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  1. svt also had a cb today, a huge improvement from left & right...kinda gives me aju nice vibes idk why tho also really love loonas cb
  2. im having very gay thoughts
  3. knives


  4. knives


    i dont know about the rest of what you wrote, but why did u feel the need to include this fact?? genuinely curious. if this was to address the lying about having endometriosis, that doesnt mean everyone with it can't get pregnant. but what we're not gonna do is shame people for getting abortions criticize the rest of her immoral behavior (if true) but i dont believe this is something that needed to be mentioned.
  5. was it worth it??? bc now everyone wants to bash their head into a wall each time high hopes comes on
  6. here are all the people who have tested positive thus far: and biden continues to test negative for it bc he has enough common sense to wear a mask
  7. i mean, ur absolutely right lol. i was raised in a very strict lutheran household and im just now realizing all of the indoctrination i went thru as a closeted queer girl. but it's easier said than done, though, to forget all that stuff. i 100% believe trump and his cult are in the wrong and will get whats coming to them, but there is still a tiny voice that i cant shake that wants me to feel bad for hoping for oppressors' downfall. all that religious shit stays with you and takes a while to get out of ur system, especially when you were in it for 21 years. thanks for the reminder, though.
  8. he and jill tested negative for it ! i dont think ive literally prayed for anyone to die, but i hope god or the universe or whatever understands why im doing so and i dont get punished
  9. and on a FULL MOON....yall cannot tell me this isnt magick
  10. knives

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    the most mainstream recognition she's received in years and it's for the worst song of her career......
  11. still baffled how trump thinks racial sensitivity training is "radical" and "racist"???? my siblings and i are texting each other back and forth and we're so annoyed
  12. i know my state isn't blue so this isnt ideal but i'll take it!!! #settleforbiden lmao
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