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  1. got me crying i was hugging my plushie the whole time and still am. she just gets me fr i dont think i'll stop crying it's cathartic in a way
  2. its so funny how ppl were harrassing him online thinking the piano pics were referring to LDR10 when all this time they couldve been abt his solo
  3. 14n4

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    giving her ever category and crumb but the main award. she wouldve had even more grammys if they didnt treat her that way for years. whatever i guess
  4. will forever be grateful for the ppl that share lana's acapellas, spend a lot of time to exctract them or just leak em.....
  5. 14n4

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    i hope she gets to read it out loud for us. intonation and rhythm would definitely help us interpret and understand her piece. if she makes a whole poetry book in that style, i think the audiobook format would be great. i believe marina has a way with words but my comprehension skills can only go so far lmao. i also don't want her to get dragged for her creative choices; so record yourself rina!!!!!! love seeing her shine but sometimes what she puts out can be difficult to grasp. she has the vision tho. love her
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