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  1. run motorcycle this is stupid, this whole music thing, i'm burnt out and i don't wanna sing everybody ask me who i am ... i'm nobody, i'm only a man your band is all the rage but when you get real big baby, remember that little ol cowgirl waiting for you back in that red river valley, waiting back in that tallahassee and coca colla .. i hope you remember me like this, dancing in the stars in my sundress ... WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG AND FREE, STOP AND THINK OF ME, STAYING TOGETHER IS HEAVEN WHEN YOU LOOK SO GOOD AND TASTE SO SWEET <3 and i feel like nobody ever talks about true love on the side ... the instrumental break in that song is so iconic
  2. seeing the pinned post for mod applications made me think that we should introduce a pinned post for ocean blvd information! i know that the first post of the prerelease thread has information in it, but it seems like most people don't see it. you could pin the first post in the prerelease thread or a new/different post which has more information/"insider" information (maybe in a "rumors" section of the post). or it could link to a locked thread that's a "prerelease masterpost" kind of thing in which mods can make posts with new updates. that way people will be able to easily catch up on anything they've missed and information doesn't get lost in the pages of the prerelease thread! you would also be able to worry less about moving posts out of the prerelease thread, since the info wouldn't be completely buried!! it could also be an announcement-type banner, like the one we had for secret santa, which you could X out of – if people are annoyed by the idea of having a pinned post banner at all times. obviously when something happens it might take a little bit for the OP to get updated (and i think that's okay) but maybe it could be editable by all mods so that whoever is online can add new info and then the little banner would direct confused members to it? there will always be chaos in the prerelease thread because that's just how it is but i feel like having a pinned info post of some kind would really help make any information easy to access and find
  3. yes something is going to happen in february... in february lana is going to reveal that police found human remains and evidence of cannibalism in the basement of her home in 2017
  4. also side note if it's a cover story it seems like billboard puts a sneak peek type article on their website a few days (2-7ish) prior to the actual magazine issue release we will be getting fed by mid february i declare!!!!
  5. turnaround times for her billboard shoots in the past have been feb 2 (shoot) - feb 14 (release), october 2 - oct 31, dec 2 - dec 30, and aug 8 - aug 24. so this could possibly be for a mid february release (they release at least 20 issues per year i believe)
  6. could that room be in her house? one of her cats is in the photo and the giant lion stuffed animal that she owns is as well
  7. i hate to be this person but i changed my mind i don't think she yelled american whore in the video anymore ... to me it looks like she said something with a T, like "tour" other people yelled america & boston among other things i dont really hear "american whore" anywhere
  8. i screamed cried and collapsed... her hair her makeup her everything
  9. this era is just lana absolutely SERVING and then going into a hiding for a week+ in order to store energy for her next serve
  10. most of the things in the "songs" section right now are songs from instagram videos/stories/etc – i haven't gotten past 2019-2017 because she posted so many videos but thank you so much for linking this one!! now i can put it in super easily which is great and thank you for this as well! i'll put it in next time i update it <3
  11. added a bunch of things! still working on it there are a bunch of songs that are marked as "unknown", particularly in the main song section – this is usually because music services don't recognize it and i can't tell what the lyrics are/there are no lyrics, so if anyone knows any of these songs, let me know!! also sorry for the vk links i'll figure out a good way to switch those, it's mostly for my own bookkeeping, hopefully nobody minds too much
  12. off to the races vs pretty when you cry edit the pwyc music video slander ... this would've been such a serve
  13. it seems like they were also listening to a different album that's supposed to be released in march, so i assume they were previewing all march releases but also.. was it just a listening party? they could be listening for a more specific reason ie. coming up with promo, advertisement ideas, tour ideas (they yelled "america", it could be "american whore" but i just hear "america" and "boston" ), marketing, merch????? some of them seem to be on creative teams at interscope so i feel like there has to be some kind of underlying motive besides just listening
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