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  1. I can't deal with this preview, with the big YT button she looks like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  2. Idk how early to arrive to the show tomorrow, it starts at 8pm and it's supposed to be in minus temperatures, and I'm 1m51 I cannot afford to not be barricade lmao!
  3. Lowkey a stan, so into NGL and Read My Mind and Worth It For The Feeling Also Crumbs is amazing
  4. annedauphine


    Not the Halloween costume getting me INCREDIBLY h word
  5. I'm so glad I have my ticket for Paris because my sister is only looking now and is having impossibly Hard Times .mp3 to find even a scalper one it's completely booked I've been telling her over and over again to come with me this bish
  6. Wtf this is incredible! I deadass thought it was Ashnikko tho lmao
  7. Sorry for monopolising this thread, but I just wanted to warmly thank @the ocean for the masterpost. Ethel man... I'm currently going her incredible discography and I really do think she's one of my favourite artists of all time now. Currently sobbing irl tears to South Alabama God's Country Demo. I love her universe sm. The name of the songs, the vibe of the melodies, the lyrics ofc, the cover arts, the entire musical experience fills me with peace, nostalgia, and happiness mixed, an unexpected yet wonderful melange. I love this music
  8. I wish I could go with you! Stay safe and have fuuuun! I'm going to Paris Dec 4th, please tell me if she plays American Teenager, I'm holding into this hope so badly lol
  9. Me listening to Dust Bowl for the first time and not realising I had it on repeat for over half an hour
  10. annedauphine

    Melanie Martinez

    What the MOTHERFUCK I think Sirens and all its versions have potential to be one of my most played songs of all time what the FUCK I'm lit... I'm lit going to pass out any second
  11. annedauphine

    Melanie Martinez

    I had some of the biggest musical chills of my life yesterday listening to WDBCM I was NOT expecting it I thought I was in a trance when the chorus came on wtf I love this song
  12. annedauphine


    Omg you liking my posts about her yesterday made me want to create a thread too!! You were faster haha! Fletcher’s a mf fucking queen, she so freaking hot and her music is sooooo good. GOMD is one of my top 3 records of the year. I also lowkey think she can look like Lana under certain angles
  13. annedauphine

    Melanie Martinez

    NOT YET OMG THERE'S A DEMO?? Thanks to legend @The Siren I hope I will be able to hear it soon
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