious for drawing comparisons no one else sees lol
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