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  1. knives


    music video dropped a bit more than a week ago!! summer bop
  2. knives

    Lady Gaga

    why is "ARTPOP ACT II IS COMING" trending on twitter. is there legitimate news, are we manifesting, or just delusional as usual ??
  3. knives


    hoping for something like breakthrough + perfect world
  4. so glad my girls are going viral on tiktok, they deserve
  5. knives

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    hard agree. i'll listen to the title track and PC and maybe flowers but the rest i can (and do) live without
  6. so basically each copy will be a one of a kind
  7. knives

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    hbd to marinas magnum opus
  8. knives


    i dont love this new ep.....
  9. chris brown...... he still has a career why
  10. knives


    here is their acceptance speech and performance icymi!
  11. knives


    im so fkn excited
  12. TAEMIN MINI ALBUM???????
  13. this is a nightmare....hybe is slowly becoming a monopoly. hate it like i know they didnt acquire the company but its heading in that direction....
  14. their latest japanese comeback was not serving.... the title track was underwhelming and i've stanned for 2 years now...
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