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  1. i don’t believe churchome is connected to scientology in any way or has done anything controversial or wrong at least to public knowledge, it’s just weird because it’s basically a church for celebrities and it’s a church in LA and LA is weird
  2. no but i can’t stop thinking about it
  3. she put it on a hard drive and drove over it with her truck
  4. happy birthday honeymoon, life wouldn’t be the same without you <3
  5. she said “taking a few days out of the week to work on my covers album” or something like that under this photo, so likely was recording for that!! i believe you don’t have to be signed under capitol to use their recording studios. plus capitol is owned by UMG, and UMG also owns interscope, so …
  6. an insider whose entire online existence is based off of sharing secrets agrees to keep a secret … maybe he was threatened
  7. excited for ldr10’s lead single, “Elle”!
  8. her roaring screaming she looks gorgeous & adorable as always. her and her friends are so cute
  9. either she forgot (which seems plausible tbh) or she just doesn’t care about following them on her honeymoon account … honestly idk
  10. her outfit is so cute!! love her mini dresses lately
  11. several other video websites work — however you can’t upload images or videos directly to lanaboards! it has to be on some sort of hosting website instagram embeds don’t work at all for both photo & video posts. has to do with something about html code and needing to rewrite things which is far beyond my capabilities they’re working okay for me, maybe try resetting/clearing your website cache, cookies, etc? i know that doing that can sometimes solve issues
  12. she has been strangely into shades/curtains and couches … this is significant album concept unlocked, it’s about windows and shades and curtains and mystery and hiding and obscuring and lies and truth and relaxation don’t tell me i’m wrong for 24 hours because i will not be able to emotionally handle it until then. thanks
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