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  1. my brother and i have been obsessed with it for literally months. the best kpop song of 2020 hands down and one of the best of the decade
  2. knives

    Britney Spears

    watched the doc. i dont stan, but i grew up with her, so ofc you know all her hits. my heart broke watching it. im not a religious person but i pray for her to someday be free. she is such a talented and loving young woman who's really paved the way for so many other artists and inspired countless people. she deserves the best.
  3. knives

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    i posted this at 12 am, my brain didnt even put 2 and 2 together how could anyone believe this was real
  4. knives

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    this seems very fake to me
  5. knives

    Twitter Updates

    for her to say that shes the "only genuine artist" is funny to me especially cause im sure she stretched the truth plenty in her BTD era... god this is so frustrating
  6. knives

    Instagram Updates

    honestly i think part of it is that shes used to being a victim. she has been thru a lot -- with her career and personal life -- nobody can deny that. but shes so used to being the victim shes sensitive to any constructive criticism & shuts down immediately bc its new to her. like im not a therapist or trying to psychoanalyze her or anything, so i cant say for sure, but as someone who has been in her position before in their own way, i feel like this is probably one of the reasons she responds to hate the way she does. i mean, she wouldnt do interviews (at least at length) til like LFL era bc of the way her words were being twisted by the media. she had every right to be wary of that possibility, but also i think having that absence of feedback those years has stunted her growth emotionally in this way. i also think its just a millennial thing. white ppl didnt really start to be corrected so loudly and unabashedly (rightfully so) until pretty recently, and so ive noticed a lot of white celebs of this gen can be a bit sensitive to criticism compared to the younger ones. (marina comes to mind lol) ofc it doesnt excuse any of her shitty and tone deaf responses but it does explain it.
  7. knives

    Instagram Updates

    god that is so infuriating. no ones mad bc you "say how things really are" ma'am, ppl are mad bc you consistently make tone-deaf comments and then get mad when you're corrected. ive seen no improvement or growth in her responses over the course of the last year or so in regards to her racial insensitivities, so i unfollowed her on ig & twitter. i barely listen to her music these days and im starting to think it has something to do with my growing distaste for her. which makes me really sad, as i was once a diehard fan
  8. knives

    Instagram Updates

    is this real??? i looked thru her last posts and couldnt find this response, found her replying to this person but it didnt say this? did she delete it?
  9. i mean, the cover emphasizes community + friendship, but it took me a minute to find lana in her own album cover. however, given the right lighting, backdrop, and props and stuff it could have been a really cute photo. it was just executed poorly and imo lazily. i think she was going for a simplistic or vintage feel with the black and white, but b&w can also be quite limiting if not utilized properly...and this was one of those times where i found it more of a hindrance rather than a tool to enhance edit: its giving me more diy high school senior post-graduation pics rather than luxury and carefree-cali-girls-hit-the-golf-course vibes....but if thats what she was going for then she nailed it. also not even gonna talk about another tone deaf comment that will definitely just get her rightfully dragged again
  10. someone on my tl said banning trump from twitter is like giving cpr to a corpse at this point. should have been done a while ago.
  11. honestly i feel like he was told to either "concede" or be removed from office. and the way he worded it, i really think hes gonna try to run again in 2024
  12. no no no, never thought that even for a second!! i just found it funny like pence thinks hes really doing something unfollowing the president of the united states of america doesnt undo all the harm hes caused. therapy probably couldnt even help these people
  13. omg... good for him for distancing himself from someone so problematic!!!!! #trumpiscancelled not trying to clown on u, i just cant believe pence actually believes unfollowing trump is supposed to show his contrition or his distaste for trump's actions as if he didnt spend the last 4+ years fucking up the country by his side #besties
  14. he told them "go home peacefully" but "i love you" and "this election was stolen from us" ..........instead of water u threw gasoline on the fire, buddy boy
  15. twitter dump of the stuff im seeing on my tl ......and what is this lmao
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