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  1. can't wait until it's april 30th and nothing happens but something will totally happen soon... it's fine it's fine
  2. rock candy sweet: the story of a house broken 1. blue banisters 2. my chimney broke - so i fixed it 3. return of charlie 4. chuck's birth: the full audio 5. beans beans beans 6. topiary gardens bonus tracks 1. the second horse 2. chuck's birth: boom like that remix
  3. there were 672 days between honeymoon and LFL's release and look what that got us but agree about the social commentary part
  4. i don't know why she'd tease blue banisters if nothing was coming june 1st.... but i guess after saying WHF on sept 5th she did tease TJF
  5. miss alexa and shazam are disappointing me, what else is new.... shall i start emailing random people
  6. i don't like watching MVs until i've absorbed the album so it's not that important to me..... but honeymoon, uv, and AKA had her best videos. bring that back
  7. i mean the video he directed isn't bad in the sense that i really feel terrified and confused and disturbed watching it which i think was the point....... but yeah not needing any charlie participation in this album. chunk is welcome, sorry charlie i'm sure you're great
  8. hate asking but is there like a place i could find marina unreleased/outtakes/pre-TFJ or do i just have to scour the internet/this thread
  9. honeybadger

    Song vs. Song

    ITTJ (V2) vs boom like that
  10. jen posted a photo of giant lollipops on her story.... rcs tease
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