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  1. knives

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    it's called rose garden will i get banned if i post it here?
  2. knives

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    i found a spotify podcast that is just all of marinas unreleased songs???
  3. i thought this was taemin
  4. after the disaster that was halloween, im wholly expecting cases to surge once again. at this point we should be paying people to stay home.
  5. knives


    to the hilt playing while having a meltdown hits different
  6. been on repeat for like. weeks
  7. the song is not my thing but i am for sure interested in seeing what they release in the future!! also a little sad at the fact that im older than all of them we've been waiting long enough
  8. heres the definition of cisgender. i guess i'm just confused now. do you want people reaching out to each other or not? and i understand that there are "fiscally conservative, socially liberal" types of people out there. theres a lot of gray, that's just human nature. i just think in all cases, peoples' civil rights take precedence over the economy. i get that both/all parties prioritize freedom, equality, and order differently. which is why bipartisanship is not working in this country. on another note, the "proud boys" are rioting in dc. where are the rubber bullets and tear gas? or is that only for peaceful blm protestors?
  9. just going to respond to this part bc what i wanna say has already been said by @Mer Boy and @titanicearth (thanks yall) i think where i'm having difficulty agreeing with you is that i don't have the mental capacity to lecture others on why i should have the same rights as cisgender heterosexual people. it's exhausting trying to reason with those people, who suffer from extreme cognitive dissonance (as well as the dunning-kruger effect) and it takes a toll on you. i could be wrong about what you're trying to imply here, but i just think it's unfair to expect every person, especially if theyre in a marginalized community, to possess the necessary amount of patience and strength it takes to educate bigoted trump supporters. i do not have either of those things. so i can understand why some people do not want to continue to have relationships with friends and/or family who voted for trump. it is not a marginalized person's job to educate people if they choose not to. i appreciate the resources we have today with the internet, but i think we've taken it to an extreme in expecting every person to educate other people on current issues. i just want to exist. all in all, i agree, the only way to improve our country is to reach out to people and educate, but not everyone is capable of doing so. the article you linked to (idk, i didnt read the entire thing) is probably an example of folks like me, who just do not have the time, or effort, or emotional capability to hang around these people and explain basic human decency.
  10. sorry, but wanting to deny somebody human rights is not a political belief. we can disagree about budgeting and the debt ceiling or whatever, but i have zero obligation to forgive anyone -- including some of my own family members -- for voting for a person who does not believe in protecting the rights of marginalized people and refuses to denounce violence and hate. it takes an amazing amount of privilege to tell others to "forgive" people who actively vote someone into office who seeks to strip you of your rights and encourage bigotry. after my father told me he sees nothing but "disaster and ruin" for my brother and i, his two queer kids, simply because we are queer, and then voted for donald trump, a man who would love nothing more than to see those very words come to fruition, i think i'm allowed to pass on the whole forgiveness thing.
  11. knives

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    its flintstones mixed with spongebob
  12. imagine being ur first order of business as president being having to evict a sore loser from ur own house..... trump is such a joke. and peoples' unwillingness to see this whole "stop the count" bs (and basically everything else trump has done in his presidency) as fascist is terrifying.
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