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  1. knives


    popped up in a playlist i follow and im so glad i found it! so fucking good
  2. yall think we could survive a revolution?? most ppl cant go a day without looking at their phones, what makes u think we're cut out for a revolution?? like, fuck the government with something hard and sandpaper-y, but a revolution is gonna be disastrous, deadly, and traumatic, and its weird yall are hoping for one
  3. knives

    Allie X

    learning in public stans rise
  4. knives


    same i miss their debut sound, the bubblegum sugary pop stuff. and they can do a more mature version if that's the problem. fromis_9 has perfected the mature sugar pop sound!
  5. knives


    chuu is not gonna be on the world tour
  6. knives

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    he also some some racist shit on stage ??? and then said "if i see you after the show, im fucking you, i don't care if you want it or not"
  7. i think the only genre i cant do is bluegrass. i like bits of each genre thrown into a larger genre. (i.e. the baroque pop elements of honeymoon on an indie pop record) i couldnt NOT respond to this comment great starting points imo:
  8. im so fucking tired of this. and our politicians will do nothing about it.
  9. knives

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    she also talks about it briefly in this interview (at 1:34)
  10. knives


    we just keep winning
  11. knives


    so exciting!! i hope this puts the "7 year curse" rumors to rest for a bit. it depresses me every time i hear it lmao
  12. knives


    i feel like the other one could be jihyo or momo. momo would deliver godly choreo, if someone else should solo debut i would want to see hers
  13. knives


    nayeon solo debut is confirmed!
  14. knives


    each member has their own individual instagram accounts now! that's what i was thinking. still holding out hope for a collaboration bc doja cat was supposed to be on the feels but couldn't due to scheduling conflicts. i dont want to get my hopes up, but i am
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