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  1. Excited for the album but on the other hand I've already heard 70% of it but curious how some of the leaks will sound on the final version, or in HQ.
  2. Bet she's gonna be back on socials a short while before release date to maximize impact. But that's just me making sense of this weird situation of someone disappearing from social media in the height of an album cycle.
  3. Is there a difference between the leak and what's on Spotify?
  4. can't believe we actually have Yosemite now. Been waiting for so many years.
  5. I'm not entirely clear what's in it. Is it just the Vinyl and those photos or also the CD?
  6. idc about the art, she's a singer.. and i'm glad we finally have a new song it's sweet, but kinda generic lyrically
  7. I hope she understands that no matter how the critics scrutinize her, her most vulnerable songs have helped me and many of us through hard times. So even though she thinks that the industry doesn't appreciate women who "look like her", we do. And as long as she channels that vulnerability in her art, she'll have the people who relate to her behind her. And the people who relate to her probably aren't the darlings of the world (aka the most popular people). So why does she want to be the critic's darling? I would have stopped trying to fit in that world a long time ago.
  8. No. I'm sorry I wish she had a good reason too and all. But if it was coronavirus, she could have been up front about it. Better to take safety regulations, bla bla. That's fine. And it wouldn't be canceled everywhere. Corona wasn't even that widespread in Europe back then. There were no confirmed cases in The Netherlands when she was expected in Amsterdam. I can't believe after she canceled, all the fans were so worried about her health (which is nice of course), and she just really doesn't give a fuck about any of us.
  9. Am I glad she cancelled a world tour to be able to watch the Bachelor
  10. pff a healthy 33 year old woman is not gonna die bc of the flu
  11. Yeah her being spotted at Hillsong just made it an extra slap lol
  12. As if her playing on the other side of the world in 5 months is supposed to make me excited lol Yeah good apology Lana and nice for the people who are going to Lolla etc but that has nothing to do with my canceled show
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