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  1. idk much about this show but there were defo better options especially from lana like come on
  2. 14n4

    Katy Perry

    i almost gasped at the g*psy woman sample like who allowed this icb itttttt
  3. 14n4

    Katy Perry

    her marina era
  4. 14n4

    Charli XCX

    think about it all the time is KILLING MEEE.......... its not that deep but it issssssssss to meeeee im so💔💔💔💔💔💭💭
  5. i just fucking saw a video of someone getting burned alive in rafah what the actual fuck there's fire everywhere and ppl getting calcinated . israel just bombed a refugee camp . fire everywhere . what the fuckkkkkkkkkkk what the fuck
  6. saying u had to stop listening to lana bc she was influencing you too much is craaaaazyyyy
  7. that's my opinion. they invaded the sinai in 1956 and did not respect the two states resolution cause that wasn't enough land to them. it's never enough. thousands killed isn't enough either but i digress. so why would i think they won't continue that streak especially since the whole world doesn't bat an eye at what they're doing atm. they're also bombing lebanon because of hezbollah but knowing how fragile this country is, i don't doubt that they'll use the HZB excuse to grab up more land. this seems to be bibi's modus operandi at the moment<3. UN doesn't give a shit and arabs aren't worth a thing today so israel can operate in utter impunity. it does sound audacious but isn't what israel's doing rn batshit crazy yet it's happening. nothing suprises me anymore !!!!
  8. 14n4

    Melanie Martinez

    atlantic needs to trust her and give her Budget. her ideas are great but i feel like money's limiting her in terms of execution.
  9. it's so over for all arabs bro i love my culture sm but why do my people always have to get decimated? and i know after they're done with palestine they'll go for lebanon, jordan and everything else.
  10. i have nervous breakdowns imagining how disabled people are struggling rn in palestine especially if those that need caregivers lost theirs
  11. 14n4

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    thats very sweet of you but if im being honest i wasnt attached to her like that in the first place. its just very nice to stop supporting someone who obviously doesnt know what theyre doing. music aint that deep but genocide is
  12. 14n4

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    share misinformation about the situation in palestine and that pisses me off is ppl dying while others spread false narratives online from the comfort of their homes enough of an issue or am i overreacting
  13. 14n4

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    i need to let go of her. i'd rather listen to someone who's silent on these issues than have somebody agree with takes that are.... reductive and not even right in the slightest. i'm not even getting anything from this. so go ahead marina lol you have a good life and you speak up on issues you don't even comprehend just cause you gotta use your platform. you're so.....woke.. im actually done and im not gonna hate watch her every move like im just done as in goodbye type of done
  14. either she finally gets a grammy cause she's under the alt category (was about time) or the academy has such a big ego they'd rather give those wins to other artists like mitski because..... why wouldn't they snob lana yet another time. and if they end up doing this, it'd would be final confirmation that she's never getting any i'm expecting the worst personally but i hope i'm wrong please prove me wrong
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