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  1. the way some twitter user will grab this and say it's a leak your power
  2. I saw the chord progression and went straight to play it...I don't even know what song y'all are talking about but it's gorgeous
  3. this new 'snippet' sounds even more fake than the first one. either way we won't get white hot forever nor a yth remake anytime soon
  4. I can already see the "omg are these lyrics" comments coming
  5. past the bushes

    Song vs. Song

    Religion vs Tomorrow Never Came
  6. aka: Oh Say Can You See, Raise Me Up, Pawn Shop Blues btd: Video Games, Radio, Without You paradise: American, Gods & Monsters, Bel Air uv: Shades Of Cool, Old Money, Black Beauty hm: Honeymoon, Freak, The Blackest Day lfl: Heroin, Change, Get Free nfr: Mariners Apartment Complex, Venice Bitch, The greatest
  7. But it's not weird...right? it looks like some cute interaction with her fans to me
  8. 1. White Dress 2. Dark But Just A Game 3. Wild At Heart 4. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 5. Yosemite 6. Tulsa Jesus Freak 7. For Free 8. Not All Who Wander Are Lost 9. Let Me Love You Like A Woman 10. Dance Till We Die 11. Breaking Up Slowly
  9. They seem happy c'mon, he quickly apologized for those old tweets, he seems genuinely interested in her AND (most importantly) he's not a c*p I don't even follow her relationships that much but I think we should stop worrying
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