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  1. i've been off for a bit because i didn't listen to the leak and wanted to process the album on my own... all i can say is this album is truly incredible.
  2. and then after it leaks then some girls switch it up and go back to "none of you are fans you're all horrible people" we are a versatile breed. and i love it please-
  3. when the pre-leak scat posts start flowing in **THIS IS NOT SCAT**
  4. everyone on mod queue that means i can write my manifesto about why bb will be her next magnum opus without getting interrupted or lost in the flow of conversation... a few main points i must stress are that lana thrives without jack (wrinkly) antonoff, she has recently tapped into a large vault of childhood and family trauma that has created some of her most beautiful and heartfelt lyrics... her sister had a baby, she is reminded of rebirth, and thus thought, i must rebirth lana del rey. no - its true... blue banisters is the birth of a new age of lana, more reflective, more sentimental, looking back upon the world with a different view, ready to tell her story in a different way.. it tells the story of her life, from her childhood to adulthood, from lake placid to LA, from one point to the next.. it encapsulates her life thus far as we know it. blue banisters is not just the cap, the ending, the summary of what she has lived, but the beginning of a new life, the start of something new, it is lana sitting down and saying no, i'm going to do things differently... some of the tracks will be simple yet beautiful, cherry blossom, thunder, etcetera... they'll be passionate, sentimental, emotional... some of the tracks will be involved, messy, chaotic perhaps, encapsulating the pure chaos of her life and the experiences she has had... this resurrection, this rebirth, of lana del rey, is particularly apparent in the arcadia alternative music video – the flowers, the sunlight, and the breeze all being representative of spring and the blossoming of nature as well as lana herself. blue banisters is, as mentioned, not just as album about rebirth. blue banisters is both spring and fall - it is the arcadia alt mv, idyllic representation of spring, greens, whites, blues, pinks, soft sunlit yellows... it is also the original arcadia mv, colors of fall, yellows, browns, rusted shades and grain. the album cover, the sepia tones, representing fall... and the blue profile cover representing again the blues of spring. spring is the season of rebirth, resurrection, and new life, while fall is the season of change, death, and ending... as i said, blue banisters is not just the "fall" - the ending of a story, closure to something, closure perhaps on the story of Lana Del Rey, but it is also the "spring" – the creation of something new, the flourishing of buds, the creation of something beautiful from something dead.... blue banisters is her love letter to herself and her life thus far, and an album with such a goal and that has such apparent striking imagery even before the whole album has been released (and i haven't even listened to arcadia) can only be a great work from a great artist. fin
  5. he whispers to me that sometimes he sees things over the water... like maybe... HQ full blue banisters leak or something
  6. lana could write in my life but the beatles could never write put me in a movie
  7. so it seems like you think it's her worst song (sonically)
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