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  1. Edelgard

    Ethel Cain

    thank u <3 I also managed to snatch lastminute tickets to Amsterdam as I wasn't able to buy them in the official sale so I'm excited
  2. Edelgard

    Ethel Cain

    does anyone have an ethel cain tracker?
  3. Edelgard

    Billie Eilish

    what does soundcloud know maybe theyre just dropping hmhas early
  4. Edelgard

    Billie Eilish

    Chihiro is THE moment
  5. Who? she always hangs around the worst people fr
  6. Edelgard

    Taylor Swift

    All my preorders have shipping labels. I have all vinyl variants (excl phantom clear) & the collector CD’s.. all with separate shipping anyway i’m soo intensely hyped. I never had an album release where i knew absolutely NOTHING about the album going in (qua sound).
  7. Edelgard

    Taylor Swift

    I truly get folkmore vibes from everything. the aesthetic, the lyrics.. i expect songs along the line of delicate, dress, getaway car, this is me trying, the lakes, willow, etc..
  8. she kinda has to be on time bc otherwise she'll be dragged off stage again during her final 3 songs lol
  9. she's definitely gonna come back with a vengeance playing BJ
  10. Her set is 8:20 am for me loll probably waking up for it
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