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  1. What if the whole Bodega Bae / The Birds is AHS related and those 'ads' are promo for that? DELUSION
  2. We're manifesting the Nicki collab yup yup off-topic but whatever, has there ever been any interaction between them? Besides the question for the culture mention
  3. Really? omg Yeah, something in the way she references Sylvia Plath a lot made me want some homage/'I relate to her' type of song but with Diana
  4. Not even that, insiders already claimed she's gonna post this
  5. She's from the timeline where it released on Sept 5th @LemonadeHeavens take us sis
  6. Translated to spanish: says night at night OH SHIT AT NIGHT SURPRISE RELEASE
  7. Why they have to be so cryptic like, we ain't rocket scientists ma'am
  8. There's only that part, although some say it's not even the Birds Of Prey song but an scrapped part of other song we already have. Also another account used it back in June to make a little video saying it was Chemtrails related.
  9. Just found this thread and I wanted to post my tracklist idea somewhere so we should revive this, think it could be fun to discuss song expectations here: 1. Let Me Love You Like A Woman 2. Tulsa Jesus Freak 3. White Hot Forever 4. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 5. Grenadine Quarantine 6. If This Is The End - I Want A Boyfriend 7. White Dress / Waitress 8. Diana 9. Bodega Bae - Interlude 10. Bird World 11. Dealer 12. My Facility tracklist is messy af but I have my creative reasons so feel free to ask
  10. ikr, just pointing out that's the video the ig account screenshot
  11. You guys probably didn't read it but yesterday that account that posted the supposed fake ad posted this, same font and shit
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