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  1. this is so scary and also a sad reality for many artists, hope she stays safe
  2. whoever leaks Zodiac did someone say that already? too many fucking pages
  3. reject mainstream social media embrace lanaboards.com
  4. same people who claimed that 'Lana burns bibles'
  5. I read the title and immediately asked myself 'what would @lizzyology and @Surf Noir say?'
  6. I definitely think it's a favorite around here, Tiktok takes are kinda shit
  7. i know it's actually a song Lana features in but Dayglo Reflection is such an outstanding track, to have these two iconic voices together is just
  8. Shared my body and my mind with you, that's all over now Did what I had to do, 'cause you're so far past me now
  9. Terrence Loves You, you can't just erase that song from existence
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