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  1. the way they didn’t even mention her once 😭 anyways even if it’s not her i hope the people who DO win are ones that are also actually good or else i’m going to go crazy
  2. a very early 2012 moment
  3. they feel neglected and my newest creation,
  4. the date is technically december 12 2009 but im giving it to you you earned it
  5. not quite but i kinda have a feeling you know exactly what it is and just misspoke
  6. some very random ones i'll have to dig for some random things because you guys are too powerful... or you could always quiz us
  7. why yes.... you're right i want you to know i made this thread with you in mind so my dreams are really being fulfilled
  8. if you couldn't tell i accidentally made half of them 2017 anyways here's another photo and please feel free to continue without me while i sleep
  9. queen of getting every single one right ... and yes (march 2018, oscars "watch dinner") yes yes (june 30ish 2017, galore party) and again ... yes! (may 3rdish, with jonathan wilson, leaving the rihanna concert) omg girl...
  10. these girls are coming for you.......
  11. intentionally chose that 2011 one to try and trick people but you ate it up
  12. you got these two queen <3 and they're also from the same night lol
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