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  1. those SHOES .... her hot girl italian barbarella floating in space era lfl could never
  2. not ldr9 being an anti-safe sex campaign ... lana CANCELLED for advising AGAINST condom usage in her stunning new single
  3. rubber ducks as a metaphor for family and rubber ducks running baths as personal catharsis and also the threat of being trapped in her home wearing rubber gloves which are also rubber like rubber ducks doing the dishes taking care of menial things as someone who needs to run free and explore and not be consigned to a world of rubber gloves and rubber ducks
  4. personally if she’s going to do externally focused society addressing media addressing current state of america music i hope she does more of the leaning into american culture and kitsch while at the same time almost ironically, parodically criticizing and pointing out flaws thing (think … national anthem, wining and dining, drinking and driving, excessive buying, overdose and dying.. etc) because i like it that way more but i actually don’t have the sense she’s going to do that at all with her next work soooooo lots of clownery happening anyways bye im scared of this thread dont eat my head off
  5. they film a ton of shit so it might just be because they want to? but it also reminds me of magazine video features and teasers etc so maybe they’re filming parts of italy for some media thing
  6. maybe chickengate wasn't a low point of lb after all, but instead a humble manifestation of salvatore 2.0, with its mentioning of "cacciatore" (i don't want to hear "its calciatore" right now... let me ruminate on italian cooking) aka a dish typically made with chicken. i was so wrong to doubt your tangerine dreams lanaboards
  7. she's so cute and her jewelry... that fucking van cleef necklace and the cross necklaec and the headband situation im crying over it
  8. banned because i banned you for not knowing wtf your pfp was over a year ago and people still can’t identify it
  9. could the old chemtrails pre-release thread possibly be un-hidden, even if it’s not completely organized yet there are a lot of posts i’d like to be able to see again in there!
  10. paid memberships ….. guys we are not that boujee. if you want to help the site then work with elle, help her out, donate. if you want access to leaks and media go to one of the two very very reliable collections. if you want more emotes make a giphy account and a folder for them and just keep it open while you’re on LB. emote updates would be wonderful because some are pretty old but we don’t need a higher volume that we have now imo. this is just LB, new extra features take time, work, and money to implement. it is much much easier just to be creative and do it on your own
  11. is there any way you could drop your remasters, or at least the most remastered tracks, before some of us purchase trash magic and disco are probably my favorites so i just want to see what you did, i’m sure it’s good i just have to justify spending money
  12. soooooooo what have you been up to lately!!!????!?!!!!!????? totally casual just wondering about your general ventures ideas and goings on at this point in time
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