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  1. she's just getting ready for her myspace revival ... everyone watch out for sparklejumpropequeen
  2. be sure to tune in for a “revenge of lana del ray” unreleased album release xclusive event where we watch her go on insta live as her ben and ed shut down lanaboards once and for all
  3. probably about how much time she had left and any setlist changes/cuts? buying time to adjust for lost time is a creative tactic
  4. they're just in the middle of a 40 minute circle prayer it'll be another 20 minutes no worries😍
  5. and she's bringing out a crate of chickens to give to audience members as well ... and then nikki jen stith and chuck will all gather for the blue banisters ritual sacrifice
  6. i’m not sure she’s planning on the same sort of outfit change since miss anna (and miss pamela?) don’t seem to be there anymore, that or she’s just going to whip that wig off herself
  7. if the only source is lana del rey brasil i'll stay doubtful
  8. now that lana's performing again maybe it's time to share something i've been working on since january 2022 (😭) ... comprehensive website of all of lana's performances / performance looks this website (glorified tumblr blog) beautifully showcases my deep and troubling psychotic tendencies .. it was originally intended just to showcase her performance outfits, but there are also some with full concert videos (anything lizzy era, and 90% of the 2013 leg of the paradise tour) and you can organize outfits by color! and by location! and by tour! and year! and also search for whatever you want like a specific festival or city in the search bar ...also the website is a little .. slow ............... so i HIGHLY recommend sorting by year / color / tour before scrolling through, because trying to scroll through on the main page is a little difficult depending on your computer / internet connection (this tumblr theme has issues that idk how to solve and i haven't found one that i like better)! it's a work in progress to me because i'm still trying to go through all the photos and replace them with the most hq photos i can find. some posts are better than others! yes i can update this @The Siren! and i'll also be updating the blog / website thing with new shows too and new hq videos / photos
  9. (edit - nvm i think i would listen to whatever the legendaric thatvenicebitch says and not me, but i still think that in this case i think audio cut from the official broadcast is the best we'll get, at least for a while) ben provide a instructional video for lanaboards members to hack her mic feed challenge...
  10. next week @ MITA sao paolo should be streamed as well .. i would think
  11. more random things candy necklace summertime sadness west coast not a direct parallel but behind-the-scenes-esque footage in videos other than candy necklace ~ music to watch boys to carmen honeymoon (footage of her speaking & song playing in the background)
  12. lana del rey x male rapper = lana del rey x rob grant hollywood bowl, rob's rap debut
  13. i love looking for visual parallels in lana's work with her own and other things, not saying any of these are intentional and some absolutely require large if not absolutely massive stretches of the imagination but i find it really fun to look for things like this! this is obviously limited to ocean blvd related things but absolutely please feel free to post any visual parallels between literally anything i apologize if this already exists but i couldn't find it sooo.. (natalie wood in rebel without a cause) (tropico) (burning desire) (ride) (burning desire) (chemtrails) (honeymoon) (tropico) (chemtrails) sunset boulevard (carmen) (born to die / blue jeans) (blue jeans) (veronica lake) (black dahlia / elizabeth short, norma jeane / marilyn) (i have more but i just dont have the time to compile them..)
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